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    VS 2017 Re: Accessing IP cameras

    Perhaps you should define what you mean by "access" and what interfaces may be available on the camera model in question. The mfg may provide an SDK but if the camera has a web interface you could...
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    Re: Keep getting this error at the end. :( :(

    As for your slightly different question on a different thread on how to write out your data to a single line of a text file, I would look at the StringBuilder class. Loop through your Info array,...
  3. Re: How to save contents from console to a text file?

    I don't believe there was a need to create a second thread for this as it is essentially the same issue you had on your original thread, which jmc gave you pointers on how to deal with.
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    Re: which language is best for front end?

    The one you are most familiar with? Are you meaning CSS or Javascript libraries or frameworks? How do you define "best"?
  5. Re: How to get the Hibernate Option in Windows 10.

    One more thing to try. Start > Run > gpedit.msc (right-click to Run As Administrator when it appears in the search list)

    Navigate to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows...
  6. Re: How to get the Hibernate Option in Windows 10.

    Need to brush up on your google-fu? InstantGo It is easy to determine if your PC is configured with it.
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    Re: Changing from .NET 4.6 to .NET 4.0

    Unless there is something unique to ASP.Net, which I've done very little in so far, it shouldn't make any difference unless you use something that is in .Net newer than 4.0. I have changed to older...
  8. Re: Delete one record from same record data in MS-Access from VB.net

    Since this appears to be receipt detail (i.e., order history) information, why would you want to delete any records in the first place? Your structure seems to be missing a receipt # field, but your...
  9. Re: How to get the Hibernate Option in Windows 10.

    I don't know what InstantGo is, but apparently hibernate is not an option on some PCs.
  10. VS 2010 Re: VB 2010 - help for *.docx as attachment in System.Net.Mail?

    Just an FYI that the System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient is being obsoleted, and it's being recommended to use the third-party library MailKit.
  11. Re: Which Lightweight Free DB do you recommend to distribute with a VB program?

    What are you intending to use the database for? SQLite can be quirky since it technically supports only 5 data types so you need to be especially mindful about how you handle dates/times, for example.
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    Re: Visual Basic book recommendation

    I use the TextFieldParser class as mentioned by jmc. Here is a simple example of stuffing data from CSV into a database (note: for longer files it's quicker to use bulk load commands if able):

  13. Re: MySQL get the client IP when SKIP-NAME-RESOLVE is disabled

    Interesting. Did you bother reading the documentation?
  14. Re: [RESOLVED] PopUp (???) Window -- Firefox -- Windows7 Pro

    No popup notifications. 67.0.1, Win 7 Pro 64-bit

    I did see that Location was a separate section under Permissions than Notifications so I also checked "Block new requests asking to access your...
  15. Re: [RESOLVED] PopUp (???) Window -- Firefox -- Windows7 Pro

    It's not malware at all, these are just the standard push notifications some sites use. Are you saying their instructions for disabling new requests don't work?
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    Re: report does't work on other pc

    Does Report Viewer 2008 work with your program? I wouldn't think so unless you changed the dependency and recompiled.

    You could have just installed the MS System CLR Types for SQL Server 2012 as...
  17. Re: What is the right way for Outlook PST password recovery?

    I have used Nirsoft's free tool successfully to find passwords from several different Outlook versions when needing to upgrade client machines and they can never recall their password.
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    VS 2017 Re: Working with CheckedListox and database

    I agree with goggy's basic design. PersonHasRights = tblSelections in your OP and of course Rights = Items. PersonHasRights will contain a record for each selection any user could make.
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    Re: report does't work on other pc

    Be more specific. 2008 what??? SQL Server, operating system or Report Viewer?

    - I assume you mean Report Viewer here. Why did it refuse to install? What was the specific error? If it requires a...
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    Re: report does't work on other pc

    V11 should be 2012, which you can find here.
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    VS 2008 Re: migrating from vb6 to visual studio 2008

    I should have written notes on everything I had to change in case I ever have to migrate another VB6 app (there are some lists you can find online) but my rough process was to:
    1. Run the built-in...
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    VS 2019 Re: Convert VB6 to .NET Risk

    Well, MS has said they intend that "it just works" on Windows 10. How successful they will succeed with that in future upgrades to Win 10 or if they decide to do another OS past that is anybody's...
  23. Re: Find the current value of DateTimePicker control

    In VS2013 I agree the DTP.Value does not change until the ValueChanged event fires AFTER the Validating event when using Tab, which causes the Leave event to fire. So in that case it does:
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    VS 2019 Re: TCPClient Receive String Delimiters

    Maybe I'm not understanding what you mean, but if you append ControlChars.CrLf to Message they would appear on separate lines in the output window.
  25. Re: Problem with KB4494441, KB4493509, KB4505056 and VB40016.dll

    In that case make sure you patch XP ASAP for the recent RDP bug. ;)
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    VS 2015 Re: SQLITE 'ExecuteNonQuery'

    To confirm's SH's theory, yes, SQLite would require single quotes as well though parameters as OP has now discovered is the better solution.
  27. Re: Database choices using EF - What are your thoughts?

    It should be |DataDirectory|\MyAppname\database.db but maybe that doesn't help.
  28. Re: Database choices using EF - What are your thoughts?

    There's no need for that. I just keep the SQLite db in the same folder as the exe. If you want it in one of the special folders then use whatever special folder is needed in the connection string.
  29. VS 2017 Re: Update TableAdapter without losing focus in DGV selected row

    Not sure if this would be helpful since I do everything manually rather than using Wizards and I use a DataAdapter (not sure how well that relates to a TableAdapter), but I use a BindingSource (its...
  30. Re: Database choices using EF - What are your thoughts?

    If machines are still stand-alone then nothing wrong with SQLite. If changes are needed to structure, they are done within the app. This is a messy way to do it (i.e., ignoring the Throw every time...
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    Re: [RESOLVED] Best Practices -- Code Testing

    I'd never use an option that must be selected every time. I have used either config file or conditional compilation statements.

    #Const UsingDev = True
    #If UsingDev Then
    ConnStr =...
  32. Re: Problem with KB4494441, KB4493509, KB4505056 and VB40016.dll

    I would not expect any help in this regard since it doesn't affect VB6. You will need to dual boot (or VM) or move to a new program.
  33. VS 2017 Re: Is there a matrix inversion function in VB?

    Those seem to be limited to a 3-by-3 affine matrix.

    Though OP marked as resolved without indicating what the resolution was.
  34. VS 2017 Re: Is there a matrix inversion function in VB?

    Doesn't appear to be. I assume you found this already, which should give you a good starting point. He said he tested up to 50x50.
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    Re: Question WRT Visual Studio.

    ... and the early 8-inch version.
  36. VS 2019 Re: Best practice for functions return value (since functions do not exit immed.)


    Public function allClear() as Boolean
    for each p in myPicsList
    if p.visible = True then
    allClear = False
    Exit Function
    allClear = True
    End Function
  37. Re: Unable to load DLL 'SQLite.Interop.dll' outside VS

    Didn't know he was using a config file, but concatenation isn't required anyway since it will look in exe folder directly first by default so just the filename is needed. Perhaps there are cases that...
  38. Re: Unable to load DLL 'SQLite.Interop.dll' outside VS

    My previous answer
  39. Re: Unable to load DLL 'SQLite.Interop.dll' outside VS

    You simply need to copy the folders that contain the interop DLLs so they retain the same path under your exe. In your project you should see this structure:

  40. VS 2019 Re: Error when running a "DELETE" Query in SQLite database (help)

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