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    Re: VB.NET and CR

    *Solved that problem. My new question is how can i press a button from frmMain and print CrystalReport without showing me the viewer .
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    VB.NET and CR

    Im using Visual Studio 17 and latest CR . So im new in general to the entire reporting thing so i want some basic help. I have some values in frmMain and when i click the print button i want to print...
  3. VS Code Re: Copy selected rows to a database table.

    Let me explain a bit more i have 2 tabs.In the first tab there is my dgv1 which reads from a table in my DB and appears the records i need.In the second tab there is dgv2 which is empty. So what i...
  4. VS Code Copy selected rows to a database table.

    Hello there wondering if anyone could give me some help with this :) . So i have a datagridview which reads data from a MySQL table.I want somehow the selected rows from the first datagridview to be...
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