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    Re: Cartooners File Viewer

    Okay, I decided to reopen this after a long while. Bump. See top post for more.
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    Re: Append file to existing file

    Hi, a few comments on your code:
    1. Try to avoid variable names that conflict with other object names in your code. "file" in your case specifically. Change it and you don't need the fully qualified...
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    Re: Need help with API's

    Here's a tip for working with Windows API functions in general: When replying to another user's related API question...
  4. Re: Don't understand For...Next loop

    A few minor observations, I noticed the SquaresAroundTarget array has a lower bound of 1. Why? Also since in vb6 it's possible to use any integer value as a lower bound I prefer not to hardcode the...
  5. VS 2013 Re: In File Browser How can I get (open) Treeview Nodes by Click ListView Folder ?

    This looks like vb6 code and this is a .net forum. Also use code tags when posting code.

    Oops, the question was about converting vb6 code to .NET. Sorry.
  6. Re: componant name or similar activeX to a deck

    You need to post a larger image, I can't read the text.
  7. Re: open child window with EnumChildWindows vba

    1. Are you using Visual Basic 6.0 or Visual Basic.net? It looks like Visual Basic 6.0 but please specify.
    2. Please use code tags to enclose your code in your forum posts.
    3. Your message is...
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    Re: Crescent Software archive...

    Nice. I love the retro look that site has. Thanks for sharing.
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    Re: Invoices in UBL Format

    Have you bothered to search the internet yourself before posting this?
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    Re: Invoices in UBL Format

    Is this what you're talking about:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Business_Language? And what exactly do you want to know? More information please.
  11. Re: converted to utf-8 during the import

    A minor comment:
    You can import the "System.IO" namespace and use "File.WriteAllText" instead of "My.Computer.FileSystem".
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    Re: Change file properties

    One thing I always like to do when working with the API is to use the GetLastError API function or Err.LastDLLError to retrieve any errorcodes that may have been generated directly after an API call...
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    VS 2017 Re: Folder access denied

    A comment on your code: you're using string concatenation operators ("&") to combine a path and filename. Use System.IO.Path.Combine instead. It also adds a backslash if necessary.
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    Re: VB6 fix encoding issue

  15. Re: How to connect to the https page via the socks5 proxy

    A few comments on your code: GoTo to exit a function?! Really? Use "Exit Function" or "Exit Sub". Don't use "GoTo" unless there's absolutely no other way, which is unlikely, I have to find such a...
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    Re: Data Report Error

    Use code tags and provide more information.
  17. Re: VB6 not installing on Win 7

  18. Re: Loading Form results in button on form appearing first

  19. Re: Button to turn program on / off

    A few comments on your code:
    1. Wouldn't you be better off using a Boolean variable (shared within the entire class) instead of a control's text property? (e.g. ButtonStart.Text = "OFF")?
    2. I see...
  20. VS 2017 Re: Using a Class multiple times and receive events back from each one

    1. I recommend explicitly using those keywords where possible.
    2. Personally, I feel all variables should be initialized when declared. Assign a value right away using “= value” after the “As type”...
  21. VS 2017 Re: How to get Next Set of Controls in the Forms

    Without any more infomation I can only make a few random suggestions:
    1. If whatever you are placing on the form no longer fits inside its visible area you might want to enable the "Autoscroll"...
  22. VS 2017 Re: Using a Class multiple times and receive events back from each one

    I can't help you with your specific problem, but I have a few recommendations:

    1. Public/Private keyword not always used.
    2. Variables aren't inialized on declaration.
    3. Use String.Format...
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    Re: Summing the content of a listbox

    See attachment. Is that what you mean?
  24. Re: Console Web Server- Images won't load - help please

    Could you provide the url?
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    VS 2015 Re: Detention Code not working

    Your code refers to dozens of controls on a form. Could you provide the form as well? Preferably the entire project. Also those Try/Catch blocks that have no code in the Catch block could be hiding...
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    Re: windows media player fullscreen

    It could make it easier to help you if you provided more code. What is s$ for example? A filename?
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    Re: Moving multi coloured line

    This is an extremely vague question. You need to specify more details before someone is going to help you.
  28. Re: how to keep login HttpWebRequest post Requests

    While I can't help you with your specific problem I did notice a few things about your code:
    1. Why don't you use Imports statements? " ("System.Text.Encoding")
    2. I would use the...
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    Re: How Get number from image

    Can you be more specific? Do you have sample images?
  30. VS 2017 Re: Telnet Monitor - Do task when specific line passes.


    If you're new to vb.net writing a Telnet client might be a little too much. Perhaps you should learn more about the language first? Anyway here's a link I found...
  31. VS 2017 Re: Find words from a list of letters

    Hi, thanks for the reply. I reread your first post before writing this and:
    Forgive me but my program works quite correctly, but apparently doesn't do what you expect it do. You did not really state...
  32. VS 2017 Re: Find words from a list of letters

    No, that's it. It's a bare bones console program. What do you want to use the words for? As I understand it you're trying to write a game, right?
  33. Re: DataGridView utf8 Arabic Letters

    You're quite welcome. :-) I am not sure where you can find those options. Have you tried https://www.connectionstrings.com/? And thanks for the rep!
  34. VS 2017 Re: Find words from a list of letters

    I probably misunderstood what you wanted. My code is designed so that it returns results contains ALL of the desired letters and not a just few of them. I will see if I can change it so that it does...
  35. Re: DataGridView utf8 Arabic Letters

    Does this help: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/942277/mysql-c-sharp-text-encoding-problems?
  36. VS 2017 Re: Find words from a list of letters

    To the OP: download only if you want to see a complete solution for your question. :-)
  37. Re: The initial value of cWidgetForm.BackColor (vbRichClient5)

    Alright it doesn't complain about references any more. What's it supposed to do? @dreammanor: did you use "Option Explicit"? Your code references a Collection variable called "CreatePanelLayoutView"...
  38. VS 2017 Re: Find words from a list of letters

    I just wrote a slightly different sollution. Since the OP didn't want someone to write it for him I won't post it. Yet.
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    Re: Detecting Office 365?

    Probably. But since you couldn't even be bothered to post this routine and I am not telepathic I can't help you. Nor anyone else here likely. Your routine please?
  40. VS 2017 Re: Find words from a list of letters

    Here's an easy to use list of words: https://users.cs.duke.edu/~ola/ap/linuxwords. To sift through it I would use LINQ. Look it up.
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