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  1. Import data from txt file or excel to Oracle vbscript

    I have a script that runs and connects to Oracle DB to validate the data availability for the values which are received from sheet1 .Now i wanted to modify the script to take the values from text...
  2. Combining multiple .TXT files into one if a string matches in filename

    I am completely newbie to VB.Can someone help me with a requirement where I have list of files in a directory,I want to Merge the files if a pattern of string matches in filenames

  3. replace date with currnt date-15 days dynamically in multiple files prsnt in folder

    I am trying to work on a script where it is a *(star) delimited file has a multiple lines starts with RTG and 3rd column=TD8 I want to substring the date part and
    I want to replace with currentdate...
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