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    Re: read path from hyperlinked excel cell

    but how about if i connect to the excel using ado?

    s = myRecordSet.Fields("Link").Value

    the variable s will hold its displayed link. how do i get the path through ado
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    read path from hyperlinked excel cell

    i have a cell in excel that is a hyperlink. does anyone knows how do i read the path of the file instead of the text displayed in the cell using ado or otherwise?
  3. Re: schedule to send email on a shared network pc

    hey thanks for the code. it works at my company.

    my question is how can you explain the line below? what is the 2? i tried connecting to the link to read more about it but it gives me "page not...
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    Re: Datagrid connection with ADODB

    hi geek,

    what is the real advantages and disadvantages of datagrid compared to flexgrid?
  5. Re: Sending e-mail from NT 4 without a user being logged in.

    this is exactly what i am looking for. i want to schedule a vb app to do some computation and generate a mail report daily on a shared workstation. by giving a profilename and correct pwd, can it...
  6. Re: schedule to send email on a shared network pc

    thanks for your code and help. i think my organisation requires authentication to connect to SMTP server. i am not sure. i will get back to you when i have already try at work

    can anyone help me...
  7. Re: schedule to send email on a shared network pc

    hi guys. thanks for the fast reply.

    yup i heard about mapi. i found a section of this code from microsoft.

    Private Sub Command1_Click()
    Dim objSession As Object
  8. schedule to send email on a shared network pc

    Hi all,

    i have tried to do a search on this one but to no avail. pls help me

    i am using a shared network pc with ms outlook and exhange server installed. i have an administrator account for...
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