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  1. 3.0/LINQ Integrate with WebSphere Web Service in .Net


    Im using .Net, C#...the usual.

    Got a client web service to implement (WebSphere, not exposing wsdl, soapwas a total pain to get it working since I know near to nothing of any of these)
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    Consuming "secure" web service

    I'm used to the "Normal" way of consuming a web service, where you "Add new service reference", etc.

    Now I'm given a service url for a big client. When trying the normal way I got an error:...
  3. Re: why the people do new dates for the End of World???

    only bad, scary news sells.
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    What you think?

    My jnr. developer got this thing going in his free time and pretty excited about it.

    Figured I'll do the mate a favor (he work!) and get some people...
  5. Re: SQL View. Join tables and get a counts WHERE some value is null or not

    awesome dude, thanks a lot.

    recommend a good "quick reference" book or site? Going to be writing a whole lot of sql again after all the years, and all will involve joins, grouping, etc.
  6. [RESOLVED] SQL View. Join tables and get a counts WHERE some value is null or not

    I got a Clients (C) table and a ClientMembers (CM) table and want to create a view with columns: C.Id | C.Name | CM.MemberCount | CM.DependantsCount

    What distinguish ClientMember from being...
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    3.0/LINQ Possible to make this method generic?

    My C# is not as great as I'd like to believe and Generic definitely not my strong point. (comes from using resharper a few years..)
    Anyhow, I figured out this method (using it for server side...
  8. VS 2012 Run-Time generated forms - Model Binding & Validation

    Been struggling for a few days with this one and was wondering if anyone done something similar.

    At run-time, I will load a bunch of questions from the database. This will have members like Id,...
  9. Re: Database design for storing and quering historical data

    Interesting read this temporal database..thanks NightWalker. (give one some more ideas)

    Makes perfect sense Szlamany...actually walked around with an idea roughly in that line.

    Thanks for the...
  10. Database design for storing and quering historical data

    More of a loose (very) idea and hobby project.

    Want to design a database storing members, their vehicles, etc. which are pretty simple.

    But (never did this before) want some kind of...
  11. jQuery screen updates work in FF, not in IE, Chrome

    I'm not much of a front end developer and made up the following as I went along, but work in FF, and realized in IE and Chrome, the screen just "freeze".
    However in FireFox, for each record...
  12. VS 2010 Re: Swopping out .Net Membership Provider (custom) with Active Directory

    Every app I create use IoC, don't worry about that. ;-)
    Your answer is more trying to give me programming tips, not what I asked for but you hint in there (unless I got it wrong) that they can...
  13. VS 2010 Swopping out .Net Membership Provider (custom) with Active Directory


    In my web application I created a custom implementation of the standard .net membership and role providers, using nHibernate. Works fine.

    Now I have the requirement that client's should...
  14. Getting Started - Bit confused, need some tips to get going.

    For what it matter I know my html/css/js/jquery (and mvc, etc for the matter, though not usefull here other than creating service endpoints for a mobile app using web api)

  15. 3.0/LINQ Making,Logging, Recording phone calls from .Net app


    Excuse me being vague, but never did something remotely like this.

    Will need to build a call-center like app, where the app pops up a member, and the call center operator click on it and a...
  16. Thread: C vs C++

    by Krokonoster

    Re: C vs C++

    Just taking a guess here and think you mean programming micro-controllers?

    Really a C / C++ noob (doing .net for years also) and also (if guessed right) getting into programming micro-controllers...
  17. Re: Crystal Image with transparent background

    Yep, learned that much. A bummer though.
  18. Crystal Report not work when deployed to server

    Never used Crystal, so bear with me.

    Im using Crystal Reports 2008 (Version Product Type : Full

    From my .net project ( mvc 4 / c#) on my local machine I can generate reports...
  19. Crystal Image with transparent background

    Installed Crystal for the first time in my life this morning, so please bear with me if my questions are n00bish and my reply's contain more "huh's" than anything else.

    In my database I save...
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    VS 2010 Crystal Report Generation in MVC

    Since I don't know much about Crystal Reports, I'm not sure how much of the following relate to MVC. Forgive me if it's totally unrelated (and feel free to move my post, mods)

    My company...
  21. 3.0/LINQ Re: nHibernate - Ensure data in different tables stored with different Id's

    I like the using GUID as id idea. (dang, i wanted to go with that in the beginning)
    You just educated me. I made the assumption GUIDs are unique. lol
  22. 3.0/LINQ nHibernate - Ensure data in different tables stored with different Id's

    Got a problem after a file uploading function have been abused and now must figure out a solution on my side.

    In a nutshell, I have 5 different tables, not related to each other and my only...
  23. 3.0/LINQ Re: Searching value containing any string (or part of) in a string array

    I'm not sure if you used jQuery.DataTables before? It have a search function (happening client-side by default) where you can type in parts of the value in one column, part of value of another...
  24. 3.0/LINQ Searching value containing any string (or part of) in a string array

    I will have a search string but need to search by each individual string in it, so I'm creating an array:
    string[] criteria = param.sSearch.Split(' ');

    Now the first issue is that say "Jack ",...
  25. 3.0/LINQ Some kind of service to receive sms messages.

    Hope nobody mind I'm posting to the C# forum, since I do not have a clue how / if the following can be done.

    Hoping that it would be possible for mobile apps to send out automated text messages...
  26. Mobile App to send automated sms. Possible (without user intervention)

    First off, I'm not a mobile phone developer and not intent to get into it (too busy with web/db/etc)

    However I'm being blind-sided (or so it feel) by the guys we partner with developing the...
  27. Service or Mobile app to alert when website is down


    Anyone know if there's some kind of service that will periodically check if your website / server is still online and alert you (email?) if it's not?

    Ideally would be a mobile app. I...
  28. 3.0/LINQ Re: Need help with LINQ Query - Order by bool, then parent -> children

    Will see if I can figure it out, but right now get the following exception:
  29. 3.0/LINQ Auto Calculating codes using specified algorithm.

    Bit of a though request from boss, and did not want to say "Dunno how"

    Each time a new product are added I must assign it a product code, which will be a 3 digit numerical code.
    For the first 9...
  30. 3.0/LINQ Re: Need help with LINQ Query - Order by bool, then parent -> children

    wow...would need to study a whole book to figure that one out. Thanks.

    Not totally right though. Should have used demo names so I could post the actual data, but what I have now:
    * I have 1...
  31. 3.0/LINQ Need help with LINQ Query - Order by bool, then parent -> children

    I'm showing a list of services which have the following members (removed non-relevant ones):

    public string Name { get; set; }
    public bool Compulsory { get; set; }
  32. VS 2010 Re: Suggestions for creating PDF documents

    hmm. I just found out the desktop app in use ( i use mvc/'s a web app) generate these forms that way. (exactly the forms I need to generate)
    Before looking into it, would i be wrong...
  33. VS 2010 Suggestions for creating PDF documents

    Using data posted by a mobile app to my database (via a web api) I will need to create PDF forms with the data filled in as if a user did that.
    I never did PDF generation, so some "points" that...
  34. Add item to beginning / top of dropdown list

    How to one ensure the following will add an option to a dropdownlist, but at the top of the list? (since the list will already be populated in my case)

    $.fn.prependSelect = function (value,...
  35. Help adding a "changed" callback function to existing plugin (not written by me)

    My jQuery skills are not that wonderful, and wanted to ask if someone can help me modify this plugin.
    Basically I need to be able to specify a callback event that need to be fired after line...
  36. Re: Seems I cannot check a checkbox in jQuery

    I got it working now (phew!)....but ONLY if I put in breakpoints in FireBug when binding to the events.
    Otherwise it seems the get called before it the binding to the show even occured,...
  37. Re: Seems I cannot check a checkbox in jQuery

    k, will give it a shot.
    Used to use firebug, but for some reason using chrome last months and never really figured out it's tools.
    Will post answer here when found problem. Probably just sth...
  38. Re: Seems I cannot check a checkbox in jQuery

    Yep, it's 1 every time. (just checked)

    There's definitely not 2 checkboxes by the same id.
    The view over which it open have something having the same Id as the name/id of these checkboxes.
  39. Re: Seems I cannot check a checkbox in jQuery

    Nope, but now I'm not so sure what is really my problem:
    Look at this code:

    if (jQuery.inArray(id, currentSelection) > -1) {
    // just to make sure $(this) is the checkbox
  40. Re: Seems I cannot check a checkbox in jQuery

    Here's the full plugin script. I'm not sure if it got anyhing to do with my content (the list with checkboxes) being loaded at runtime ( mvc partial view)


    (function ($) {
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