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    How to implement drop down list?

    Hi Experts,

    I want to populate a drop down list box on my php webpage. How can I normally put a drop down menu on this php webpage?

    Any help will be accepted smilingly.:)

    Paul D....
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    HTML 4 & HTMl 5

    Recently, I have heard about HTML 5 from one of my friend. I am not understanding why HTML has changed version. What is the difference between HTML 4 & HTML 5? Is there any new features in HTML 5?...
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    Error message when launching game

    Whenever i try to launch Empire Earth II i get this message

    "FATAL PROBLEM at C:\EE2\src\EE2\EE2Main.cpp:747:
    -->Failed to load image splash.bmp. Wrong working directory, perhaps?"

    anyone know...
  4. Re: Can't make Firefox my default browser

    Hi, this is very easy step to make firefox default browser. Nightwalker already shared a link to solve this issue. But, if you fell problem again please visit this firefox page to solve your issue....
  5. Re: I want to Assamble a new PC For Photoshop And Video Editing

    16 GB ram. Oh my God. Intel is good. One of my friend recommended AMD for its gaming capability. That's why I thought to buy AMD. And I have decided to buy FX6100 with 16 GB ram and nvidia graphics...
  6. Re: [RESOLVED] Registry cleaner help.....

    I used Ccleaner and it is really a very good tool to get rid of registry problems and junk files. Thanks the experts here for the great solution.
  7. Re: [RESOLVED] Registry cleaner help.....

    Thanks for your tips.
  8. I want to Assamble a new PC For Photoshop And Video Editing

    Hii I want to Go For AMD Platform .And I m bit Confused where i Have to go ..There Are 2 Option First Is APu A 10 5800 Trinity And Other Option is FX 6100 >>What Will be ur Sugetion ...
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    Re: Virus problem.....Need assistance.

    Hi, thanks for your reply. I did not tried. I am doing as you sad. Will inform you here. Thanks again.
  10. [RESOLVED] Registry cleaner help.....

    Hi, I use a lot of programs in my desktop. For a few days, my PC is becoming slow gradually. Now, I want to clean all the temporary files and registry problems. Which software will be the best for...
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    Re: Virus problem.....Need assistance.

    I didn't tried safe mode scanning. I don't know how to scan in safe mood. Will try to restore my system. Thanks for suggestions.
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    Re: Virus problem.....Need assistance.

    I am facing this for a month.
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    Virus problem.....Need assistance.

    Hi, I am using windows 7 and avast as my antivirus. Every time I scan for viruses, it shows many threads but when I try to delete them, it hangs and show can't use this operation.

    Now, what to do?...
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