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  1. Re: How can I control pop up menu In program another

    Most likely won't work from a button because as soon as you click the button the context menu would close! I 'd try putting code in a timer and then start & stop the timer as needed.

  2. Re: How can I control pop up menu In program another

    Here is a hack idea :p , Once you know the menu is showing try...

    ' find menu by classname
    Dim menu = FindWindow("#32768", Nothing)
    If menu <> IntPtr.Zero Then
    ' get hMenu
    Dim hMenu...
  3. Re: WS_EX_NOACTIVATE and moving form

    That is a actually a pretty neat trick, I'm sure I'll find a use for it.
    BTW, Since we don't need to set hWndInsertAfter or the Flags in SetWindowPos I just use MoveWindow, works just the same, heck...
  4. VS 2013 Re: How to code UserControl in Form1? (Form1 Do not know any of UserControl Itmes)

    Using VB10 here, it sets controls as Friend when added to a Form or UC.
  5. VS 2013 Re: How to code UserControl in Form1? (Form1 Do not know any of UserControl Itmes)

    When you add the UC to the form the UC name gets a number added to the end of it just like other controls, so check the name(s) of the UC(s) on the form, e.g.,..

    VideoContent1.VideoTags.Text =...
  6. Re: WS_EX_NOACTIVATE and moving form

    OK, MSDN seems to say you can get the rect structure from pointer stored in Lparam when getting the WM_Sizing message, so tried it like this and seems to be working, try it...

  7. Re: WS_EX_NOACTIVATE and moving form

    Ahh , so the form doesn't resize until you release the mouse when it is inactive also? , I was testing it while form was active. :o

    Well I tried what appears to be the same thing that C code is...
  8. Re: WS_EX_NOACTIVATE and moving form

    I don't know C++, but those few lines of API code don't appear to move a window with the mouse at all.
    I'm betting you'll still need to handle the mouse Down, Move and Up messages, something like,.....
  9. Re: WS_EX_NOACTIVATE and moving form

    Oddly I've never needed to move an inactive form with the mouse, but I see what you mean, can only guess that message just doesn't work on inactive windows.

    Tried using some plain old basic code...
  10. Poll: Test Forum Image Resizing - What looks better?

    Image Resizing - What looks better?
    Note: Original image is 957 x 267.

    Forum forced resized image to 600 pixels wide.

    Resize image to 600 pixels wide using Win7-Paint (maintain...
  11. Re: Importing a CSV as variables and populating a listbox

    This is a very basic way you might attempt to solve it.
    I basically copied and pasted this from similar question so may need some tweaking.

    Private Sub btnLoad_Click(sender As System.Object, e...
  12. VS 2013 Re: Screen capturing ( need whole window DIM)

    Maybe use one of those windows Areo APIs that can make windows glassy and blurry?
    I played around with this DwmEnableBlurBehindWindow code awhile back...

    ' startup form

    Public Class Form1
  13. Re: Need help with terminology and file management

    I normally use, OpeFileDialog , and check the return value, DialogResult and if OK then load text file with File.ReadAllText

    Private Sub ReadTheFile_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs)...
  14. Re: [RESOLVED] ListView check\unchecked - a better way

    Ohhh OK, I see. :)
  15. Re: [RESOLVED] ListView check\unchecked - a better way

    FWIW, Your code causes error for me (line 6),

    Replicate error,
    1) Start with no items checked.
    2) Check index 0 with mouse.
    3) Try to UnCheck index 0, or Check any other index with mouse.
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    Re: Question about customizable toolbars

    Try Google ToolStrip1.DragDrop , looks like some links that may help give you some ideas, e.g....

    User Customizable ToolStrip with Drag and Drop (VB)...
  17. VS 2012 Re: Add cursor to my picturebox zoomer in

    How about Cursor.Draw (or .DrawStretched) to draw the cursor picbox1 is currently using onto the destination graphics just after drawing the image, like.,

    g.DrawImage(srcImage, destBounds,...
  18. Re: [RESOLVED] TextBox within a TextBox isn't working right?

    Glad it helped.
    I always use Environment.NewLine, except when posting sample code obviously! :)
  19. Re: TextBox within a TextBox isn't working right?

    Well WordWrap for the textbox should be enabled by default when the control is added, so I'm not exactly sure what you are expecting.

    What I found annoying was the added textbox height was only...
  20. Re: Editing strings :/ Peace of cake for some of you.

    WHY? WHY? WHY? :)
  21. Re: Editing strings :/ Peace of cake for some of you.

    You don't. When adding items it much easier to simply check if the item is in the list, if not then you add it.

    If Not myList.Contains(newItem) then
    End If
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    DropDown Combo w/Search Button

    A DropDown (only) style ComboBox with a built-in search button.

    1) Add ComboEz.vb and ComboEz.resx to a project as existing item.
    2) Build.
    3) Add control from toolbox to form.

    Clicking the...
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    Re: On Top inside of the Application

    Your not setting BringToFront to the same instance of Form2 tho are you?, Shouldn't you be doing it something like this...

    Dim nf2 As New Form2 With {.TopLevel = False, .Visible = True, .Left...
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    Re: Change color of a progressbar &H410 ???

    all the examples I found (doing a quick google search) are using PBM_SETSTATE for the message and define it as ...

    Private Const WM_USER As Int32 = &H400
    Private Const PBM_SETSTATE As Int32 =...
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    VS 2010 Re: Click Button In Another Application

    Why is that, is it hidden? , Disabled? I'm sure it be easy enough to toggle those states with API.

    Edit: strange, when the extrenal app is first started only the controls on the selected ...
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    VS 2010 Re: Click Button In Another Application

    Just curious how you installed, Did you just let it install everything?

    When I installed VS2010 Pro I only selected VB + C# and deselected everything else, and SPY++ wasn't there, so I had to...
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    VS 2010 Re: Click Button In Another Application

    See, Introducing Spy++

    Quick example,
    1. Start target app & set to desired area.
    2. Start MS SPY++.
    3. Select Find tool in Spy.
    4. Drag finder tool to target control (Button1 shown) and...
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    Errata prompts Intel to disable TSX

    Errata prompts Intel to disable TSX in Haswell, early Broadwell CPUs
    August 12, 2014
    Software developers who wish to continue working with TSX will have to avoid updating their systems to newer...
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    Re: Maximize button

    Can't you simply check the WindowState and act on that state?...

    If Me.WindowState = FormWindowState.Maximized Then
    Me.WindowState = FormWindowState.Normal
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    Re: Dynamically change button background

    One way is to use My.Resources.ResourceManager.GetObject("name").
    Not on a PC with VS but see if this works,..

    dim value = 2
    Btn.BackgroundImage =...
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    Re: Maximize button

    Have a look at Form WindowState property, e.g.,
    Me.WindowState = FormWindowState.Maximized
  32. Re: plz help me in GetWindowTexr name button in Calculator

    Controls don't have a name at runtime, you access them by their window handle. If you mean their Text, well looking at Windows Calculator using SPY++ (under Win7) the buttons don't seem to have text...
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    VS 2013 Re: Help in the performance of listbox

    typo, he means, Option Strict On.


    EDIT: Quick idea for removing multiple items by index,
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    VS 2013 Re: plz help me in GetWindowTex

    Do you know how to use MS SPY++ to figure out where the control is on the window , and use FindWindowEx to get child control handles?. Example...


    Imports System.Text
  35. Re: WhatsRep - Current reputations - Reputation Power - Top Ten members: Just for fun

    I copied MessageBuilder.vb from new zip to original project and the member names seem to be fixed now.
    ".paul." now has the period chars and no more minus "-" char in Shaggy's name.

  36. Re: ListView remove items :/ [With Picutre]

    Just erase the matching text? try somethin like,

    For row = 0 To ListView1.Items.Count - 1
    With ListView1.Items(row)
    If .SubItems(1).Text = "Victory" Then
  37. VS 2010 Re: Reminder - Listbox with item can't select generated tab

    Not sure I really understand the question, so FWIW, one way might be to use the datetime+textbox for the tabpage Name, then loop & compare to that...

    Dim dtp As String = DateTimePicker2.Text &...
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    VS 2013 Re: Sort files like Windows does?

    I think its called a Logical String Sort,

    Listview1.ListViewItemSorter = New LogicalStringSort(column_number, SortOrder.Ascending)
    Listview1.ListViewItemSorter = Nothing
  39. VS 2013 Re: Center vertical scrollbar position of a RichTextBox

    That is a nice simple solution and works well if all lines of text are of similar length.

    FWIW, another possible way to center vert scroll (without using ScrollInfo API) ..

  40. Re: [THEME] Unique Theme GDI+ 14 Controls VB.Net

    Since this is a code bank then I'd suggest you provide the code as VB file(s) here.
    Also would be helpful to beginners on how to add/use them in a project.
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