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  1. Re: Other profile loads when trying to load main profile

    I doubt you need a data recovery app...

    What happens when you select the test account during the log in? Is the test account an Admin account that will let you copy files from the main profile? If...
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    Re: Password Reminders

    Steve R Jones
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    Re: What is Search Engine Optimization?

    But if all smart site owners are doing it, is it still immoral;)

    And then there's the common sense part that many people don't have...Don't call your website-> "My Dog Ate My Homework" if the site...
  4. Re: I am having issues upload attachments

    No problem Neighbor;)
    (i think you might get different results with different browsers....but the plain jane file attachment option works just fine)

    Now please click the THREAD Tools link above...
  5. Re: I am having issues upload attachments

    For grins - in the upper right hand of your screen click on SETTINGS - then go to General Settings... Scroll down to:

    And set the option to OFF.
  6. Re: how do you delete a thread on this forum?

    No one except site staff should be able to "delete" anything..

    On many of our sister sites, members only have up to 15 minutes to edit their own posts. I'm wondering if we should place a similar...
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    Re: Question regarding attachment policy

    Anything in a ZIP file will make it past the filters. So it gets down to how lucky you feel or how well you think you know the poster.

    File attachments here do get scanned for uglies, but not at...
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    Re: Question regarding attachment policy

    At the "Manage Attachment" button you see:

    Valid file extensions: asa asmx asp aspx bas bmp bz2 c cls cpp cs ctl doc docx frm frx gif gz h hpp jpe jpeg jpg pdf php png psd rar res txt vb xlt xml...
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    Re: New part time work

    Speaking of the communications division... The burb I live in will be getting Text-to-911 in the near future. So when you're hiding in a closet you can text for help...
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    Re: Dallas, TX

    Had there been more time I could have taken you to my hole n the wall joint where you'd feel right at home:
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    Re: Dallas, TX

    How long you are you going to be here?
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    Re: Undead threads

    There is a plug in/add on to do this.

    Another site I post on uses it... Here is a randomly select thread....Note the "THIS THREAD HAS EXPIRED" note at the bottom...
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    Re: Deleting/Cancelling my Account

    Ditto. We don't delete accounts.
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    Re: Problem trying to add images

    Ditto to using the basic option.
  15. Re: My Activity section of My Profile

    "ALL" is the default and is already selected. Click on the tab that says Nighwalker83 to see Only Your posts.
  16. Re: My Activity section of My Profile

    I very seldom if ever look at that stuff... But you can control what you see... See the attached:
  17. Re: My Activity section of My Profile

    Heidi - figured it out. Nightwalker and Salsa are "FRIENDS" and the default setting is ALL... If Nightwalker clicks on"his" name on the tabs - it'll show just those.
  18. Re: My Activity section of My Profile

    Nightwalker83 - I now see what you're talking about.. Your friend Salsa31 has the same issue where you show up in his profile.

    dclamp and I on the other hand are clean....YEA

    I'll report the...
  19. Re: My Activity section of My Profile

    Please be VERY specific...

    The very first on on the list is a thread YOU started... Provide links to all threads that you didn't post in but the list says you did.
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    Re: Clean Joke of the day

    Nice People...
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    Re: Sticky Thread Needed

    Probably not a bad idea... You could get the ball rolling by posting some useful information you'd like to see in the sticky. I'm sure others will join in.
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    Re: Depression, how do you deal with it?

    Symptoms of Depression
  23. Re: Thread Display Options - Show Threads...

    Ditto. There is "one" setting for all sections.
  24. Re: Can we improve VBForums Star Rating system?

    Boops - for us that don't even notice the star system - give us an idea what You for example use it for.

    Do a lot of stars motivate you to read a thread you might otherwise not read?

    Or is it...
  25. Re: Can we improve VBForums Star Rating system?
  26. Re: Posting on Forum, Section

    When new members click the POST button you are shown a message about your post won't show p immediately...... It has to be approved by a site staff member....and I just now approved it..

    This is...
  27. Re: Can we improve VBForums Star Rating system?

    Or we could disable the option and help increase page load times it any;)
  28. Re: PM disabled for newly registered user?

    Yes it is disabled to new people...for a while;)
  29. Re: Find all threads I posted a couple of years ago

    There are ways to go via Google... Pretty sure it's been brought up before...or you could google for that.
  30. Re: Hover over thread title to show first line of post

    I don't really care for the option either. It' probably chews up horsepower.
  31. Re: So far you guys helped me with everything I needed help with.

    Thanks for the feedback;)
  32. Re: PM System - Sent Messages

    AND...when sending if you scroll down a bit is the option to keep a copy or not.
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    Re: How to make some quick cash

    Good question. Had I known he was for real I would have $ent $ome ca$h.

    Still will;)
  34. Re: The icon of vbforums on firefox got a napster like image.

    No probs here.. Try clearing your history.
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    Re: [RESOLVED] Unable to report post

    You did report the post three times;)
    The system usually won't let you do that...
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    Re: [VOTE] Removal of a general setting

    Max187Boucher - the option has been around for years. What difference does it make if someone uses it or not:confused:

    I go hidden from time to time when I need to watch a thread that's getting...
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    Re: Pet Theory Repellent

    I have one of these t-shirts. Have had many a long term client that want our software to do something really weird and they are shocked when I explain that it can't...

    I sometimes have to ask them...
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    Re: Looking from some advice

    When they ask you to tell them what you know about their company - you need to have a killer reply. Then you need to be able to tell them why your skill set is a good match...
  39. Re: why isn't there a code-tag button in the quick reply?

    DONE... See the two new Icons - VE and #.
  40. Re: Having issues with the forum search function...

    We're still looking for a third party search function to replace the far from perfect built in search.
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