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    VS 2012 Re: Query & Loop

    What do you mean by query as there is no need for a query to read information in a text file.
    Also, you might indicate why the only option is looping e.g. is this homework?
  2. Re: DataGridViewCheckBox Cell won't respond?

    The only way I see this possible is demonstrated below which you have not done but something seems to be setting the cell to read-only, have you tried to set it in code?

    Public Class Form1
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    Re: Moving on from VB6

    Whatever version of Visual Studio you decided on when writing code you should set Option Strict On under the ide menu tools->options->projects and solutions->VB Defaults and also consider...
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    VS 2013 Re: Using Resources

    Never assume a folder exists, always check first.

    Dim Directory As String = "c:/Boscobel Fly Over Video Data/"
    If IO.Directory.Exists(Directory) Then
    ' do work
    End If
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    VS 2013 Re: Create new entries my.settings

    Settings are stored under My Project in Settings.settings where when you create a setting under project properties Visual Studio writes code for this which is not possible at runtime as this is...
  6. Re: import table from ms access 2007 to sql server 2012 using

    Look at BULK INSERT
  7. Re: import table from ms access 2007 to sql server 2012 using

    You can use a connection, SqlClient.Connection and SqlClient.Command, the command text would use SQL CREATE TABLE via the Command.ExecuteNonQuery. To get an idea how to write the command text, create...
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    Re: Sql select command

    Here is a conceptual way via

    Using cn As New SqlClient.SqlConnection With {.ConnectionString = My.Settings.ConnectionString}
    Using cmd As New SqlClient.SqlCommand With {.Connection...
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    Re: Do you backup your work??

    We use a in-house TFS in a data center which is backup often and has all the bells and whistles to prevent undue corruption. There are a mix of developers and testers totaling 15 on a single...
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    Re: Happy New Year

    Best wishes for a bright and prosperous new year to everyone.
  11. VS 2015 Re: Update dgv/table adapter after inserting new records

    Personally I don't see this as complicated but instead allows for you the developer freedom and flexibility to do things as you care too rather than the opposite which has been in much earlier...
  12. VS 2015 Re: Update dgv/table adapter after inserting new records

    Look at the following two demos which shows how to add new rows and get the primary key back
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    VS 2015 Re: Form Combobox attached to SQL

    High level if the data to populate the text box controls is in the database you would use the appropriate managed data providers to query the data. Not knowing what type of database or how you are...
  14. Re: Pizza comparison program for beginners

    Rather than ranting can you please stay on topic.
  15. VS 2015 Re: Load split strings into DataGridView?

    You can split them as follows

    Dim values As String = "1,TACKLE,1,GROWL,1,LEECHSEED,1,VINEWHIP,3," &
  16. Re: Application.Restart() => 'Restart' is not a member of 'Application'.

    Application.Restart is under the forms namespace and since you are in a form it should work. When you typed Restart in, did Intellisense display it as a choice?
  17. Re: Add update delete data with picture using and ms access 2010 as db


    The following code sample shows how to add and display images from a ms-access database table. Samples are done in VS2012, code is compatible with VS2010 but not the project file so I would...
  18. Re: Databinding (MS Access Database)

    Conceptual example

    Public Class Form1
    ''' <summary>
    ''' Imagine we loaded data from a database
    ''' </summary>
    ''' <returns></returns>
    ''' <remarks></remarks>
  19. Re: Databinding (MS Access Database)

    Example, you have set the data source for each ComboBox to a DataTable or BindingSource, all the same causes the issue. To resolve this make two copies of the underlying data source and set one each...
  20. Re: STAR WARS - The Force Awakens (NO SPOILERS)

    So Yoda had a smurf for a son?
  21. Re: Excel RGB colour numbers different between Excel 2007 and Excel 2010

    Here are two threads I thought would be relevant but are not yet shed light on the color issue between versions
  22. Re: Excel RGB colour numbers different between Excel 2007 and Excel 2010


    There is really no better method since there are no functions which spans versions of Excel to keep the same color in the realm of compatibility between two versions of Excel.
  23. Re: How to select a row in a dataset table?

    This is where setting a DataTable from a Dataset to a BindingSource then using the methods of the BindingSource e.g. MoveNext to traverse rows or add a BindingNavigator then set the BindingSource...
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    Re: GREAT NEWS - Two New Moderators

    I have no problems buying the first round but do have issues with what it will cost for the plane ticket :-)
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    VS 2013 Re: Omitting single quotes from query

    The following code example shows using parameters while inserting data into a ms-access database table and returns the new primary key, there are and C# examples. Similarly a code sample for...
  26. VS 2008 Re: remove some rows from dgv when cell = null

    Nothing happens if the condition was never true for that column. Here is a good time to use break-points and to step through this code. If you place a break-point on the second for, inspect rows...
  27. VS 2008 Re: remove some rows from dgv when cell = null

    Not sure if this (List(Of...) works in VS2008, works in higher versions

    Working from column name, if using original replace column name with ordinal of column

    Dim rows As New List(Of...
  28. Re: error while importing excel column into listbox

    Have you considered using OleDb? Example in this we are reading from column E, rows 1 to 12, first row is data so F1 is A this F5 is E and use an alias name but not truly needed.

    Private Sub...
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    Re: San Bernardino Active Shooter

    People who want a firearm with bad intent will usually find a way through backdoor channels.
  30. DataGridView add, update, delete via SqlClient data provider

    Developers just starting out with working with a DataGridView look for easy methods to add, update and remove data from a table in a database but as with anything new it's difficult to figure out how...
  31. Data disappears after inserting into a database

    A common question on many of the developer forums is as follows. I created a new project, added a local attached database to the project then added code to add new records to the database which works...
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    VS 2010 Re: SQL Parimeterize a table name...?

    I would had mention this but the poster indicated VS2010 which is not capable of this functionality.
  33. VS 2015 Re: DataGrid cell click event / combobox

    I have a sample that does more than you want in that it only allows one row to be checked but within this example I show how to work in tangent with a DataGridView.DataSource = a BindingSource and...
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    VS 2010 Re: SQL Parimeterize a table name...?

    Try this which uses xml literals.

    Dim SomeField As String = "TestColumn"
    Dim SelectStatement As String = <Select>SELECT <%= SomeField %> FROM Constants WHERE <%= SomeField %> IS NOT...
  35. Re: Datagridview counting occurrence of specific data

    You need to set the column name or index then declare somevalue as string for the value to get the count for.
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    Re: MVP Washington State Summit

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    Re: MVP Washington State Summit

    Summit is over, what a great experience. Enjoyed many of the sessions offered along with being interviewed by the Microsoft Channel 9 team which should be published soon and have to say that was fun...
  38. VS 2015 Re: Writing to a new line in Excel

    I have working examples here where you can run the code and see results. Granted there is a lot going on but the solution is in short what Paul is pointing too

    Here is one sample

  39. Re: New to VB.NET, what would I use as a database from scratch to store records in?

    One idea would be to use a local copy of SQL-Server database that resides in the same folder of the application and access the data via Entity Framework. The simple approach since you have not worked...
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    Re: MVP Washington State Summit

    In regards to sharing a room, I have my own room.
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