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    Re: Printing Protection

    You can detect and manage the printers using this component...I'd suggest running it on the server(s) as the admin user and then reducing user's access rights to administer the printers so they...
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    Re: Anyone have any interest in CQRS?

    A fair point. I'll post (somewhere) whenever there's something significant added ... in case anyone can make use of it.
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    Re: What do you think about iPhone 6?

    Only buy Apple products whose version number is a prime number. It is the only sensible policy :-)
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    Re: Anyone have any interest in CQRS?

    (It seems not....)

    When to use
    In my experience, CQRS lends itself to large multi-developer projects that are delivered via an internet based front end or via an automation API (for example a WCF...
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    Anyone have any interest in CQRS?


    I have created a codeplex project with the aim of creating a new visual studio template that creates a CQRS project that sits on top of Azure.
    Project location is...
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    Re: Many-to-one Entity Design Question

    Then you might do better with a NoSQL type of database? Use the handle (and the object type) as the record aggregate and all the properties that pertain to the object hang off that?

    You'll need...
  7. Re: New internet archive for money making ideas

    "Selfie-copters." A small autonomous helicopter you attach your camera phone to and it follows you around taking selfies and posting to the whatever is the flavour of the month website. Millions it...
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    Re: Many-to-one Entity Design Question

    Are the objects basically super-types of a common record type? (i.e. do all objects share some common properties - maybe location?)

    If so you'd need one table for the common elements and linked...
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    Re: British Ingenuity

    Sometimes the Matador doesn't win.
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    Re: C# have more "tools" available?

    AFAIK C# still doesn't have XML literals and VB.NET doesn't have unsafe pointers. So what differences there are, are trivial.
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    DDD and nested domains?

    (Request for comment...)


    When doing DDD you split up the project into "domains" (bounded contexts) being spheres of expertise/knowledge but what are your thoughts on the situation where some...
  12. Re: CQRS - Command/Query responsability segregation (overview)

    Event Sourcing

    Event sourcing is a way of storing data in your system, not as a point in time view but rather as a historical chain of events that have occurred to that object. using this history...
  13. CQRS - Command/Query responsability segregation (overview)

    What is CQRS?
    CQRS is an architecture that recognises that the model used to display or query data differs to the model used to insert or update data. By splitting your application into separate...
  14. Re: How to Set Windows Default Printer?

    use the SetDefaultPrinter api call?
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    VS 2013 Re: Unit Testing

    When they are talking about separating your user interface from the logic, it means that your function should not have any reference to the control(s) on the form.

    For example if you have a...
  16. VS 2012 Re: set distance between two pictureboxes in millimeters.

    Oops - yeah, my maths is terrible.
  17. VS 2012 Re: set distance between two pictureboxes in millimeters.

    Graphics measurements in printing are in tenths of a millimetre - e.g., to print a rectangle 4 x 5 centimetres, you would use e.Graphics.DrawRectangle(Pens.Black, 10, 10, 4000, 5000)

    To do this...
  18. VS 2010 Re: Partial bolded text from RichTextBox needed to get printed

    To get a RichTextBox to print including all of its formatting you need to use the rich text box api

    I wrote a component called MCLFormPrint that includes printing rich text boxes (over multiple...
  19. Re: Dataset data not displayed on Printpreview on second click of Preview button

    You need to re-initialise these two variables every time the print button is that it starts at the start again.

    Static CentresPrinted As Integer = 0
    Static StudentsPrinted As...
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    Re: What's your sport?

    Still playing (association) football at 42 and hope to keep going (albeit ever slower) for the rest of the helps that I am a goalkeeper
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    Re: Apple's next big thing

    And lo, it came to pass...
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    Re: Taking the "U" out of the UK

    will I have to get a new passport

    will I be ineligible to vote in UK General Elections
    No - but if you are not resident in Scotland you should not be able to get a vote there

    will I have...
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    Re: Taking the "U" out of the UK

    Would the United Kingdom lose its permanent seat on the UN if Scotland votes for independence?
  24. VS 2012 Re: Printing - only shows if the printer paper size is over a certain size

    I suspect your printing commands are outside of the printable area when you select labels - so it is printing off the page.
    Check the e.Graphics properties in your PrintPage event handler - they...
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    Re: Whats your favorite program you have made?

    I wrote an app to make all your windows XMas tree shaped - I quite enjoyed that one :-)
  26. Re: What India Can Teach Silicon Valley About Its Gender Problem

    Another thing we need to look at is the idea that you need A-level maths in order to do an IT degree. This is causing us to import the A-level math existing gender balance to our industry.
  27. VS 2010 Re: Printing module not working on new program but works on old one

    If you are using the Visual Basic Powerpacks PrintForm component you need to specify the "FullWindow" argument
  28. Re: What India Can Teach Silicon Valley About Its Gender Problem

    The fact that the proportion of women in computing has been decreasing over the last 50 years is what might be considered "a smell" that there is more to this than passive demographics.
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    Re: what makes developers tick?

    If the technology solves a problem I currently have but haven't solved or solves a problem I have in an innovative/elegant way.

    I love the way that each discovery or learning opens another set...
  30. How do I route commands to the command handler using WCF/REST?

    Has anyone got any samples or good ideas on exposing the command handler part of a CQRS framework through REST?

    Ideally I'd like some way of generating the routing table "auto-magically" from...
  31. Re: Determine if Data was entered on a Form Vb.Net

    Hi - you will need to compile the component project first , then add it to the solution in which your form is that you want change monitoring on. (These forums don't allow uploading of compiled code...
  32. Re: Determine if Data was entered on a Form Vb.Net

    I did this by creating a form changed control
  33. VS 2012 Re: Anyone using Task-based Asynchronous Pattern (discussion)

    Not for database stuff but I use it extensively when dealing with web services.
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    Re: Why does .Net allow easy decompilation?

    Easy decompilation = easy debugging. If you set up the symbols path in visual studio you can trace a program right down from your code into the .NET framework code and back. Given that MS share all...
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    VS 2013 Re: Exception not caught

    I'd say the error occurs at line 78 because the server is not responding to your connection.Open() in a timely manner.
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    Re: Event source backed entities

    OK - on consideration, I think that there needs to be a "something" that turns an event stream or multiple event streams into an object - I'm calling this a snapshot. This is in charge of applying...
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    Re: If email adress has recived an email

    You could use the MailSystem.NET project on CodePlex.
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    Re: How much is my website worth?

    The market for URLs has low volume and high differentiation so I think the only way you will be able to get a valuation is to find a buyer.
  39. Re: Blat, Bray, Blare Blast, Etc... What noise do you find most obnoxious?

    The sound of one hand clapping...
  40. Re: Blat, Bray, Blare Blast, Etc... What noise do you find most obnoxious?

    Hammer-action masonry drill
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