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  1. Re: Saving Datagridview Records if not(already) exists and deleting any other records

    Here's an example of doing it the proper way, using parameters:

    Given that you're only using your own IDs...
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    VS 2013 Re: Sorting controls in FlowLayoutPanel

    This is not an answer to your question but you're handling the wrong event. With the code you have, what's going to happen if the user opens the drop-down list and then uses the arrow keys to select...
  3. Re: How to change variable in dll file using

    You write a method in your VB code with a compatible signature and map it to the function the unmanaged DLL using the Declare keyword or the DllImport attribute and then you call it like any other...
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    Re: Using vbYesNo in MsgBox

    MsgBox is a function and it returns a value to indicate which option the user selected. You use an If statement to test that value and act accordingly.
  5. Re: Need help finding numbers in gcode text file

    Here are some clues: File.ReadAllLines, For Each, String.StartsWith, String.Split. That's almost all you need.
  6. Re: VB.Net not configured to read SQL Server Directly

    I'm guessing that you're using VB/VS Express, which I think you'll find can only generate a Data Source from a local SQL Server Express file. You'd need the Community Edition or a paid-for edition...
  7. VS 2012 Re: SentOnBehalfOfName to show Display Name

    Hang on! I just noticed this:Are you using Outlook Automation? That's probably the sort of detail that you should mention.
  8. VS 2012 Re: SentOnBehalfOfName to show Display Name

    Dim address As New MailAddress

    address.Address = ""
    address.DisplayName = "Some Body"

    myMailMessage.From = address
  9. Re: I am getting a form related issue in my software.

    Can you show us your MW.Upload and FTP.Do_FTP methods? My guess would be that you're trying to create a default instance on a secondary thread that has finished its work.
  10. VS 2013 Re: Child Controls' ReadOnly state being affected by parent

    When the grid itself is editable, are you making cells read-only directly or via their row or column?
  11. Re: Clients not receiving Response from Server

    I don't really see how using a BackgroundWorker is any safer. Either way, you need to avoid accessing controls on a secondary thread. If you can't even identify where you're doing that now then I...
  12. Re: Clients not receiving Response from Server

    It's obviously not there because there's no control access there. It must be somewhere else. Did you look at the exception when it was thrown in the debugger? That should tell you where the issue...
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    Re: need advice on table structure

    Do paired ins and outs have to occur on the same day?
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    Re: need advice on table structure

    Presumably the first time is in and then they are considered to be alternate. That would mean that, with a zero-based index, even-numbered records are in times and odd-numbered records are out times.
  15. Re: Clients not receiving Response from Server

    A cross-threading error occurs when you try to access a member of a control on a thread other than the one on which that control was created. It's not strictly illegal, which is why is allowed to be...
  16. VS 2013 Re: Detect CTRL + 5 key is pressed

    Note that that code will detect Ctrl+5 using the digit keys along the top of the keyboard or the number pad on the right. It will also detect when Ctrl+5 is pressed exclusively, i.e. it will exclude...
  17. VS 2013 Re: Detect CTRL + 5 key is pressed

    If e.KeyData = (Keys.Control Or Keys.D5) OrElse e.KeyData = (Keys.Control Or Keys.NumPad5)
    End If
  18. Re: Facebook messages VB 2008 PLEASE HELP!

    First things first, you need to move the code that manipulates the document out of that method and and into the DocumentCompleted event handler for the WebBrowser. The document won't even be loaded...
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    Re: Code Not working

    There's something wrong with your namespace imports too, so I'm guessing that you haven't referenced a required assembly. If you mouse over one of those underlined imports, what's the error message...
  20. Re: update via datagridview not updating the sql server back-end

    Argh! Are we being punked? Do not - I repeat, DO NOT - create a new DataTable or DataSet. Just pass what you already have. Instead of this:
    Dim results As DataTable = New DataTable()...
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    VS 2010 Re: Run The code

    Can you please provide a FULL and CLEAR explanation of what you're trying to achieve. From what you've written, it sounds like you're asking for a basic explanation of how to use Visual Studio, but...
  22. VS 2013 Re: [Help] returning an SqlDataReader in WCF Service ASP.NET-VB

    A data reader is an object that executes a query and then provides access to the result set created by the database. Each time you call Read, it reads a record from the database. If your web...
  23. Re: update via datagridview not updating the sql server back-end

    Look at this:
    If changes IsNot Nothing Then
    End IfWhat is that actually doing?
  24. Re: Looking for a faster file write routine

    Without the error handling, all you need is this:
    Public Sub DebugLog(title As String, setting As String)
    String.Format("{0} - {1} =...
  25. Re: Looking for a faster file write routine

    That's a very unnecessarily comvoluted method. All you need to do is prepare the text you want to write, either as a single String or a String array, and then call File.AppendAllText or...
  26. VS 2015 Re: populate DetailsViewModel in dropdown list

    I don't really know what it is that you're asking for. You're talking about specific types that mean nothing to us; they're types you defined. You seem top be asking how to pass two models to one...
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    Re: Store images

    Hmmm... I'm sure I've tested that before and it didn't work. I don't think I used a typed DataSet as the data source though, so maybe that's the difference. I might look into that to satisfy my own...
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    VS 2015 Re: Progressbar in Taskbar

    I'm not sure how recent the latest version is but that functionality was included in the API Code Pack released for Windows 7.
  29. Re: help show specified data in datagridview

    So, are you saying that you want a column for each subject and a row for each student and then each cell will contain that student's mark for that subject? If so then you would have two choices:
  30. VS 2013 Re: [RESOLVED] Convert hex string to byte array and restore image

    Everything is stored as bytes. If the binary data was converted to text of any kind then, in order to store that text, it would have to be converted to bytes to be stored. In that case, instead of...
  31. VS 2013 Re: [RESOLVED] Convert hex string to byte array and restore image

    I see what you're saying now. That's just because hexadecimal is the usual way to visualise binary data. The data has to be converted to a string of some sort for display. You can't actually view...
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    Re: Store images

    I haven't checked the link that SJWhiteley provided but you can follow the CodeBank link in my signature below and check out my thread on Saving Images In Databases. If you're using SQL Server to...
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    Re: Store images

    That doesn't work. The data is retrieved from the database as a Byte array and, while a DataGridViewImageColumn can convert that to an Image object automatically, a PictureBox cannot. You'd have to...
  34. VS 2013 Re: [RESOLVED] Convert hex string to byte array and restore image

    If you get data from a SQL Server varbinary column then it IS a Byte array. You can't cast anything as a type it isn't so if you can cast the data as type Byte array then it must be a Byte array. ...
  35. VS 2013 Re: Making a 2D array without knowing the size

    They can be used in a similar way conceptually but, as objects, they are not the same thing. Think of the real world. If you had a single box with all your items arranged in rows and columns, would...
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    VS 2008 Re: Convert code for HTML Agility Pack

    Please use appropriate formatting tags when posting code snippets.
  37. VS 2013 Re: Making a 2D array without knowing the size

    The List(Of T).ToArray method creates a 1D array. There's also another serious flaw in your code that I won't go into now because I believe it will become a moot point.

    Why do you need a 2D array...
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    Re: Drag & Drop in Windows Forms

    I would imagine so. What have you tried?
  39. Re: Use multiple mousedown event to get mouse positions

    Of course you do. You want to do something different on the first click to the second click, to the third click and so on. How on earth can you do that if you can't identify what number the click...
  40. VS 2013 Re: Convert hex string to byte array and restore image

    First of all, why would you have a leading "0x" in the first place? If you have a database column whose purpose in life is to store a hexadecimal string then why do you need to use "0x" to identify...
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