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  1. Re: Windows XP lsass.exe System Error during boot problem

    I must have read about 100 web pages related to this issue and not a solid lead as to what was actually causing it.
    I tried to repair but the CD/DVD drive would not read the disk. :(
    I found a...
  2. VS 2010 Re: Equivalent code of CreateObject in

    C# is .net
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    Re: CreateTable With Field Properties

    It would help if you mentioned what database you are wanting to work with

    Assuming Access the statement takes the form of

    CREATE [TEMPORARY] TABLE table (field1 type [(size)] [NOT NULL] [WITH...
  4. Re: PC broke down, what component may causing the trouble

    I have ran into this type of thing before. Note that you will only get beeps if you have a speaker attached to your MB. I have saw a few that did not have this so their was no audible indication of...
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    Re: Convert 15 pin joystick to?

    Why try and use a old 15 pin joystick at all?
    Isn't there a USB joystick that will suit your needs?

    Does the USB adapter have some options under properties?
    Is your Joystick recognized under...
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    Re: hd usb samsung not revognized

    Sounds like your MFT [Master File Table] has been corrupted

    Have you tried to run chkdsk on it yet? If not then that is your first step.

    There are tools that can repair the MFT as well as data...
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    Re: Advance Inventory System

    Your cash management table is a bit overkill. You don't need all of those fields but may need a couple that are not there.

    ReceiptNo, AmountPaid, PaymentType, PaymentDate, CheckNo

  8. Re: I have a complicated problem with a Do While loop

    Why is this there

    While s.Elapsed <= TimeSpan.FromMilliseconds(16.6)
    End While

    Application.DoEvents() is a bad idea
  9. [RESOLVED] Windows XP lsass.exe System Error during boot problem

    My wifes computer has ran into an issue. When she tries to boot up it goes through the post screen and shows the XP splash screen then pops up a System Error msgbox with an error lsass.exe Object not...
  10. Re: Can't delete items from form, nor can I access the menu editor.

    Actually I would think that the reinstall is what did the trick.
    Running the IDE as administrator is the way most people do it under windows Vista and later and it does not cause this type of...
  11. Re: Can't delete items from form, nor can I access the menu editor.

    Does the same thing happen if you start a new project?
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    Re: Can't Trap Program Crash - Need Help

    Actually you should not need to strip any error handlers if you are running in the IDE you should be able to select the break on all errors option and have the error show itself even in cases where...
  13. Re: Can't delete items from form, nor can I access the menu editor.

    hmm. I have never actually tried deleting a control by right clicking on it, I have always just selected it and used the delete key, quicker that way. Never had an issue.
    Not sure why it would be...
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    Re: Save to database.. Please help

    You know it really is not very hard at all to work with an Access DB from VB.
    Even in your first post above you have code that could do the job. It is DAO and would be better to do ADO but one...
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    Re: icon in msgbox title

    You can always make your own msgbox.
  16. Thread: Query

    by DataMiser

    Re: Query

    I was wondering the same thing. I have several programs that build the SQL on the fly to allow for multiple search criteria options.
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    Re: Compile with all dependencies

    What you should be doing is creating an installer package and then installing it on the target system. This way all the dlls, ocxs and other required files are properly installed and registered,...
  18. Re: Vb6 error in connecting as400 newer version

    Maybe but we will need more info than that.
  19. Re: System languages on a translated program...

    Dialog boxes generated by your program will be in whatever language you have provided the text in.
    So If I have a msgbox that displays Hello it will do so no matter what language the system is set...
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    Re: getting last Saturday of the month Alarm

    So if you want it to fire on every Saturday why not just fire on every Saturday and then test to see which Saturday it is which could be done using a Mod statement on the Day value?

    Also you...
  21. Re: Accessing javascript variable using MSHTML ?

    Why would you ask this in a VB6 thread? This has nothing to do with VB.
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    Re: Use VB6 to call c# event

    Again you do not call events, and what you have showed is not an example of an event.

    On the other hand you are asking us how to call something from a dll that does not exist and you are...
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    Re: Use VB6 to call c# event

    I'm not sure what to make of the questions.

    First of all it is not an event
    Second it doesn't matter what version of VS was used to create the DLL
    If you are looking for sample C# code then that...
  24. Re: how to sum and divide by 60 total minutes in datareport

    I don't use the data report so can't be of help with it

    I do have a question about the data though. Enter IN =60 Minutes? EnterOut=120 minutes? Total 180 Minutes?
    That really does not make any...
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    Re: No digits after comma

    You should also be Dimming all your vars to the proper types

    If you are dealing with currency then you should use the Currency data type and instead of Val() use CCur() but you also need to make...
  26. Re: face trouble in buttons in a control array caption

    I don't know either but in his example all it was doing was assigning [or trying to] the button to a var and then a literal to the caption. Would be a waste of code.

    If he wants to read data from...
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    Re: Polymorphism in VB6

    Actually there is a datetime data type in VB6 it is Date

    Dim myDate as Date
  28. Re: face trouble in buttons in a control array caption

    There is no need to use a variable at all here

    Instead of

    Dim Bt_name as string

    Bt_name = bt100(0)

    Bt_name.caption = "test name 100"
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    Re: Barcode and Data Report

    I use Active Reports.

    Nothing special in terms of placing a barcode on the report. Just set the font for the field in question to use the desired barcode font and make sure the field is large...
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    Re: Type Mismatch

    Set to resolved using Thread tools at the top of the first post

    You should start a new thread for a new question.
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    Re: Is this If Then correct?

    Seems like it would have been quicker to just try it than to create a thread ;)
  32. Re: Is there a way to go through a listbox to remove duplicates?

    sNewItem would be the thing that is being looked up lIndex would be the position it is found at, if it is found and -1 if not
  33. Re: Issues sending data before the winsock closes

    I started to suggest handling it on the server side. That is the way I would do it but then I decided just to answer the question that was posted.
    At least now you have a better idea of how to work...
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    Re: Polymorphism in VB6

    In this case you don't need two functions. Both are taking a string and returning a string. You could not have these two even if VB6 did support overloading as there would be no way to tell them...
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    Re: Polymorphism in VB6

    What you seem to be asking for is called overloading and VB6 does not support it. VB.Net does.
  36. Re: [RESOLVED] vb6 sstab dont not work on click while form dont finish load event

    So in other words you had a very long loop running in your form load event that was causing all the problems.
    As a general rule you should never do something like that in the load event.
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    Re: Barcode and Data Report

    I have not used this font, nor do I use the data report tool.

    I have used barcode fonts on reports numerous times. Never had an issue.

    What happens when you set that font on the report?
  38. Re: make your system will expire in a certain period

    You can't delete a file while it is open.

    There is also no reason to delete your exe, if you want to do a timed trial you would just have the program close if the time is up.
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    Re: Type Mismatch

    You are setting RS to a new recordset after you have started adding a record!

    What you should be doing is checking to see if the client field is empty first, then you should check to see if the...
  40. Re: How to get all the sub folders under a directory vb6

    In this case the question is only about getting folders that are in a given folder. Should be very simple using Dir$()

    In fact the code in the OP is almost correct as is probably just missing the...
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