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    Re: What if there was a NEW vb6

    Everytime I see the title of this thread, I keep hearing it in Morpheus's voice. Now if people would quit taking the red pill and just take the blue one, they'd see that VB6 still works just like it...
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    Re: Can I make android apk in

    an APK file is an android program file - the android version of an exe in Windows. The format is simple: create a folder, dump the files for the app into it (class files, html files, manifests,...
  3. Re: there is no way i can parse ubound data between to delimeters?

    Pfffft! This ain't your first trip to the rodeo... you know that's a common occurrence here... par for the course.

    No there isn't. But as has been pointed out, what you appear to have is a...
  4. Re: parsing this im stuck i try and try and try

    Ok... hold on... that looks like a JSON string...
    which then makes me wonder if there is a JSON library for VB6... turns out there is... at least according to this post -...
  5. Re: parsing this im stuck i try and try and try

    well first you really shouldn't be splitting on "nickname" ... personally I'm surprised it compiles as you should be getting an error on "nickname" + 3 ... it's probably implicitly converting the 3...
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    Re: convert form to PDF

    What kind of a "form" are you talking about? Something designed in VB? The short answer is, you don't. VisualStudio doesn't product PDFs, much less PDF forms. You would need a word processor of some...
  7. Re: Is there a better alternative for VBA EDITOR in Office 2010

    I never said they couldn't move to VB6... I jsut said they weren't suited for it... they're stupid simple. It would take more effort to make them run in VB6... plus then I
    d have to deploy the dll,...
  8. Re: Document Management System or Document Tracking System

    I don't think any of us could effectively answer it. Depends on what kind of definition you place on each kind. I wrote a system called DOTS (Document Office Tracking System) ... used a combination...
  9. Re: Is there a better alternative for VBA EDITOR in Office 2010

    How do you run the code? In order to run code as a macro, it needs to be a part of the document.

    Guess it just depends on the amount of effort you want to put into it. My macros are rarely suited...
  10. Re: Is there a better alternative for VBA EDITOR in Office 2010

    Actually, you could use the VB6 IDE.... BUT you have to realize 1) the VB used in Office is VBA, which is a subset of VB6... 2) You'll still need to copy the macro code over from the VB6 IDE to the...
  11. Re: Translation from C to VB6 of some lines of code

    well, it's not that difficult... the for loop consists of three parts, the initialize, the loop condition and the incrementor.

    so the e2 += dy & y2 = y0 initializes the loop:

    e2 = e2 + dy
  12. Re: How to turn my code into a function?

    Probably doens' tneed to be a function, but just a sub... crete a sub, put the code in it, then call it from the event handler for the buttons.

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    Re: SQL 2012 to SQL 2005

    Ick... nope... not as far as I know. There was a break with SQL2008R2 in fact, making SQL2008R2 dbs incompatible with SQL2008 ... the only thing I can think of is to create the database initially in...
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    VS 2008 Re: Cant change registry value.

    1) I assumed you were checkign the value. MY bad, I should have said "HOW are you validating that it's not working."
    2) How should I know? I would have thought you did the research on that first....
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    VS 2013 Re: Crashing on every edit

    It's probably too late, but I would have started by disabling all AddIns and extensions.
    Microsoft.VisualStudio.Text.Utilities.GuardedOperations.CallExtensionPoint -- looks like there's something ...
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    VS 2013 Re: SMTP errors I can't fix

    Sometimes I wonder... why people think that the error message isn't important. No one walks into the Doc's office and says "It hurts" and expects the doc to know instantly what the issue is. At least...
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    Re: Comments invited (primary keys)

    My personal preference it to attempt to use natural keys where I can. Problem is I rarely can rely on that because users are users. At my current job and in one two lifetimes ago, the primary driving...
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    VS 2008 Re: Cant change registry value.

    How do you know it doesn't work?

    what does the surrounding code look like? Are you *sure* you're not getting an error?

  19. Re: How to make a Home Network that can be accessed on all computers

    I seriously doubt that's what your setup looks like. If it is, then you've wasted a bunch of money. Or you're using the wrong terms.
    You should only have one modem. That's what you'd be using to...
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    Re: array index sent to function mismatch

    I'm quoting this because it's the problem. Your function is expecting an array, but you're not passing it an array, but a single element.

    Function ParseIt(Expression() As String, <--- see the ()...
  21. VS 2010 Re: [VB.NET] Condition when ComboBox indexchanged

    Then you should read up on it. It can be found in MSDN.
    Yes, it's in the toolbox.
    No, it is NOT the calendar control, that's another control as well. IT's called "DateTimePicker" ... looks similar...
  22. Re: Back up and Restore .MDB files

    Because you can't copy an open file and he refuses to close the connections before trying either the backup or restore, and I've gotten weary of repeating myself.

  23. Re: VB program that reads two numbers and adds the numbers in between

    Ah, yes... correct you are. I forgot to include the initial number in the count.

  24. Re: VB program that reads two numbers and adds the numbers in between

    The key to is understanding what Enumerabl.Range does. In short, you give it a start, a count, and it returns the numbers in between. ...
  25. VS 2012 Re: After creating Table, how to add new Column field name from Checkitems in VB .Net

    Dang. I was hoping that maybe you had learned new trick I hadn't heard of. Rats, foiled again. And I would have gotten away with it too if not for those snooping kids and their dog.

  26. VS 2012 Re: After creating Table, how to add new Column field name from Checkitems in VB .Net

    Jenner - does this work?

    CmdCreate = "ALTER TABLE myLst ADD (@COL varchar(20))"

    Did you try it?

    I'm not sure it does... I didn't think you could use parameters with DML SQL. If it does,...
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    VS 2013 Re: Selected Item Property

    In short, you need to determine how you want something to be represented (like using the index or something) and store it. Then the SelectedItem property would use that index (or what ever)...
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    Re: Saving Images in Databases

    Firstly, the tiers shouldn't be an issue and are immaterial... you problably mean layers. Layers is logical separation, while tiers is about the physical separation.

    At any rate... don't think of...
  29. Thread: Time

    by techgnome

    Re: Time

    aaaa.... not... that's not going to work... what if it was 2pm? it'll come back as -4 for the hours... that's not going to work.

    Fortunately there is a function - DateAdd -...
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    Re: Trouble with Format

    IF you use "c" as your format for ToString, it will use your local currency format.

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    VS 2012 Re: VB database: What am I doing wrong?

    Sure there is... there could only be one reason the Rows.Count is 0 ... there are no rows. Now, as to why there are no rows... we'd have to see the code that fills it.

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    Re: Open multiple files

    Use ShellExecute to open files with their default application. Just shellExecute the file directly... don't try to include Excel, Word, or what ever... let the system figure out what it should open...
  33. VS 2008 Re: How to enable the menus that are assigned to a user

    It's called sample code... since MenuStrip1 is the default name for the first MenuStrip dropped onto a form... yeah, I'd guess that it's a MenuStrip on the form.

    And what error? I tried going...
  34. Re: same OS, same regional settings, different boolean value localization

    Looks like a different language to me. If I were to run that on a French language install of windows, I'd likely get 'vrai' ...

  35. VS 2008 Re: How to enable the menus that are assigned to a user

    Role based method:

    User table
    ... what ever else you need ...

    Role table
  36. Re: Problem with VB6 SQL SELECT and DB on AS/400.

    cm.CommandText = "SELECT * from mylib.anagrafica WHERE tiprcd = 1 AND codice= '" & a & "' ORDER BY codice"

    You haven't set a value for a ... so it's looking for where codice = '' (empty string).
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    Re: There is already an open DataReader???

    well then what the hell do I know? Meanwhile we haven't heard from the OP in a while... so who knows? OH heck, we haven't heard fro the OP since the first post.

  38. Re: Copy records from table1 and add them to table2

    Look in table1, you probably have a blank row in there. It's doing what you're telling it to do. It's not making it up.

  39. VS 2010 Re: [RESOLVED] Issue learning how to make and reference a DLL in another app.

    It probably worked after hitting run because Running a project (even a DLL one) causes it to be compiled. You could also simply right-click the project and select Build or ReBuild. Not sure where the...
  40. VS 2008 Re: How to enable the menus that are assigned to a user

    I'd probably have a table with the menu options in it... and then another table that had the list of roles....and then a RoleMenu table that liks the menu options to the roles, then I'd add a RoleID...
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