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  1. Re: Seeking advice regarding seperation GUI from calculation

    It would depend to a certain extent how you are handling your threading. I had assumed you were starting a new Thread to run your game loop when I read your initial description, but it sounds more...
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    Re: control page variable manager

    No, you can't manipulate the code, but if you've coded it so that the retirement age value is in a variable instead of directly using a numeric literal in your calculations then you can change the...
  3. Re: Seeking advice regarding seperation GUI from calculation

    You're missing something. You simply have the background calculation keep a track of areas that need invalidating, and have the UI thread access that and only invalidate those regions.
  4. Re: How to know which Exceptions to handle

    Not so. I've posted this link before:

    Only those in the "boneheaded" bucket can be tested for in...
  5. VS 2012 Re: Client app and WCF, business exceptions?

    It is unlikely the validation only occurs on the client side. It is fairly common to run client-side validation to prevent a network call if the client can check the validity of the entered data, you...
  6. Re: Cannot refer to an instance member of a class from within a shared method

    Firstly, I'll echo the "if it hurts, stop doing that!" sentiments of others. What feature are you trying to provide by having that Shared member and method?

    That said...
    If you're trying to...
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    VS 2010 Re: Reading Text files into arrays

    If you're reading CSV files, there's a class in the BCL for that: the TextFieldParser.
  8. Re: Is there a equivalent of List.CopyTo with a 2D array or List as the target ?

    You realise that if you'd built a view abstraction over your underlying list, that creating a specialised view that was over a sub-region of your data would be trivial, right?
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    Re: Animate a label without a timer?

    The only way to achieve an animated movement of a control in a WinForms application is to run a piece of code several times on the UI thread that moves it a step and then finishes.

    Doing it on the...
  10. VS 2012 Re: How to handle major solution changes with VS2012 and TFS

    No, definitely do not do the delete in both. TFS will get badly confused if you try and merge after you've deleted in both. I'm not sure that you've fully understood what's happening when you merge...
  11. VS 2012 Re: How to handle major solution changes with VS2012 and TFS

    No, I wasn't saying those old files shouldn't be deleted. But you have to delete them in TFS, not just off your disk. If you delete them from your disk, TFS keeps them in its repository, and doesn't...
  12. Re: Split a List of byte in i lists of size N

    Or think about it differently. You don't need to split the list, you need a different view on to the elements:

    Module Module1

    Sub Main()
    Dim oneDeeList = New List(Of String) From...
  13. Re: "Concretising" generics - for WPF service

    If it's a small number of types, just write them by hand. What does the implementation of that Add method look like? Is it really okay to send any type to it? I assume from the signature that it's...
  14. VS 2012 Re: How to handle major solution changes with VS2012 and TFS

    In step 5, how did you "Remove" the project? I suspect it didn't have a Delete for the files in that project in TFS's pending changes, only removing the project from the solution.

    You can do a...
  15. VS 2010 Re: Mac Address Changer *not working, need help*

    Right, so by that logic, we can't discuss anything to do with network requests (those can be used for malicious purposes). Or, in fact, making applications (a hacker could learn how to make a program...
  16. Re: Correct Code not being Processed

    From your description I'd guess that you're running a 64-bit Windows, and that an exception is being thrown in your Form's constructor when filling one of the first text boxes, causing the code to...
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    Re: TCP/IP Biffer Issue

    Here's a hint: Despite pulling out only the bytes newly received from the buffer into your messageBytes List [looping up to LastReadLength], you then try and convert the whole buffer into your...
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    Re: times table

    Right, first thing to note is that you want a two-dimensional array with 5 elements in each dimension. Array indices start with 0, so we're looking at 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 as the indices in each dimension....
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    Re: how to call Button1_Click

    I'm with SH:

    Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
    End Sub

    Private Sub callmyeventclick()
  20. VS 2008 Re: How to convert to parametrized query fashion

    "Execute" was supposed to be a function you wrote yourself to replace the "Insert" function. It's not an existing method on the SqlCommand class. The idea was that since you have a module that is...
  21. VS 2012 Re: SQLCE Insert/Update Command throws no errors but Data is not in the database

    Try declaring the MySQLCEConnection = New SqlCeConnection(tmpConstring) in a Using block that encompasses the entire update code. That way, on exiting the block, the connection object will be...
  22. VS 2012 Re: SQLCE Insert/Update Command throws no errors but Data is not in the database

    I don't know the SQLCE database, but is it possible there is an implicit transaction that is not being committed until the connection is closed? Since you do not explicitly close the connection in...
  23. Re: Wrapping an object with another in VB 2013

    I'm pretty sure it's attempting to translate the example from Head First Design Patterns book into VB, actually. There's definitely an example of the Factory Pattern involving making Pizzas, pretty...
  24. Re: Wrapping an object with another in VB 2013

    No, it's not Death by OO. It would be Death by OO if this sort of architecture was suggested for a problem if this complexity, but it's not being recommended for a problem of this complexity. It is...
  25. 3.0/LINQ Re: Need some help to understand mocking (nsubstitute)

    The mocks will record what calls are made against them, and then let you verify what occured. So in this case, we are verifying that something called your instance of IJobManager's GetRunningJob...
  26. VS 2008 Re: How to convert to parametrized query fashion

    Looks about right to me. I don't usually need to loop over a set of values to insert, so I don't find myself executing the same query multiple times with different parameters, but I assume that part...
  27. VS 2008 Re: How to convert to parametrized query fashion

    Okay, this is how you call your database functions:

    Insert("ProductBasicInfo", "ProdID, ProdName, Description, Manufacturer, Store", txtProdID.Text.Trim & ", '" & txtProdName.Text.Trim & "','" &...
  28. Re: Wrapping an object with another in VB 2013

    Okay, what happens when you call getSize() on your decorated pizza? It's an instance of Cheese, which doesn't override the getSize method, so let's look at PizzaDecorator, that doesn't override...
  29. Re: Thread Collision and Transactions

    Any read is fine. You will either read the state prior to the transaction being started on the other thread, OR the state after the transaction commited. You may end up blocking if you're doing any...
  30. VS 2013 Re: Need Ideas for Interaction Project

    Tetris seems to fail this criteria, as you only have one object moving at a time. You could try something like Asteroids or Space Invaders where there is no AI to the movement of the asteroid/aliens,...
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    Re: [HELP]Error with new thread

    You appear to be attempting to spin up a thread solely to listen for incoming connections asynchronously. Supposing that you get the async pattern correct, what on earth is the point of spinning up a...
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    VS 2010 Re: CA root certificate

    No, you don't need a root certificate, you need a certificate that has a trust chain back to a root certificate that the user's OS is configured to trust. You can get basic certs for free from a few...
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    VS 2012 Re: WPF Custom Controls and VB .NET

    You can't use the WPF templating system without the application being a WPF application rather than a Windows Forms application, which is not a simple change to make after you've coded everything....
  34. VS 2008 Re: How to convert to parametrized query fashion

    Sorry, my edit crossed with your reply!
  35. VS 2008 Re: How to convert to parametrized query fashion

    You cannot parameterise everything that you've injected above. You cannot parameterise the table name or the columns, only the values. However, you shouldn't need to parameterise those first two,...
  36. VS 2010 Re: Variable Scope - Accessing out of scope objects

    That was a rather long-winded way of not saying that scope is something that applies to variables. Objects are not affected by scope. Objects live as long as there are references to them*, and at...
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    Re: Late Binding

    Or maybe just pass a reference to the listbox in the first place instead of i? If you really must pass around an integer, at least use it as a key to a typed collection:

    Private _listBoxes = New...
  38. VS 2010 Re: Am I trying to do the impossible?

    It is not possible to have the UI update on the screen whilst the UI thread is running your database functions, no.
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    VS 2013 Re: Can't use some things anymore

    Were is ThemeControl151 class coming from? My guess is that its in an external library and your reference is broken?

    [Also, hands up who hovered their mouse cursor over the ThemeControl151 in the...
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    Re: annuity account program

    The next job is to make the program calculate the balance after every month. You'll want to store the results somewhere. In this instance, you have a known, fixed number of balances to store. Because...
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