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  1. Re: Loop through array to get min and max values

    Post moved to its own thread. Do not hijack someone else's thread to ask your own question and never be rude to someone just because they pointed this out to you. Your rude post has been deleted,...
  2. Re: Please explain how these functions work

    Those functions are internally used after a program has been compiled. The only reason I can see why anyone would need to know their inner workings is because you're trying to disassemble a compiled...
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    Re: alex1i3nf spam bot

    Well, you can actually post to that forum.... You do that every time you report a post. :) You can't however, post in any of the other private moderator forums.
  4. Re: how to reverse these vb source codes

    You do understand that your code above will only work if the length of the text is dividable by 3? So it must be exactly 3, 6, 9, 12, ... characters long text. The following will only read one pixel...
  5. Re: how to reverse these vb source codes

    You can't! The reason is that you're not doing any encryption at all. The code doesn't care what is actually written in the textbox it only checks how many character it contains and creates 3 random...
  6. Re: Auto setting a textbox height property to fit text.

    Thread moved to the CodeBank - ASP.Net forum.
  7. Re: Help with spelling bee application

    Thread moved to the VB.Net forum, since the code isn't C++. Title of the thread has also been changed, try to give descriptive titles in the future.
  8. Re: need to learn how to use c++ debugging features

    Thread moved to the C and C++ forum.
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    Re: Grid data value

    Post moved to its own thread. Do not ask unrelated questions in somebody else's thread, always create your own.
  10. Re: Colourz [Colour Generator / Hex to RGB]

    We do not allow posts that links to EXE files. This whole post is just an advertisement for your product and we don't allow such either. If your willing to share your source code than you're free to...
  11. Re: VideoLauncher - Youtube Video Player

    You're correct. Therefor I have removed the attachment and will now close this thread.
  12. Re: [RESOLVED] I need help with something

    Thread moved to the VB.Net forum.
  13. Re: VideoLauncher - Youtube Video Player

    Thread moved to the CodeBank forum.
  14. Re: What statrup method does this program use?

    I don't need to. As far as I'm concerned the question has already been answered and it looks very suspicious to me so I'll just close the thread.
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    Re: aaaaaaa

    Moved to the Forum Test Area.
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    VS 2008 Re: violation d'acces concurenciel

    I'm sorry but this is an English speaking forum.
  17. VS 2010 Re: [RESOLVED] Lines disappear when form is minimized

    In the exact same way. Just put the code in the MouseDown, MouseMove, and Paint events of the PictureBox instead of the Form.
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    Re: Password protect an Excel sheet

    Question moved to it's own thread. Please do not use other members threads to ask your own question, and since you're using VBA in Excel it belongs here in the Office Development forum and not in the...
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    Re: Proxy servers with web browser

    Why is it that everyone that does anything for a pure "learning experience" want to learn malicious programming? Go ahead and learn something that would be beneficial for the users of you software...
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    Re: Visual Basic 6.0 question

    Thread closed. Hijacking another persons thread to ask your own questions are not allowed in this forum. Please create your own threads.
  21. Re: How do I prevent the excel file from crashing?

    Thread moved to the Office Development forum.
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    Re: Copy and double an array

    I just moved your question into it's own thread. To create your own thread you really do the same thing as when you reply to an existing thread. The only difference is that when you're inside a...
  23. VS 2013 Re: Multiple Button Press Detect Event Handler

    In pretty much same way as you replied to this thread. Except that if you're not looking at a specific thread but at the list of threads inside a particular forum there's a big blue button at the top...
  24. VS 2012 Re: Read file content from notepad. Not from file. From notepad.

    Yes there is a way you can get the content out of a window. However to me that sounds like your trying to bypass a security measure set in place by your company. Having discussions on how to bypass...
  25. VS 2010 Re: Mac Address Changer *not working, need help*

    I help you out by stopping the arguing: Thread Closed! MAC spoofing is mainly used for malicious purposes and we do have rules about that.
  26. VS 2013 Re: Multiple Button Press Detect Event Handler

    When you're using the Handles clause there is no way of knowing in which order the event handlers will be called. You can either remove the Handles clause and instead use AddHandler in which case the...
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    VS 2010 Re: Timer Question

    Just the action of sending an ethernet packat will most likely take more than 1 ms.

    You will never get an accuracy of 1 ms with any software timer (the best you can hope for is about 15ms), you'll...
  28. VS 2010 Re: Need Help With A Program Using Search In A Site

    Unfortunately the terms of service for specifically specifies:

    It's against our own AUP to ask questions about how to circumvent software restrictions and security systems, so...
  29. Re: Can't get a loop to stop.

    Thread moved to the VBScript forum.
  30. Re: Graybox OPC DA Auto Wrapper - Anyone use it?

    @ZbynekZ, sometimes a link to a commercial product can be OK in this forum, but only if someone has asked specifically for it. Posting a link to your own product (especially as your first post) is...
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    Re: Use DTPicker in Excel?

    Please don't wake up an 8 year old thread in the future.
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    VS 2010 Re: Need help with ComboBox AGAIN

    What jmc is trying to say is that you do not need a bunch of labels which you've already in the designer set to contain different text messages. You can have one single label and via code change what...
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    Re: Updates via email

    Well, just try another e-mail address and see what happens. I've had this problem before and changing my e-mail address fixed it and I could then change it back.
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    Re: e.Graphics?

    Thank you for your rudeness. I answered the question you asked, if you don't like the answer perhaps you need to refrase the question. BTW, I did not copy & paste my reply, those are my words and I...
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    Re: Saving text in textbox

    Thread moved to the Modern Windows Experience forum.
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    Re: e.Graphics?

    Well, the "e" in this context is an event argument of some sort. In for example the Paint event of the form the "e" argument is of the type PaintEventArgs which includes a reference to the...
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    Re: Help decyphering an error

    Hi and welcome to the VBForums. :wave:

    So you've got a null reference exception, and you're correct that it happens in the Tick event of your timer. You'll need to post the source code for your...
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    Re: OOP Question.

    As I read this thread I'm a bit amazed. Are you seriously first designing a database and then try to figure out which classes you can create from that data and after that try to figure out in what...
  39. Re: Using a sqeuence of pics in a VB program

    Thread moved to the VB.Net forum.
  40. VS 2013 Re: [HELP] Locating elements and clicking them.

    This thread is being closed for the same reason given in your other thread.
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