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    Re: How to arrange bit side by side

    Sounds more like steganogrpaphy to me, where ashisbiswas is encoding a character with bit pattern 00010000 into the least significant bits of a pixels RGB components.

    So the letter A (01000001)...
  2. Thread: FileGet

    by Inferrd

    Re: FileGet

    @el84: I can sympathise with what you're saying. I don't feel the people here look down their noses at VB6 programmers. Some might, of course. One of the sadder aspects of human nature is for...
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    VS 2010 Re: stop console app from running on install

    I've not done this myself, so I hope I'm not leading you in the wrong direction. Hopefully one of the more experienced members will chime in and say if this is wrong....

    If you're deploying...
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    Re: New to Charts and need help.

    Have you looked at the Cursor Class?

    It might not work exactly as you are hoping, but worth checking out. You could call its SetCursorPixelPosition method from the chart's MouseMove event handler.
  5. Thread: FileGet

    by Inferrd

    Re: FileGet

    Just One Voice,
    Singing in the darkness,
    All it takes is One Voice,
    Singing so they hear what's on your mind,
    And when you look around you'll find
    There's more than

    One Voice........
  6. Thread: FileGet

    by Inferrd

    Re: FileGet

    Kind of weird isn't it. Programming in Visual Basic 10 and being told not to use Visual Basic methods that are provided as part of the .NET FCL. Beyond my understanding, is that. Particularly as in...
  7. Re: How Do I Assign Individual Colors to Bars in VB.NET Chart?

    @kebo: It is possible to set the colour of each data point independently of its series colour by way of the DataPoint.Color property.

    @Sam2: for example:

    Dim rng As New Random

    For p As...
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    Re: IsDate not working as I thought

    From the documentation:

    Try the following:

    Dim possibleDate As String = "01/01/2-13"

    If IsDate(possibleDate) Then
    Dim theDate As Date = CDate(possibleDate)
  9. VS 2010 Re: Calculating large numbers using mod function

    You're not going to be able to do this using the approach you are currently taking, and that's because of the imprecision of the Double numeric type as mentioned by Shaggy in Post#11.

    See the end...
  10. Thread: MySQL Problems

    by Inferrd

    VS 2013 Re: MySQL Problems

    It looks like the string fetched from the web site is terminated with a linefeed character. Try:

    Dim IPAddress = WC.DownloadString("").TrimEnd
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    Re: Image is not what I expected

    I'm going to struggle to explain this coherently at this time of night, but....

    I think that your problem is that you are adding the same object to both your Panel's Control collection and to your...
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    VS 2010 Re: Properly setting up scrollbars

    Oh, and
    With v_scroll
    .Dock = DockStyle.Right
    .Maximum = m_size.Width Shouldn't that be .Maximum = m_size.Height? Similarly for the horizontal bar.
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    VS 2010 Re: Properly setting up scrollbars

    The relative size of the scroll bar's thumb (the moveable portion) is a function of the LargeChange and the Minimum and Maximum properties of the scroll bar, along the lines of:

    LargeChange /...
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    VS 2010 Re: AddRange to a 2d Array


    Have you actually managed to create a grid of 250x250 PictureBoxes? I can't as I get an Error: "Error creating window handle".

    After a bit of Googling, it seems that there is a limit on...
  15. Re: Padding is invalid and cannot be removed

    Have you checked what your GetSettingItem function is actually returning?

    If it fails to find a valid line, you will be passing an empty string into the Decrypt function.
  16. VS 2012 Re: Disable clicks on webbrowser control (Converted from C to VB.Net)

    I actually put 2 Buttons and a WebBrowser Control on a Form just for testing. One Button had the code to disable click sounds, while the other had the code to re enable them. Click the disable Button...
  17. VS 2012 Re: Disable clicks on webbrowser control (Converted from C to VB.Net)

    For me, on Windows 7 Ultimate, using a WebBrowser Control added to the Form, not an instance of an Internet Explorer window,

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    VS 2012 Re: "Parameter is not valid" Error

    I can't say for certain why you are getting that error, but looking at your code you are using strings when you should be using numeric types.

    Turn Option Strict On and fix all the compiler...
  19. VS 2012 Re: Trying to make equal-sized cells in TableLayoutPanel

    Try setting the TLP's Size to 161,161
    EDIT: It may depend on the CellBorderStyle you use. For InsetDouble, try 163,163.

    And don't forget to add TLP_Chessboard.ColumnStyles.Clear() before adding...
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    Re: Problem Changing System Date

    It won't compile with Option Strict On. "10/2/2013" isn't a valid Date literal.

    The (System.)DateTime.Today Property is read only. However, the (Microsoft.VisualBasic.)DateAndTime.Today Property...
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    Re: search for a folder in sub folders

    At its simplest, you can use the overload of the Directory.GetDirectories method that takes a SearchOption argument, specifying SearchOption.AllDirectories.

    The downside of this approach is that...
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    Re: Referencing Objects via String

    The PowerPack Shapes are parented by a ShapeContainer. They are added to the ShapeContainer's ShapeCollection. See the remarks section for the ShapeContainer.Shapes Property, and the documentation...
  23. VS 2012 Re: Get percentage with select case ?

    @Atenk: Whilst mofo hasn't actually attached a picture as you requested, he has attached the Form1.vb and Form1.Designer.vb code files in post#9.

    You can see what the Form looks like if you create...
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    Re: Font Issue

    The label's Autosize property defaults to False. So either set it to True, or explicitly set the size of the label large enough to contain the text.
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    VS 2010 Re: CRC-8 & polynomial calculation

    I researched CRCs about 6 months back with a view to writing a universal CRC generator. Needless to say, nothing came of it, and now I've forgotten everything I learned about them. Such is life.
  26. Re: m11/m25 junction 6 *** is that circle thing by the road

    Wish I was an alien with a dirt bike.
  27. VS 2010 Re: Get name of image clicked in WebBrowser control

    The Form is closing, not necessarily the application.

    To be honest, I don't know what is considered best practice when it comes to using AddHandler and RemoveHandler.

    Are a Control's event...
  28. VS 2010 Re: Get name of image clicked in WebBrowser control

    Never done this in anger, so this is just me thinking out loud:

    Dim addedHandler As Boolean

    Private Sub WebBrowser1_DocumentCompleted(sender As System.Object, e As...
  29. Re: exclude null/empty values in an array when sorting it visual basic

    You could do it as .paul. has shown, but if that's a method you've not been taught then you might want to check out the many overloads of the The Array.Sort method. Some of those overloads allow...
  30. Re: BinaryWriter writes a random character in a loop

    When a BinaryWriter is used to write a String to a Stream, the BinaryWriter writes some extra data before writing the String data. That extra data represents the length of the String being written,...
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    Re: AutoResetEvent.WaitOne Intervals

    Interesting stuff.

    I ran your code and got 9 to 10 ms. Then I ran the powercfg.exe /energy and got:

    "Platform Timer Resolution:Outstanding Timer Request
    A program or service has requested a...
  32. VS 2010 Re: Loosing key press after function key

    F10 is a Windows system key (normally activates the menu bar options for the current window). You can solve your problem by adding an e.SuppressKeyPress = True to your KeyDown event handler.

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    Re: Help with my VB homework please?

    Unfortunately it won't.

    Elements at indexes 0 through 49 will still contain nothing (i.e. not be set to an instance of anything).

    Only the element at index 50 will contain an array with 10...
  34. Re: [RESOLVED] Streamwriter leaving empty files

    Yeah, had me confused too. It didn't help that you did not provide the code where you declare and assign values to your intOutputFileCount and MaxLines variables. However, when you said above: it...
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    VS 2008 Re: functions highlights the letter F and U

    When you post, could you please wrap any code in
    Your code goes here tags or Your code goes here tags. It makes it much easier to read and therefore more likely that someone will read it and...
  36. Thread: Encoding Test

    by Inferrd

    Re: Encoding Test



    Dim s1 As String = "ęēėe"
    Dim s2 As String = "motion"
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    VS 2010 Re: special characters in listbox

    UTF7 is a somewhat specialised encoding that is hardly used these days. Unless you know for a fact that your original .txt file was created using that encoding then you definitely don't want UTF7....
  38. VS 2012 Re: [RESOLVED] Best way to remove invalid characters from file name string

    Cory, I hope you understand I was only pulling your leg, although I'm glad to hear you like the old loops. We should start a Movement for the Preservation of Loops in .NET :p.

    As for the...
  39. VS 2012 Re: Best way to remove invalid characters from file name string

    Hey Cory,

    If you really have to have a single liner, then this may be suitably inefficient :p

    Dim fileName As String = "*This<Is>A:Bad|File/\Name?"

    fileName = String.Join("-",...
  40. VS 2010 Re: Not able to send data to FTP server

    That sounds really interesting. Why can't I have toys like that to play with? :ehh:

    I was wondering if you might be limited in some way to an Active session, particularly in light of...
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