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  1. Thread: New IDE

    by Bonnie West

    Re: New IDE

    Is there someplace online where it can be downloaded and tried out? Also, is the source code available?
  2. Re: SHChangeNotifyRegister updated and corrected, including new delivery method

    Regarding my comment here,

    here's how I would rewrite this portion of your code:

    Public Function StartNotify(ByVal hWnd As Long, Optional ByVal pidlPath As Long) As Long
    . . .
  3. Re: VB stdPicture Displaying 32bpp Semi-Transparency (Proof of Concept)

    I've made a few minor modifications to your code, some of them are:

    Public Sub TestMe(ByRef vPic As IPicture)
    If m_Table = 0& Then
    CopyMemory m_Table, ByVal ObjPtr(vPic), 4&
  4. Re: SHBrowseForFolder / BrowseInfo - retrun path newly created or not?

    Are you sure that's safe to do? Assigning the address of a temporary Integer to tCNE.pidl probably works fine most of the time, but I'm not so sure it's totally bulletproof.

    That literal value...
  5. Re: Problem of screen resolution

    Here's a project that demonstrates several simple options for stretching pictures. The options includes the aforementioned Image control (top left image), the PaintPicture method (top right image)...
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    Re: Problem of screen resolution
  7. Re: Need help on vbRichClient5.cCollection.

    If I recall correctly, I believe Olaf was banned at least twice before. This is likely his third and possibly final banishment.

    I think it was because Olaf was basically promoting his...
  8. Re: Need help on vbRichClient5.cCollection.

    I believe he was banned (permanently?) because of this thread (here's Google's webcache of that now deleted thread). It is indeed very unfortunate that we lost one of the best contributor to this...
  9. Re: [RESOLVED] VB6: Why Doesn't My Date/Time Calculation Work?

    Two more ways of getting to the correct MSDN page for a specific VB6 topic are by searching MSDN and by starting from this page and exploring your way down (I suggest bookmarking those links for...
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    Re: How to clone a Class object

    Here's a solution for VB6 from the author of the famous Hardcore Visual Basic* book that's included in the MSDN Library that came with VB6:

    How can I make a copy of an object?

    You canít.

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    Re: fill listbox

    @ codesearcher

    If you're still following this thread, here's a faster version of the code in Post #17. It now uses a String array instead of a Collection object to hold the subfolders found while...
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    Re: fill listbox


    Attached below is yet another variation on the traditional APIs for this kind of task. The difference of this demo from the others is that FindFirstFileW and company are declared in a Type...
  13. Re: [RESOLVED] Downloading html text with API

    As stated here, the Windows HTTP Services is actually not a dependency on currently supported platforms (and on some unsupported ones):

    BTW, in addition to the WinHttpRequest COM object,...
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    Re: list all files including full path

    Can you be more specific as to what you mean by "list"? Where is this "list" going to end up? Is it in a ListBox, ListView & TreeView, TextBox, text file, etc.?
  15. Re: How can I check if a radion Button Value is true?

    Selected. ;)

    Select Case True
    Case Btn1.Value, Btn2.Value, Btn3.Value, Btn4.Value
    'Save some thing here

    Case Else
    'None of the OptionButtons were selected
  16. Re: Is there a easy way to delete a registry key?

    It's the simplest way that I know of. I'd be impressed if you can find a simpler one.

    Of course you won't. You obviously haven't read the documentation yet, so how would you expect to...
  17. Re: Is there a easy way to delete a registry key?

    Read the documentation of the WshShell object's RegDelete method in order to learn how to use this very easy method.

    CreateObject("WScript.Shell").RegDelete "HKCU\Software\VB and VBA Program...
  18. Re: [RESOLVED] Downloading html text with API

    I remembered just now that someone had an issue similar to yours quite some time ago and this tiny, API-free routine worked for him:

    I believe it should also work for you without requiring you...
  19. Re: Downloading html text with API


    BTW, the return values of your InternetCloseHandle and InternetReadFile APIs should be Long rather than...
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    Re: Sequential file handling

    Here are 2 dependency-free alternatives, one of which (the API version) is faster than the FSO:
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    Re: Sequential file handling

    Are you running the EXE/IDE as Administrator when you tried that example? As coded, you will indeed get Error 53 the second time the code tries to delete the already deleted file. The error handler...
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    Re: Sequential file handling

    Checking if the files exists before deleting them is completely unnecessary IMO. Just delete the files and ignore errors about them being non-existent. Here's an example:

    Option Explicit
  23. Re: [RESOLVED] Reading the task manager services tab --AGAIN

    Get a handle to the process that the service is running under using the ENUM_SERVICE_STATUS_PROCESS.SERVICE_STATUS_PROCESS.dwProcessId that was obtained from a call to EnumServicesStatusEx.
  24. Re: [RESOLVED] Reading the task manager services tab

    Here's the "much harder" way. :D
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    Re: [VB6] Enumerate Services
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    [VB6] Enumerate Services

    The demo project below shows how to efficiently enumerate the services on the local computer using the EnumServicesStatusEx API function. The project also demonstrates how to retrieve various...
  27. Thread: File type

    by Bonnie West

    Re: File type

    Use the SHGetFileInfo function:

    Private Const MAX_PATH As Long = 260

    Private Type SHFILEINFO
    hIcon As Long
    iIcon As Long
    dwAttributes As Long
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    Re: Determine a Form's Focus

    Subclass your Form and watch for the WM_ACTIVATE message. Here's an example:

    Option Explicit 'In Form1

    Private Declare Function DefSubclassProc Lib "comctl32.dll" Alias "#413" (ByVal hWnd...
  29. Re: Trouble with Unicode Font Name

    That's strange. MSDN says there shouldn't be any problem:
  30. Re: [VB6] Simple, basic subclassing tutorial using the easier SetWindowSubclass metho

    Through testing, I've found out that string parameters passed to subclass procedures will be ANSI or Unicode depending on whether the subclass procedure is being called by an ANSI or Unicode...
  31. Re: Changing the value of a property of an object (Class)

    The temporary return value of the Property Get is probably what gets updated, rather than a new value being assigned to the Property Let.
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    Re: Run the appropiate application

    Have you forgotten about the ShellExecute API? ;)

    I've recently found out here that on Vista and 7 (and probably on later OSs as well), the built-in Shell function has actually been made...
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    Re: Pointer Arithmetic

    Looks good! :thumb: Thanks for that!
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    I was pleasantly surprised to find out just now that my version of VB6 (Version 9782) no longer complains when the POINT structure is declared in a Form or UserControl.

    Option Explicit 'In a...
  35. Re: need code to check my program is running or not

    Here are 3 reasons why that "solution" is really a bad idea:

    The WMI service is not guaranteed to be always up and running. In fact, a savvy user could even have disabled it permanently.
  36. Re: need code to check my program is running or not

    App.PrevInstance only detects the previous instance of the same file; it fails to detect the previous instance when a copy of the same file is launched (which is what happens when archiving programs...
  37. Re: SetIcon problem or something else?

    Here is your modified test project. I've rearranged the order of the images in your icon file and inserted a 256-color version of an existing 16x16 image in the front so that VB won't complain when...
  38. Re: [RESOLVED] Constants for ASCII Control characters?

    The attached module below was generated by the following code:

    Option Explicit

    Private Sub Main()
    Const PROBLEM_CHARS = vbNullChar & vbTab & vbLf & vbCr
    Dim FN As Integer, i As...
  39. Re: SetIcon problem or something else?

    Could you please upload a test project that includes the icon that you want to set as the Form's icon along with detailed instructions on what exactly it is that you want to happen? Thank you.
  40. Re: SetIcon problem or something else?

    As the example here demonstrates, VB will happily accept modern icon file formats for the Form's Icon property as long as the first image in the icon file is in a color format that it supports...
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