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  1. Re: Need help in getting vb 6.0 installed successfully

    You are a computer newbie, VB6 newbie.
    Then why do you need to install VB6?
  2. Re: [RESOLVED] Open image in fullscreen - Without the start line on the bottom

    Always more questions and questions and questions :p
  3. Re: Open image in fullscreen - Without the start line on the bottom

    If you don't want a caption and borders then set the Form Borderstyle to "0 - none"

    This works for me:

    Option Explicit

    Private Sub Form_DblClick()
    Unload Me
    End Sub
  4. Re: Directory Tree - Generates a list of subdirectories.

    Like Bonnie already said you can not say you should not use "." in folder names and ignore folders which do have "." in their name.
    This should be a generic code submission.
    So others can use it as...
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    Re: 16x16 Icons for vb6 Toolbox

    32 bit icons have an alpha channel, when converting to 24 bit you are loosing the alpha channel.
    Switch to a more recent component which can deal with 32 bit icons/png images.

    Have you looked at...
  6. Re: print error message on clicking cancel or closing the window

    If the user selects CANCEL or closes the InputBox then the StrPtr of the return variable will be zero:

    Private Sub Command1_Click()
    Dim k As String

    k = InputBox("k = ")
  7. Re: Runtime Error 429 - ActiveX Component Can't Create Object - CreateObject("Outlook

    I believe Office 365 doesn't have a VBA object model, so Office automation won't work with it.

    Hmm couldn't find anything using Google to support my own statement ...
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    Re: limitation on _Coding lines???

    Put them in a resource file or local definition file
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    Re: rnd() stops working in a loop

    Can you show more of your code?
    This sample does generate more than 4 distinct values:

    Option Explicit

    Private Sub Form_Load()
    Dim i As Long
    Dim myArray(1000) As Long
  10. Re: vb6 retrieving .doc .xls from blob in mySql

    The default Blob size is 2^16 on mySQL:

    So either use MEDIUMBLOB or LONGBLOB
  11. Re: vb6 retrieving .doc .xls from blob in mySql

    Maybe the blob storage in mySQL is somehow limited to 64KB?
    Or the store method is truncating data over 64KB, or maybe the read function is truncating data above 64KB.

    You need to share more...
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    Re: Build a registration screen

    Did you check post #4?
  13. Re: OleTranslateColor API on Aero Themes and Windows Classic

    Because the actual color represented by vb3DLight is different for each theme and/or color set.
  14. Re: OleTranslateColor API on Aero Themes and Windows Classic

    And if you select another color theme this will give you yet another color.

    What is your question??
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    Re: set padding for picturebox

    Can you explain what you mean?
    Do you want a kind of virtual drawing area?
    Maybe posting a picture of what you want could help.
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    Re: Compare 2 list box

    Instead of using nested loops you can also use Collections or Dictionary objects.
    When using a Collection use the TagID as the Key store the Time as the value.
  17. Re: Will VB6-compiled ActiveX DLL work on 64bit Windows OS

    If you need it to work with a 64 bit process (eg a .Net program compiled for 64 bit) then you can create an ActiveX EXE instead of an ActiveX DLL.
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    Re: Run-time error '372'

    You just downloaded the OCX without an installer?
    And downloaded it from where?

    Also try the FusionCharts forum:
  19. Re: No date value if there is only weight entered

    Seems to be "Arden":

    There should be more appropriate forums then a...
  20. Re: [ASK] create UDT for a DLL and use the UDT as parameter reference in client dll

    This is not true for ActiveX DLLs.

    Like LaVolpe already said.
    Create a Global MultiUse class.
    Put all public structures and calls in this class.
    Compile the ActiveX DLL.
    Create a new project,...
  21. Thread: Vb

    by Arnoutdv

    Re: Vb

    You also have to specify

    .Execute Replace:=wdReplaceAll

    Have a look here:
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    Re: Need Help: About fusioncharts

    It's a commercial product, so if you have bought this then I assume it came with documentation.
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    Re: Help on showing MS Word

    Try the FindWindow and SetFocus API calls.
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    Re: Basic Basic - Identifier expected

    If you do a Google Search for vbnc30203:identifier expected you will find some references to an online VB.Net compiler. Whatever it may be...
  25. Re: compile error: wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment

    There are only 4 parameters:

    .Add(Template, NewTemplate, DocumentType, Visible)

  26. Re: App Still Seeing/Using Folders Which Were Deleted

    I guess you ran into something called "virtualstore".
    Since Windows Vista applications are not allowed to write in the Program Files folder and it's child directories.
    These files are redirected to...
  27. Re: App Still Seeing/Using Folders Which Were Deleted

    Are these folders/files located in the folders under the level of your application?
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    Re: Save picturebox as png

    What have you done yourself, beside begging for complete solutions?
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    Re: count instances of a process

    Time it...
  30. Re: examples or makeing a application that is always running...

    What would be the legitimate purpose for this?
  31. Re: How do i make X Ray Scanner ? se trough bones

    Pathetic ...
  32. Re: TextTotal dosnt Display The Numbers right After Calculation

    In this case you get all the decimals (if available)...

    TxtTotalHamzan.Text = CStr(dResult)
  33. Re: TextTotal dosnt Display The Numbers right After Calculation

    That's because of the formatting you gave in your example...

    ' No decimals
    TxtTotalHamzan.Text = Format(dResult, "0")
    ' 1 decimal
    TxtTotalHamzan.Text = Format(dResult, "0.0")
    ' 2 decimal...
  34. Re: TextTotal dosnt Display The Numbers right After Calculation

    Have a look this:

    Private Sub CalcTotlHamzan()
    dim dResult As Double

    dResult = GetValue(TxtOx1.Text)
    dResult = dResult + GetValue(TxtOx2.Text)
    dResult = dResult +...
  35. Re: TextTotal dosnt Display The Numbers right After Calculation

    Please state the actual values of the textboxes when the routine is called!

    Maybe some textboxes are empty when the Change event for a textbox is raised.
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    Re: request for multithreading sample

    Can you explain why you want to use multiple threads to do a search on a Listbox?
  37. Re: TextTotal dosnt Display The Numbers right After Calculation

    What is the content of the Text boxes when you receive the error?
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    Re: object.MouseIcon

    The mousepointer should be an icon or a cursor file, which normally have fixed sizes, like 16x16 or 32x32.
    You can not just make any image behave like a cursor.
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    Re: Again question about database

    Why is it impossible to assign the SQL query to a string variable????

    Your french error message has nothing to do with assigning text (the query) to a string.

    With my limited knowledge of...
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    Re: Again question about database

    Build your SQL statement in a string variable.
    Then use Debug.Print to show the content of the variable.

    Dim sQuery As String

    sQuery = "INSERT INTO Grades " & _
    "(StudentID, Grade,...
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