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    VS 2015 Re: [RESOLVED] Progressbar in Taskbar

    In .Net 4.0 and up it looks like they have added a System.Windows.Shell namespace that gives you the ability natively to do it: TaskbarItemInfo.ProgressValue Property (System.Windows.Shell)
  2. Re: Microsoft subscription nightmare. It starts. $9.99 per year for solitaire

    A lot of games these days though are "free to play" because, well you can play it for free, however the caveat is that those games are typically "pay to win" too.
    Lots of card games are that way,...
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    VS 2010 Re: get the time of execution of exe

    You could do this with windows itself by creating a command file & have it log the start time to a file, then run the program, at the end log the end time to the file.

    Or if you need that inside...
  4. Re: What antivirus software do you use? I have buggy Avira 2015, but uninstalling it.

    I'm still running Win7 & I use MSE
  5. Re: Microsoft subscription nightmare. It starts. $9.99 per year for solitaire

    Isn't that what IE11 currently is?
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    Re: Adjust screen/System Resolution

    Are you trying to size your application's forms to the screen resolution or are you creating a .Net application that changes the resolution of the screen?

    If it's the the former then all you need...
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    Re: Inheriting Form - Layouts

    Do you have to use a table layout in the "base" form?
    I've done similar stuff with forms and inheritance (so I could use the visual designer) and just used the Anchor and Dock properties in...
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    VS 2010 Re: Option Strict Problems

    Debug.DebugTextBox.Text = String.Format("Current Guest: {0}", e.Params("user"))Debug.DebugTextBox.Text = String.Format("Guest Error: ({0}): {1}", e.Params("errorCode"), e.Params("errorMessage"))
  9. VS 2015 Re: Creating a system tray battery monitor - things to consider?

    You might want to consider having your app run from a taskbar spot rather than be a form on the screen or a program with an icon in the system tray.

    Here's a Win7 image of the Lenovo Battery...
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    Re: Adjust screen/System Resolution

    You should be using the controls' Anchor & Dock properties as needed for your screen(s) to size themselves correctly.
  11. Re: How to create secure connection with online database?

    One way to do it is to make a .Net WebService that does the actual communicating with the database, then the app you sell simply has to use the WebService and end users wont know where or how to get...
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    Re: We knew it: Microsoft hates its customers

    The thing with subscriptions is you have to have a product that people value paying for each period, I mean putting that on a game like Solitaire is just stupid but I'm sure many of you remember the...
  13. Re: How to sign in to Windows 10 with a different account

    Yes 1 (800) 642-7676 is a US number.

    Here's a UK office info:

    Microsoft UK Headquarters
    Microsoft Campus, Thames Valley Park
    Reading, Berkshire, RG6 1WG

    Phone: (+44) 0344 800 2400
  14. Re: A question WRT FolderBrowserDialog

    Had to uncheck the "Prefer 32Bit" option on the compile tab then it works fine, that option is new, I'm not used to VS2013 yet.
  15. Re: How to sign in to Windows 10 with a different account

    According to MS when you change your primary email address alias on your MS Account it can take up to 48 hours for that change to replicate: Microsoft Account - Change Email Address in Windows 8

  16. Re: A question WRT FolderBrowserDialog

    No worries, should you want to have your app use the modern FolderBrowser just plop that file into your solution, declare a new FolderBrowserDialog and use it like any other OpenFileDialog or...
  17. Re: A question WRT FolderBrowserDialog

    Windows Vista introduced a new API for selecting folders using an OpenFolderDialog (a control not present natively in .Net yet) and the window itself is extremely similar to the OpenFileDialog and...
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    Re: radiobutton

    I'm sure there are probably other ways of doing it, but using an enum like I suggested is really simple to do.
  19. VS 2012 Re: [RESOLVED] Backup and restoring complete Access database.

    When I was using MDB Access databases and writing .Net 2.0 apps (VS 2005) and I wanted a way to have the user backup/restore their data I had the Access password set in the mdb file itself and that...
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    Re: radiobutton

    What I would do is create a project-wide enumeration containing all the values for each group of RadioButtons, then have a readonly property on the form that returns the corresponding enum value for...
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    Re: radiobutton

    Are the RadioButtons all directly on the form? Are they in GroupBoxes or Panels? Are some on the form and some in GroupBoxes/Panels?
    We know nothing of where they are or how your form is set up.
  22. Re: Windows XP Home Edition "no device detected" message

    Yep, that wide ribbon cable is called an IDE cable, one of the nice things about it is they put two connectors on each cable, but to test the main board you'll actually need to plug the hard drive...
  23. Re: Windows XP Home Edition "no device detected" message

    Probably IDE drive, could be the controller in the motherboard has gone bad, I've seen that with a couple XP era comps in the last year or so now. I'd try unplugging the wide cable (the short 4-pin...
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    Poll: Re: Visual Studio 2015

    We're using VS2013 Community Edition for the current projects, but we just installed VS2015 Enterprise for a new project we're starting next week.
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    Re: Some new feature in windows 8..

    Vista SP1 been dead since Windows 7 came out.
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    VS 2013 Re: How do edit a text file?

    Right now you're looping through line by line, editing certain lines if found, then throwing away those modified lines. What you probably want to do is store those modified lines in a collection or...
  27. Re: executing Windows Shell script from

    Or redirect it to your form (display in a TextBox) or the console of your console app if that's what you have.
  28. VS 2013 Re: Graphic color picker instead of the color names in the intellisense drop down men

    Made one years ago as a college class project:

    I can post source code if needed, it's in VS2008 though.
  29. VS 2010 Re: Loading bar that loads the resources

    Between each set of resources that you load, make a call to a function that you make to update the progress bar.

    Or set the progress bar to marque mode and just start it before opening the 2nd...
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    Re: Windows 10 changes?

    Does your application work on Win7 or Win8/8.1?
    If so, then the likelihood anything in Win10 breaking your app is extremely low as MS wants everyone to migrate to it.
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    Re: PerformClick() doesn't work

    2011 thread dude...
  32. VS 2012 Re: Visual Basic 2012 How to control WinForm from a WPF Window

    Either make a function on the WPF window that you can pass a reference in, or if the Show()/ShowDialog() functions allow you to pass the reference in then I'd use that instead.
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    Re: Some new feature in windows 8..

    New features of Win8
  34. VS 2012 Re: Visual Basic 2012 How to control WinForm from a WPF Window

    What you're doing right now is opening the WPF form from the WinForm form, then in the WPF form you're creating a new WinForm instance to call the Update() function, when instead you need to open the...
  35. Re: Which opetrating system is best 32 bit or 64 bit ?

    With today's hardware it's generally better to run x64 Win7 because it can run both 32 and 64 bit programs, however a limitation of that is MS did not include the 16 Bit (1980's apps) instruction set...
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    Re: Application in VB6 for 32/64 bits

    First off vb6 can't compile to x64, so it's not even an option.
    Secondly in x64 Windows you can run x86 (32 Bit) apps just fine, so there's no worries there.
  37. Re: executing Windows Shell script from

    After doing some checking it looks like bcdedit exists as of Vista, are you running WinXP still?
    WinXP uses a much older version of bcdedit called Bootcfg
  38. Re: executing Windows Shell script from

    So you claim you can run all those individually but yet it doesn't work, any error messages or anything?
    We need something to go on..
  39. Re: How to place my site on Top of Googlle?

    Don't forget that he'll probably need to send a check for a few thousand dollars to cover their costs for putting him above everyone else.
  40. Re: Parameters for a Access query don't work with a LIKE statement..?

    In the query itself, change @DingDong to a question mark (?) and be sure to fill in the parameters in the order the question marks appear. Do all of the queries only have a single parameter to be...
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