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  1. Re: choose table data to populate datagridview

    This shows one method to show table names in a combo box used to select a table to display in a DataGridView. Code was slapped together from pre-done code so feel free to optimize.

  2. VS 2013 Re: Same Datatable feeding different datagridviews

    Why not copy the original as per
  3. VS 2013 Re: Filter Dataview Grid using Text box

    When you load data with SELECT field name list goes here FROM .... and load this into a DataTable and the DataGridView is void of columns then all fields will show up on your DataGridView and if not...
  4. VS 2008 Re: Form doesn't reset to defaults when closed

    How are you creating the form i.e. Dim f As New Form1 ?
  5. VS 2013 Re: Filter Dataview Grid using Text box

    There is no reason for this approach. Did you try using a select as I mentioned by listing field names?
  6. VS 2013 Re: Filter Dataview Grid using Text box

    In regards to dday9, the following makes it easy to create the proper connection string

    Public Module ConnectionHelper
    Public Function ConnectionString(ByVal FileName As String) As String...
  7. VS 2013 Re: Filter Dataview Grid using Text box

    First off don't use SELECT * but instead list out the fields so that should resolve the issue whether size field exists and if it does you might need to use

    SELECT SomeField, [Size] FROM [stocks$]...
  8. VS 2012 Re: Error by Updating a relationship access database

    See the following for setting up two tables with relationships
  9. Re: Click listbox item in webbrowser ?

    I just responded to the same question last week while in their question they hit upon a structure that was not concussive to easily working this out.
  10. Re: [Semi-Serious] The value of programming portfolios.

    Our team when interviewing are not so interested in past achievements as we are with how one thinks and reacts to questions in their interviews. That said if a person interviews well then we look at...
  11. VS 2013 Re: Conversion from string "" to type 'Double' is not valid. what can i do


    At the top of the file add Option Strict On.

    Here is a simple example to validate you have the proper types for two text box controls. If both are do your operation, if not alert the user...
  12. Re: Selection of Combobox Item in Webbrowser

    Hard to say, all I have is what I provided.
  13. Re: Cannot bind to the new value member. Parameter name: value

    If I understand the issue then one way too go about this is to load all data into a single dataset, that is if there is not a lot of data meaning thousands of records. The load that gets loaded would...
  14. Re: Selection of Combobox Item in Webbrowser

    Here is a working conceptual example. HTML is loaded from a project resource into a web browser control.

    Resource file contents

    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">...
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    Re: DataGridView Control

    The rule of thumb here is one question per thread/post so I would suggest starting a new question for this.
  16. VS 2013 Re: listbox items to datatable

    In regards to glued, you need to figure out what indicates the un-glue point first
  17. VS 2013 Re: Code executing at design time

    Have never seen code in an event such as load or new constructor invoking code at design time.
    Where exactly is this code within the form.
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    Re: DataGridView Control

    Yes it works.

    Form code, the load event is easily created by double clicking on the form's canvas.

    Public Class Form1
    Dim rc As ResizeableControl

    Private Sub Form1_Load(sender...
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    Re: Holiday Entitlement ?

    I get all the major holidays off, 3 weeks vacation per year.
    We also receive 16 hours of personal leave each year, use or lose.
  20. VS 2013 Re: listbox items to datatable

    Try the following where the variable 'results' is a string suitable to store in your data table

    Imports System.Globalization
    Public Class Form1
    Private Sub Button1_Click(
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    Poll: Re: New Monitor

    I work from three 24 inch monitors both at home and in the office.
  22. Poll: Re: Unscientific survey - Tacos - corn or flour?

    I voted for flour which here in Oregon I see more of at portable restaurants which tend to be better then regular restaurants.
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    Re: DataGridView Control


    The following class permits resizing at runtime along with re-positioning. Simple, easy to use.
  24. Re: Datagridview row color lost when sorting

    You should be colorizing cell data via CellFormatting event of the DataGridView, if not that could be the reason coloring is does not persist after sorting.

    See example in the following page...
  25. Re: Read Excel 2007 file from VB.Net windows form problems


    If you are working on say a Windows 7 64bit box then there are no drivers for working with OleDb to access Excel data. Then we need to set up as followed in the outline. You may also need a...
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    Re: PROPER Wait/Sleep Function?

    Perhaps the following using Task.Delay would work for you if using VS2012 or higher

    Private Async Sub Button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
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    Re: Caitlyn Jenner

    Short and too the point, zero offense taken. I was bordering on whether to post here or not post in this thread but slowly I have been re-introducing the new me (which is an oxymoron as I am still...
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    Re: Caitlyn Jenner

    Being on FaceBook is how I became aware of Jenner and did watch a show on Jenner last month which I thought was inconclusive to where Jenner was going to land in the end. If not for FB I would never...
  29. VS 2013 Re: Filter empty cell or row on datagridview in

    Excellent, glad to be of service getting you going.
  30. VS 2013 Re: Filter empty cell or row on datagridview in

    This is plain old SQL logic. If you have a condition where it's okay for say one cell to be empty then change your SQL where condition to meet that requirement. What you also might consider is a...
  31. VS 2010 Re: listing results of a quiz in order


    How are you storing the data that you want to place into a text file in descending order i.e. a List(Of T), and array etc ?
    Also, which version of the Framework are you targeting?

    If a...
  32. VS 2013 Re: Filter empty cell or row on datagridview in

    Here is an example I slapped together that is simple, working with the top eight rows as this is enough to make a point in that using IsNull works. I placed a break-point on the line with...
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    Re: Send email with hyperlink to file

    The following uses xml literals to construct a simple body for a message. Using string concatenation will work also.

    Private Sub ConstructMailDemo()
    Dim Mail As New MailMessage()

  34. VS 2013 Re: Filter empty cell or row on datagridview in

    I would approach this no different than working with a table in a database i.e. the example below where condition exempts rows where gender or city are null.

    select ID, [Family Name], [Given...
  35. VS 2013 Re: Change form location in maximized state


    See if the following will do what you want
  36. Re: How to split a Column in Datagridview in vb 2012

    For a complete working example see the following thread's answer
  37. Re: Trouble figuring out CheckedListBox Index problem

    Here is a short demonstration showing a CheckedListBox that obtains values from six TextBox controls with the help of a language extension method. This is not meant to solve your exact problem but...
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    Re: Questions about datatables


    In the following article/sample code I show how to work with language extension methods on a BindingSource for filtering with the underlying data source, a DataTable.
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    Re: oledbDataReader to Array

    Yes it will as long as you do what I have shown.
  40. Re: Help Searching within an access database

    Never seen the dialog popup more than once.
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