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    Re: LINQ or SQL

    We went from desktop apps using data providers to Entity Framework MVP pattern, there are very few complex lambda expressions which can be daunting to maintain if not written well and for the most...
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    Re: What do you drive

    That's a bad-ass car
  3. VS 2010 Re: Data Type Mismatch in Criteria Expression when updating MS Access Database


    This is what you need to try as already suggested by techgnome. You might also check the value coming back from ExecuteNonQuery also to see if there was one or more rows updated without...
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    Re: What do you drive

    Oh now I get it :D
  5. Sticky: Re: When it comes to Visual Basic, what are the most important topics to know?

    From what I have seen unit testing is ignored by many developers more so with vs c#. At the beginning of each work day we get lastest version from TFS then run unit test where from time to...
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    Re: What do you drive

    Was this suppose to be funny ???
  7. Sticky: Re: When it comes to Visual Basic, what are the most important topics to know?


    5th bullet is String interpolation.
  8. Sticky: Re: When it comes to Visual Basic, what are the most important topics to know?

    I think my number one thing that bothers me is the inconsistency of say typing in MessageBox. then select Show followed by pressing enter and you are off that line while in C# you remain there on...
  9. VS 2010 Re: Save the result of an SQL statement (historic,log)

    What are you asking here???
  10. VS 2010 Re: Save the result of an SQL statement (historic,log)

    The following shows how to save to a text file, first time we create, next time we append. Granted it's always better to go from the data source i.e. DataTable, DataView etc. but you indicated no...
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    Re: Questions


    If you have VS2013 or higher try the attach project. Note I use a custom TextBox that allows only integers and a user is restricted from pasting from the Window Clipboard. In the child form...
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    Re: What do you drive

    In my early twenties I dated a woman who had a Triumph Spitfire, was not conducive for driving in high snow, we got stuck more than once then ventured back out in my custom Chevy van.
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    What do you drive

    I got bored of my Toyota Camry so I added a 2016 Mazda Miata to the garage. Nice to be able to switch from luxury to sporty.

  14. Re: Clearing out DataGridViewCheckBox Cells?


    Unless I am missing something, looping through even 500 rows clearing a DataGridViewCheckBox takes less than a split second. I would think that even the following would be overkill

  15. Re: Master Detail relations using new and old methods

    Then look for the xsd file with the database name in Solution Explorer. My bad, the other file is for Entity Framework.
  16. VS 2012 Re: Why Username and Password not working

    As with your post on the Microsoft forum you need to indicate what the exception message reads, if no exception elaborate on the problem. Next up, take a look at the code example here which is...
  17. Re: Master Detail relations using new and old methods

    In short, if you run "custom tool" by right clicking in the dbml file in Solution Explorer changes made in MS-Access should be seen and code written for you for said changes. In regards to the last...
  18. VS 2013 Re: Export Datagridview to Microsoft Excel 2013

    Have you tried the solution in the following thread?
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    Re: file downloader


    The following requires Framework 4.5 or higher. I did this for a question last week where the developer wanted to download a rather large xml file. You would replace the hard coded...
  20. Re: VB 2010 Saving Image From Picture To MS Access


    I have a sample project where the code was done in VS2012 but should be perfectly fine in VS2010. You can not load the project but can view the code online. Look at DataAccess.AddImage...
  21. VS 2010 Re: Datagridview issue with selected item dgvcombobox only updating 1 row

    The code is in the article here
  22. VS 2010 Re: Datagridview issue with selected item dgvcombobox only updating 1 row

    You can check out the code here for working with multiple combo boxes in a DataGridView
  23. Get all controls of a specific type on a form

    One of many ways to get all of a specific type of a control on a form or other container

    The following function GetAll is but one of many ways to get a specific type control on a form no matter of...
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    Poll: Re: Visual Studio 2015

    I installed the Enterprise version several weeks ago on Windows 7.

    What bugged me was several times it crashed when adding a new project to an existing solution, not that I care so much but some...
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    VS 2013 Re: My Application turns white

    There has to be code that is triggered the error so you should be examining your code.
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    VS 2010 Re: xml tag

    Going by your exact words, read a xml file in the app's debug folder. My guess is you want more and if so please indicate by supplying more details.

    Dim sb As New System.Text.StringBuilder...
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    VS 2013 Re: My Application turns white

    Before anyone can suggest a remedy you need to provide information such as, when does this happen e.g. when the app first starts and if so what code might be running on form load, shown events or...
  28. VS 2015 Re: [HELP]Checking if there is a button with same text!

    Try this where GetAll function check the form canvas and also containers such as panel or group box for all buttons with text matching text in Hotkey text box.

    Public Class Form1
  29. Re: Open one sheet in excel file use .net

    Here is an example that selects a specific sheet then write data to several cells

    Option Strict On
    Option Infer Off

    Imports Excel = Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel
    Imports Microsoft.Office...
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    VS 2010 Re: Dynamic buttons

    I agree with dday9, flow layout panel would be best

    Public Class Form1
    Private Sub Button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
    For x As Integer = 0 To 3...
  31. Re: Visual Basic Data Grid Formatting

    Try this

    columns are pre-defined. If the values might be case sensitive try using ToUpper or ToLower or e.Value.ToString

    Public Class Form1
    Private Sub Form1_Load(sender As Object, e As...
  32. Re: Parameters for a Access query don't work with a LIKE statement..?

    Any time there is a chance of an apostrophe embedded in a value sent to a query you should be using parameters so if you had O'Brian that would cause an issue but with parameters you would get...
  33. Re: Database construction in MS Access

    Some questions you should respond too.

    What method do you see yourself using for working with data

    Strong-typed classes created by the IDE data wizard
    OleDb managed data provider

    Both of...
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    Re: Multi-level Crash handling


    In generally it's best to do unit test and to fully test your application on a non development machine so that you eliminate common exceptions for production. Best practices dictates not to...
  35. Re: How to deal "The ‘Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0’ provider is not registered on the..."


    If the runtimes for office are installed then try under project properties, compile tab, try setting Target CPU to AnyCPU amd then check "prefer 32 bit", build, run. See if this solves the...
  36. Re: Display image by select row in datagridview


    First off without seeing code it's difficult to do anything but make suggestions, secondly I am in meeting all day beginning shortly.

    If the path of the file is not there, just the...
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    VS 2010 Re: Full Screen Application


    I have a fully functional example on one drive done in VS2012 but will work with VS2010, just scrape the code out.
  38. Re: Tips for coding more professionally?

    Something that I believe is important is to write test to validate code works as it should that can be executes when needed and show that said are working or not. In our current project we run these...
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    VS 2010 Re: how to use DCount in DataGridView

    Have no idea about DCount but here is something to consider using the second example for gender. Output can be viewed via the IDE output window

    Public Class Form1

    Private Sub...
  40. VS 2008 Re: Import From Excel to DataGridView, Check Duplicate and Manually Delete Row

    Usually to remove a row that is a duplicate we need an identifier such as a primary key which typically there is none for MS-Excel work sheets so this leaves us with a unresolvable issue unlike when...
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