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  1. Re: Memory Upgrade to Use Win7 is causes Machine to be Unstable.

    i just checked out the manual. That's an overclocker's board. Is it possible you had a mild overclock originally before you reset the bios? that board by default has the dram timing tied to the...
  2. Re: Memory Upgrade to Use Win7 is causes Machine to be Unstable.

    just a thought but sometimes WHERE you put the ram matters also. Your motherboard may support that single 512 chip anywhere but if you want to install two of them it may want them in specific slots....
  3. Re: creating a partition in hard drive without loosing data

    if it's not booting you probably installed windows to a partition not marked as "active" or "bootable". Get ahold of a linux live cd (or usb stick) and you should be able to fix the boot problem. ...
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    Re: [RESOLVED] Window 8

    win+s opens it directly
  5. Re: Is this a graphics card problem? Horizontally scrambled screen

    your lcd controller is going bad
  6. Re: Repair Win7 using another Win7 computer

    easybcd may be able to fix it. You can copy the boot loader from the good drive to the other one.
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    Re: [RESOLVED] Surface Pro 2

    did you try adjusting the touchpad sensitivity? there's a setting on synaptics pads for that
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    Re: [RESOLVED] Surface Pro 2

    there's a setting for synaptic touchpads that reverse the scroll direction. We recently bought a toshiba sattelite convertible laptop. Screen detaches. The performance was sub-par though. You get...
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    Re: Productivity issue

    you can't get milli-second precision in a programming environment designed to cater to system interrupts. is not suited for this. You need to convert the program to c++, and i can tell you...
  10. Re: Checkbox: User Chose to Enable a Function

    you guys. Call is supposed to be used to call functions with return values when you don't need the return value. Please don't "correct" proper usage when you don't know what the proper usage is...
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    Re: Full C: Drive

    i wouldn't give this guy THIS job. Have someone else do it. with morals like this, he's likely to put malicious software on the system ensuring a return visit.
  12. Re: Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 - and HP 100 mobile printer - field use

    that's very narrow-minded of you. And the "bury in infantile bs" will get a person banned.

    OP- newer versions of android actually support cloud-printing directly from the OS to any printer hooked...
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    Re: Full C: Drive

    no offense but they are overcharging you. There is no scenario where you should be paying that kind of cash for a 300gb drive. A 3 terabyte drive maybe. Shoot. Send me a pic of the drive...
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    Re: Full C: Drive

    i would resize the partitions. That will give you more room for your windows partition. The secondary one, if it only has a restore file on it, is much larger than necessary (about 4gb). You will...
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    Re: Pure VB6 8086 PC emulator!

    it thought it was a windows 2 screenshot. Looks like the OS the tandy computers came with.
  16. Re: VB6 Help: Make .Exe into Installation Exe

    i also suggest package and deployment wizard. While it may be "legacy", don't forget that vb6 is also legacy and it's what the program was designed for.
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    Re: Keyboard Press Wireless Button

    you have a couple of arbitrary solutions. Personally i have a presentation remote that can be app-specifically programmed to act as any keyboard or mouse button/movement. It's by keyspan. You...
  18. Re: Something keeps taking control of mouse

    i have the same problem with the plugs on the front of my computer after i got dropped off the couch. The usb socket is sunk in slightly and the weight of cables make them come loose sometimes now....
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    Re: Full C: Drive

    i would get a linux live cd and change the partitions. That hard drive is big enough to use. The problem is it's split in half.
  20. Re: Windows 7: How to properly extend desktop for Projector?

    what's the brand of the usb adapter? I've done some googling and found videos of people extending desktops over usb like you want. also: how exactly are you trying to extend your display? Are you...
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    Re: SelStart At Mouse Position

    why don't you use a formatted textbox instead? It's a forms 2.0 control and allows you to not worry about how the text is formatted because the control does all the work for you.
  22. Re: How to check what the current screen resolution height only is?

    there's a bug that may never have been fixed in vb6 that was reporting the screen height as the width on the screen. object. Keep this in mind. you can use the getdevicecaps as shown in that link...
  23. Re: Subtract 30 from all controls on form - their height and top positions?

    you could subtract just like you did there. In practice, if you are moving labels and stuff around, it's easier to have all their positions stored in an array and you simply loop through the array...
  24. Re: PS4 vs. Xbox One: How the final hardware specs compare

    there is no xbox 720. That was a rumored name and it was wrong.
  25. Re: Windows 7: How to properly extend desktop for Projector?

    there should be a hotkey win+p that cycles through all the possible connetion modes. If you have a laptop though i can almost assure you there is a built-in fn combination taht does this as well...
  26. Re: PS4 vs. Xbox One: How the final hardware specs compare

    ok it's been known for a while that they are calling it the xbox one. a long while. and incidently the ps4 kills it on specs.
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    Re: Looking for a tablet

    depends on your carrier. some have text messages available on line. it also bears mention that you can replace a windows 7 computer with onlive desktop which turns your tablet into a client for a...
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    Re: Looking for a tablet

    the original galaxy 7" tablet was capable of making calls if you had the european version. The US version had the phone dialing software deleted from it. You can make and receive sms messages on...
  29. Re: Tool for saving screen + audio to video?

    fraps can record screens, however i am unsure if it works in xp.
  30. Thread: Ram

    by Lord Orwell

    Re: Ram

    additionally to what they said, if adding a wireless card slowed your computer down then you have other problems. I would not go with a usb wifi because they almost always depend on the processor...
  31. Re: [RESOLVED] [windows 7] - how can i fix the perfil error?

    i just fixed this exact problem from a friend's computer but his was worse. he couldn't create a user account from safe mode and his admin account was disabled. I had to reenable that from the...
  32. Re: [Windows 7] - explorer.exe have 1 problem

    i have only seen this error once before and it was caused by a spyware program messing up permissions to make it harder to uninstall.
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    Re: Problem with Workgroup

    being in a "workgroup" doesn't actually change anything. If you go to network and file sharing, it's possible to see and browse every workgroup on the network you are on.
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    Re: Question for anyone using Bitlocker

    can you introduce a small time delay? it could be you are trying to read it before it's actually written from the file buffer.
  35. Re: Help with LEDs for power and hard disk access.

    if i were building this, i would use a led with three pins. they allow individual color control but you can still use a simple circuit to control both like this image shows....
  36. Re: Application to send messages to desktop/laptop viceversa

    would it be feasable to simply install a current muli-platform messaging app such as yahoo messenger or facebook messenger? both also use standard protocols that make them work with linux messaging...
  37. VS 2012 Re: My program not functioning correctly or to weak?

    send it to an ip that responds to pings and have it be a ping.
    I don't know what your purpose is here, but an "ip stressor" sounds an awful like like a denial of service attack. If you don't...
  38. Re: [windows 7] - about the search tool:(

    i had this happen years ago. it was caused by a malware. Try doing a system restore. I was still able to run programs by right click and choose open i think
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    Re: Cheapie Mini Routers

    my favourite multi function device from ebay (china) is a cigarette-lighter powered mp3 player with remote. Not only does it have a usb jack (which i can charge my phone from) to plug in a usb stick...
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    Re: What is password recovery disk

    some of you are mistaking recovery with restore disk. the password recovery disk basically stores a secure key on that disk and you can use that disk to unlock your computer with that key. If i...
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