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  1. VS 2015 Re: Problems implementing a plugin in

    OK, then it is most likely that you did not set the reference to the Tutorial_PlugIns project, As stated on the link.
    Click Project
    Click Add Reference
    Select Solution on the Left Side.
  2. VS 2015 Re: Problems implementing a plugin in

    Your problem lies how you have defined your interface. i refer to the same link. Look closely at the 1st code sample

    Public Interface...
  3. VS 2008 Re: Send Message from one computer to all others computers connected through LAN

    have a look at a recent article of mine ciovering communication through UDP. I hope it helps you:
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    Re: Please help me to make for faster

    Instead of posting your zip project only, could you also please post some code that you are struggling with
  5. VS 2010 Re: Restarting a Windows Service Programmatically

    This might work :

    Dim controller As New ServiceController("ServiceName")
    controller.WaitForStatus(ServiceControllerStatus.S topped)
  6. Re: [RESOLVED] trying to display Only the Year in another for can't figure out the ty

    Glad you got it solved, salsa.
    I'm just a bit frustrated and confused as to why you let this thread grow and continue as much as it did. i know my answer in post #4 wasn't perfect, but it at least...
  7. Re: trying to display Only the Year in another for can't figure out the type conversi

    No offense, but couldn't you have rather used a loop to add these items to your combobox? It would have saved you a lot of trouble.
    But, I do think you are going about this the wrong way, salsa,...
  8. Re: add data programmatically to sql table vs 2015

    OK, do you get any errors?

    Here are a few articles I wrote which I hope might be helpful to ou:

    Exploring the Data Controls in Visual Basic.NET...
  9. Re: Code to generate a list of all Excel Ribbon Objects

    It might be doable, but I really think that this may end up being a lot of work, whereas a video or even a book might be better suited. Look, this is a great idea, an awesome idea, but I really think...
  10. Re: add data programmatically to sql table vs 2015

    No need to apologize for asking a question... :)
    There are literally a gazillion ways to accomplish this, it all depends as rightfully mentioned by wes4dbt, how you will be approaching this. Do you...
  11. VS 2010 Re: Do you recognize this tool? I'd like to know more about it. It could be useful...

    Oh, apologies. I guess I am a bit rusty in the world of forums :) Wasn't ( and still isn't ) quite sure what the OP is asking about.
  12. VS 2010 Re: Do you recognize this tool? I'd like to know more about it. It could be useful...

    It looks as if the project's name is : prjEditPathV2.

    Could you explain you...
  13. Re: Problems to open own developed UWP app with uri?

    Does it give you any error?
  14. crossdomain.xml on WCF Service hosted by Windows Service

    I am trying to make my Windows Service, which hosts a WCF service cross-domain compatible. After hours and hours of searching I was told that I needed to create another service which will load the...
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    VS 2013 Enabling CORS on a WCF Service

    Hi guys.

    I am really at my wits end, and I am going crazy because I am not getting much help ( by searching google etc. )

    The situation:

    I simply do not know how to enable CORS...
  16. VS 2015 Re: How to find name of label added programmatically?

    You could also make use of the the control's TAG property and then test for the control with the particular Tag, and do whatever you need
  17. Re: Closing sub form and show main form?

    You can override your Titlebar Control buttons - your system menus. A bit tricky though...

    Here is a rough example on what you might need to do:

    You have to keep one thing in mind here, and...
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    C# to VB converter

    Hi Guys.

    Quick question...

    In the past I used to use the converter here:

    to convert from C# to VB and vice versa.

    Lately it doesn't...
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    Re: Time to learn Java?

    All you need is the Android SDK. You can find it here :

    It includes Eclipse, Android SDK, The Android SDK tools and more. It is a big-ish download,...
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    Re: VB6, APIs, and OS's

    Nice! :thumb:

    I suppose I cannot recall any mistakes in that file
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    Re: Rock Paper Scissors

    Sorry, perhaps besides the topic but where is Lizard and Spock. It should be : Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock... :)
  22. Re: Please help with progressbar and a listview background worker error

    These might help :
  23. VS 2008 Re: VB.Net Project not responding to changes made.

    Do all those events have a Handles clause associate with them? The reason I ask is in the event of an object on the form being renamed, the Handles clause might not have been updated
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    Re: VB6 and OS

    I first installed VB 6 on Windows 95. Wow, it was awesome! :thumb: Much better than these days.... :rolleyes:
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    Re: VB6, APIs, and OS's

    I know I'm a bit late to the party, as always, but the API Viewer makes use of TextFiles. These are named WIN32API.TXT and MAPI32.TXT that are present inside the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual...
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    Re: data between 2 dates

    Perhaps you should try the BETWEEN command
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    Re: How can i get this vb6 code in

    Open your Output window and double click on any of the errors which gets listed. It should give you an indication of where the error(s) is / are
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    Re: How can i get this vb6 code in

    Taking a guess here, but perhaps the inclusion of e.Handled = True might also help.
  29. Re: How to prevent a Sizable Form from being resized

    But why?
    Really, this is perhaps above my brain's limited capacity. I can see no reason why any of this is even needed. Bonnie's code is excellent ( as always ), but why not design the forms...
  30. Re: A small detail regarding WriteProperty method

    Properties, just like any other object name ( such as variables, constants, subs, functions, enums, types ) in VB can not contain any spaces.

    That's the only reason I could see for this.
  31. Re: Shellexecute opening Chrome under Windows 8 Opens two tabs!

    I will hazard a guess :

    I'd say have a look into Chrome's properties - perhaps there is a setting set to have a certain Home Page URL or something. I've had a similar experience with FireFox and...
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    Re: Shell to Notepad

    You could have a look at :


    There is just one thing I do not understand. You mention that this is not a file being opened in Notepad, but as you describe I think it...
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    VS 2012 Re: Need help with autologin script.

    Isn't creating things like this against the AUP?
  34. VS 2012 Re: Finding active connections to SQL server

    You could try this great idea :

    It creates a temporary table and places the result of sp_who into it.
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    VS 2010 Re: debug error with list

    Any collection that you iterate over with a For Each loop are not allowed to be modified during the iteration. This means that while in the For Each loop, you cannot modify its elements
  36. VS 2012 Re: Trouble with showing child form that is set to maximize on load

    Odd. OK, I am just trying to determine what can cause this. Where are you showing the form? In the Load event?
  37. VS 2012 Re: Trouble with showing child form that is set to maximize on load

    Are you setting the WindowState during code or during Runtime?
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    Re: Play/Pause Button Anyone Please ??

    The looping could also be that you have the Repeat functionality set to On. Try switching it off
  39. Re: Setting Current Date Data in Pivot Table

    Use CODE tags please!
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    Re: Form Question - About Min and Max

    I do not see any reason to hack this. Yes, it can probably be done as Bonnie pointed out, but the users will see a Min, Max and Close button. They will expect it to function as they are accustomed...
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