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    Re: audio file to text converter

    i'd like the answer too. imagine transcribing your professor on-the-fly! Since they are files, have you considered a web service like this one?
  2. Re: SSD vs Hard Disk vs Raid vs power black out vs ?

    raid 5 requires three drives and it is rarely supported by motherboards. Windows supports it with software (some versions of windows do but it was removed from later versions). If you want data...
  3. Re: C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile

    looks like that one is paid also. surely there is a free one out there though.
    Edit: Microsoft has a free product that does this call mouse without borders. It not only shares clipboard but you...
  4. Re: C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile

    i believe i used synergy but it's not free anymore. This looks like it does the same thing:
  5. Re: C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile

    i thought i needed one and bought one myself a few years ago. I was using it for the monitor switching. Anyway, if you always have them both on at the same time, there are software solutions to do...
  6. Re: C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile

    in that case it may not actually be saving the files there. Don't forget that if you try to save to a location that xp let you have access to but windows 7 and above doesn't want you to have access...
  7. Re: C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile

    you have to also set it to show protected operating system files.
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    Re: How to increase the web speed

    i suggest you watch hak5 episode 718( in which they build a router with pc parts and open source software (smoothwall) It includes caching software.
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    Re: Broken video card?

    on the bright side, i just replaced what used to be a nearly top of the line card with a remanufactured one for $50. Hopefully you won't be too deep in the cash to fix it.
  10. Re: Windows XP doesn't remember desktop theme

    i dont suppose you are using xp embedded?
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    Re: Broken video card?

    if you hook the monitor to onboard video and it works, then it is the video card.
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    Re: Surface Pro 3

    i forgot to mention: depending on the developing you are doing, it may NOT do what you want. For example to develop for windows phone 8.1 you are required to have a 64-bit OS and the emulators for...
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    Re: Surface Pro 3

    its true. If money isn't an issue it would be a decent system. If it is an issue, you can get a more powerful standard notebook form factor for less cost. "desktop replacement" laptops by ibm may...
  14. Re: how recover formated drive, on same drive?

    does your external drive have a power connector? I just had this issue myself with a usb stick. I was installing windows and i deleted the partition to the usb stick plugged back of the system. I...
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    Re: Can you help me get my PC to boot?

    the stacked colors sounds like the self-test is in the monitor, not the pc. PC self-tests don't do that. That is a visual output check from the sound of it. It actually sounds like the display...
  16. Re: deploy project to windows phone 7

    i solved it. while my phone wasn't showing up in the xna program, it WAS showing up in the IDE. I just had to choose it instead of an emulator in the combo box. Note to everyone: Your phone has to...
  17. Re: deploy project to windows phone 7

    i should also point out that i do have a visual studio 2013 license thanks to being a student. I just have not installed it.
  18. [RESOLVED] deploy project to windows phone 7

    i got a win phone with windows 7.8 on it for the sole purpose of writing some custom apps for tracking stuff at work. That's not important. What is important is that i installed "visual studio 2010...
  19. Re: How do I find time differences with API?

    gettickcount returns a double. It shouldn't cause any kind of subtraction issues until your cojmputer has been on line continuously for 49.7 days. I suspect you may have declared the api...
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    Re: New Laptop Recommendations

    i have an acer aspire m i like a lot. It has a touch screen and 6gb ram and incredible battery life for a coreI5.
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    Re: Convert 15 pin joystick to?

    you may have to use a software solution to reverse the inputs. there are programs out there that do that for you. In addition, if you are playing games on an emulator, they all have configurable...
  22. Re: XP and/or Win 7 Computers joining Windows 8 "Homegroup"

    my work assigns drive letters to the network shares. It works.
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    Re: Bluetoothbrush... Bluetooth Tooth Brush

    3 stupid comments come to mind.
    1. I don't remember colgate having that much fiber
    2. If you are getting those results you aren't doing it right.
    3. It's a tooth brush not a hair brush.
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    Re: Bluetoothbrush... Bluetooth Tooth Brush

    this already exists in urinal format in japan (of course)
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    Re: Copy Paste Detection

    You probably blew their mind asking them that in the first place. If they were really detecting copy/paste, then the original text wouldn't have been in an image format.
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    Re: New PC advise

    i don't know where you got all your faulty AMD information from, but i've been running straight AMD for years. The "messed everything up" purchase? What it ACTUALLY did was give us decent built-in...
  27. Re: Moving form becomes a ghost form?

    why don't you just change your original code slightly to detect when the mouse is right of the form's x coordinate? the way you wrote it had it checking if the mouse was in the form area even if the...
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    Re: Return false

    are object_min and max assigned somewhere else? they aren't in that code
  29. Re: how do i do this add my name on helicoper on video

    well editing is a strong word for what you would really have to do. You would have to just create a path and probably only need to adjust it every 10 or 20 frames or whatever.
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    Re: How to make the CD bootable

    i've also used nero for this. There's a setting for it, but you can also simply burn a bootable iso image.
  31. Re: Windows XP Forgets User Customizations

    is anyone else ever using that computer? If the screen res gets changed in xp, it resets all icon placements and i'm pretty sure it will move the task bar back to the primary monitor. Another good...
  32. Re: Connecting Argosy Full HD 1080p to Philips TV

    i've had similar problems over hdmi. You could also try powering the devices off, unplugging them, then plugging them in in different order. Try the player first then the tv first. HDMI is encoded...
  33. Re: how do i do this add my name on helicoper on video

    movement tracking is more of an aftereffects thing although you could MANUALLY edit every single stinking frame for tracking in vegas.
  34. Re: Memory Upgrade to Use Win7 is causes Machine to be Unstable.

    i just checked out the manual. That's an overclocker's board. Is it possible you had a mild overclock originally before you reset the bios? that board by default has the dram timing tied to the...
  35. Re: Memory Upgrade to Use Win7 is causes Machine to be Unstable.

    just a thought but sometimes WHERE you put the ram matters also. Your motherboard may support that single 512 chip anywhere but if you want to install two of them it may want them in specific slots....
  36. Re: creating a partition in hard drive without loosing data

    if it's not booting you probably installed windows to a partition not marked as "active" or "bootable". Get ahold of a linux live cd (or usb stick) and you should be able to fix the boot problem. ...
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    Re: [RESOLVED] Window 8

    win+s opens it directly
  38. Re: Is this a graphics card problem? Horizontally scrambled screen

    your lcd controller is going bad
  39. Re: Repair Win7 using another Win7 computer

    easybcd may be able to fix it. You can copy the boot loader from the good drive to the other one.
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    Re: [RESOLVED] Surface Pro 2

    did you try adjusting the touchpad sensitivity? there's a setting on synaptics pads for that
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