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    Re: VB 2012 Arrow Key Bot

    What game is this? This sounds like automating gameplay in the game, which is usually against the TOS of the game.

    If that's the case, the TOS of this site doesn't allow us to help you.
  2. Re: Contest 8 - Roman Numeral Converter - Discussion Thread

    Woooo! Go me!

    Sucks that so many people were DQ'd, though.

    It also looks like speed wasn't taken into account... Probably because of differences in language speed. However, I would think word...
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    Re: [RESOLVED] ? Operator

    While condensed if may be made up terminology, if 90% of programmers use the term, it is correct to use when describing something. It's the exact reason something gets added to the dictionary --...
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    Re: ? Operator

    That's a condensed if in Java. It looks like it is the same as in VB, but just in case, it is doing:

    <if whatever> ? <then> : <else>
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    4.0 Re: 17th of current month and 17 of next

    Sorry, what are you asking?

    Like if a user selects March 16th, you want the end date to be April 16th?

    If that's all you need, can't you just do something like

    var today =...
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    Re: Why my C Partition has become full

    Did you recently install Visual Studio 2013? I had an issue where the install didn't fully complete, although everything worked properly, and logs were filling up my drive. However, a restart cleared...
  7. Re: Results of the annual StackOverflow developer survey

    It does surprise me that VB is one of the most dreaded development technologies... however, it bothers me more than salesforce is #1! My work just switched to salesforce and I've just started delving...
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    Re: DOWNLOAD's all of a sudden 0 bytes

    I don't have the code in front of me right now, but I believe we did it right before the close.

    However, we weren't actively writing to the response and flushing it with each line, we were...
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    Re: DOWNLOAD's all of a sudden 0 bytes

    Just setting the content type to "application/pdf" and setting the content disposition to attachment should be fine for the download.

    I did have an issue a while back where some users received a 0...
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    Re: file upload with

    Firstly, do you have permission from the site's owners to automate uploading of data to their servers?

    If so, we would need the forms endpoint (where does it POST to?) and a list of the field...
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    Re: What if there was a NEW vb6

    It's like reading a paragraph. Read the first post and last post on each page... it'll give you the gist! :wave:
  12. Re: [RESOLVED] Query to remove duplicate records in Access

    The above query should work, however you may also be able to do

    delete from table A WHERE A.ID not in (SELECT TOP 1 ID from table where A.Tag = Tag), which wouldn't require the max aggregate...
  13. Re: Query to remove duplicate records in Access

    How is the ID stored? If the ID is an integer, you could do a

    delete from table A where A.ID not in (SELECT MAX ID from table WHERE A.Tag = Tag)
  14. Thread: Mods

    by kfcSmitty

    Re: Mods

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    VS 2013 Re: Get / post / put

    Why don't you post your code for us to see? techgnome already posted a link on how to specify PUT through a WebClient. Are you using a WebClient?
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    Re: file upload with

    You can easily upload files with a desktop application, with an example like this.

    However, if you're using an HTML page with a file-upload control, there is no way to automatically select the...
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    Re: file upload with

    Are you saying you want to specify a default value for a file-upload control in HTML? If so, that is not possible as it would be a security vulnerability.

    If that isn't the case, could you...
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    MsOf07 Re: My File Date Format is not changing

    In my scenario, all dates were in mm/dd/yyyy but I needed them formatted to yyyy-mm-dd. When I applied this formatting, about 70% of the cells updated, but the other 30% did not.

    To get around...
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    MsOf07 Re: My File Date Format is not changing

    I ran into this issue a few days ago myself. Someone here may be able to figure out the underlying cause, but what I ended up doing was using text-to-columns to split the contents of the cell into 3...
  20. Re: Contest 8 - Roman Numeral Converter - Discussion Thread

    From what I saw, it only had 4 downloads (including mine) when I downloaded it.. and the mods removed it fairly soon after that. I'm not sure if the forum caches that count, though...
  21. Contest 8, Roman Numeral Converter - KfcSmitty

    __author__ = 'smitty'
    from collections import OrderedDict
    import re

    roman_numerals = {'I': 1, 'IV': 4, 'V': 5, 'IX': 9, 'X': 10,
    'XL': 40, 'L': 50, 'XC': 90, 'C': 100, 'CD':...
  22. Re: Contest 8 - Roman Numeral Converter - Discussion Thread

    haha I did download it, but just to see if maybe the forum wouldn't let me! I didn't peek, promise! :D
  23. Re: Contest 8 - Roman Numeral Converter - Discussion Thread

    So I'm able to see submissions in the contest entry forum. 4x2y's submission is appearing to me... Is the FAQ wrong?
  24. Re: Contest 8 - Roman Numeral Converter - Discussion Thread

    The FAQ says you can submit it to the "Contest Entry" subforum and it will not be visible to anyone other than moderators.

    For our submissions -- do we need to include unit tests or anything? Or...
  25. Thread: SP and MVc

    by kfcSmitty

    Re: SP and MVc

    Which language are you using? C#/VB? And which database are you attempting to access?

    If it is MS SQL, you can use an SqlConnection...
  26. VS 2010 Re: How to create a message notification like using MVC 2

    Are you looking for advice on how to get the popup to display over the mail icon, or are you looking for advice on how to accomplish tracking if a user has new notifications?
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    VS 2013 Re: ASP.NET and wsdl request and response

    You'll need to post the WSDL in question for us to guess what the issue might be.
  28. Re: Fatal error: Function name must be a string in

    What error are you getting?

    Just a quick look at it shows that you're possibly vulnerable to SQL injection, and you allow a user to login if their username matches more than one user in the...
  29. Re: Contest 8 - Roman Numeral Converter - Discussion Thread

    How is this "only .NET need apply?"

    The languages listed are:

    I'll probably give this a shot... Debating whether I want to do it in C# or Python. I've never really bothered with anything...
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    Re: FileCopy Error

    FileCopy will not allow you to copy open files, as you see. But this link ( has a list of ways you can accomplish what you want.
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    Re: LYL Leep Year Lister.

    I know this isn't code it better, but instead of using a try/catch to check whether a user has input a valid integer, you should really be using .TryParse. If, at any time, you can handle an error...
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    2.0 Re: Fill color text in girdview ?

    That error means whatever you have in your "SearchText" variable wasn't found in c.Value. When you do a .IndexOf, it returns -1 if the string wasn't found.

    What is the value of c.Value and what is...
  33. Re: How do I set a primary key as something the user enters?

    If the primary key needs to be numeric, you could always save it as numeric on the backend, without the leading zeros. Then, when displaying it to the user, or receiving it from the user, massage it...
  34. Re: Site loading/refreshing very slow in Chrome

    I'm using Chrome and I haven't noticed any issues in weeks... other than a random hiccup here or there, but I assume that was just a bad hop to the server.
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    Re: When to create objects/classes

    Not sure if bestellen, is actually the "Jason" from this blogpost, but if you like bestellen's explanation and would like more detail, it was pulled from the following link, and it goes into much...
  36. Re: how to upload zip file which is more than 9.45 MB

    Upload it to dropbox or onedrive or some cloud-based host and post the link here.
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    Re: were is the beginners forum?

    I assume you're using VB.NET, so if that is the case, you will want to check out the Visual Basic .NET forum. That section handles all VB.NET issues from beginner to expert!
  38. Re: List.Exists vs BindingList.Contains

    Could you not do:

    SqlDataReader reader = storedproc.ExecuteReader();
    if (reader.HasRows)
    list = DTOParserHelper.GetDTOList<CartonScan>(reader);

    // 01/26/15 - mad - Changed.
  39. Re: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect

    I'm pretty sure you need to specify the file at the destination, not just the destination. So you would need something like;

    string fileName = "File1.txt";
    string source = "C:\\File1ToMove\\";...
  40. VS 2013 Re: Refering to a website in vb code behind

    Glad to be of help. If the issue has been satisfactorily resolved, please go Thread Tools -> Mark as Resolved to let other users know that the issue has been solved.

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