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  1. Re: Need some help writing/reading from binary file

    Not sure what you mean by 'it doesn't read correctly' but in the ReadBinaryFile routine you are overdimensioning the arrays and looping one too many times.
  2. Re: how do i check a date if it is the first day of the month

    Am I missing something here? The first day of the month will always be the 1 st. E.g. First of May will be 01/05
  3. Re: Pasting Text Into the Current Application

    Depending on what you mean by 'Generic' and if you really mean 'Paste' then take a look at the 'Clipboard' object.
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    Re: Standard deviation

    Sorry, I meant Single.
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    Re: Standard deviation

    Have you changed the Integers to Real?
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    Re: Standard deviation

    You're not assigning a result to the function Deviation. You need 'deviation = stDev' before the End Function. Also you need 'Round(Sqr(deviation), 5)' in the print statement. I suspect that the...
  7. Re: Lost capability to use Office Products in VB6!

    What about trying a system restore at a point before you uninstalled office365? That should get you back to a 'controllable' situation I think I'd then uninstall office2007 and then office365, reboot...
  8. Re: how to show last visit after 30 days dosnt display

    I think your GROUP BY clause should be an ORDER BY clause.
  9. Re: need help making cv with ( data report ) first time using it

    @DM: I think you guys would call it a Resume. Over here they're CV (Cirriculum Vitae)

    Not the sort of thing you'd create with Data Report. Perhaps more suited to automating Word.
  10. Re: Using a variable for a control name

    Can't you do it by explitily referencing the Control from the Controls collection?

    form1.Controls("uc" & strColor & "Piece(" & Index & ")").Status = some_value
  11. Re: Preventing a MouseDown to take place

    I obviously misunderstood what you were saying.
  12. Re: Preventing a MouseDown to take place

    If object3's mouse down event is being triggered when the object's meant to be disabled then I'd suspect that the enable/disable processing for object3 is in error.
  13. Re: Saving text from an array of textboxes to a database?

    No, in database terms that's a trivial amount of data. BTW it would be 200 Rows. You'd have a fixed number of columns.

    For example
    03/28/2014 08:30 Justin
    03/28/2014 08:20 Doogle
  14. Re: Saving text from an array of textboxes to a database?

    I think you may be creating a rod for your own back by adopting a 'multi-table' approach. For a very simple data structure you could hold all the data in one table. For example

    Col1 date
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    Re: Ping woes

    It appears that my Router doesn't have an option to unblock. As it happens the original problem (unable to contact a server) has been fixed. I was trying to use Ping to chase the problem down.
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    Re: Ping woes

    Yes, I can Ping things like google. I'm guessing that the router needs some sort of configuring but I can't see what.
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    [RESOLVED] Ping woes

    I have a dynamic dns entry for my Internet connection (e.g. This resolves to the actual IP address of my Router. However, attempting to Ping either the IP Address or the DNS fails...
  18. Re: How to check whether database server is running or not

    You could define the Connection Object WithEvents and use the ConnectionComplete event to determine whether it was successful or not.
  19. Thread: Winsock Problem

    by Doogle

    Re: Winsock Problem

    You need to apply SP6 to VB.
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    Re: A Virus! Highly Infectious Disease

    And another thing, thread titles should reflect the actual issue. I looked at the thread because the subject looked interesting, once I read it and saw it was nothing to do with virus I took no...
  21. Re: determine numbers in a 80 number msflexgrid

    Given that your flex grid rows and columns start at zero then
    Row = value \ 10
    column = (value - 1) Mod 10

    e.g. If value = 21 then row = 21 \ 10 = 2, column = (21 - 1) mod 10 = 0
    So you'd find...
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    Re: Occasional problem editing a post

    I've experienced this problem many times (IE9). If you open up a new browser Window/Tab and navigate to the Post in question sometimes the edit will be there and other times it wont. In the latter...
  23. Re: Matching a value to value of picturebox in an array

    Assuming you have a Control array of PictureBoxes with indices 0 to 99 and your Grid is 10 Rows by 10 Columns (0,0) to (9,9) then if the user inputs Row 'r' and Column 'c', the index of the selected...
  24. Thread: Multi Winsock

    by Doogle

    Re: Multi Winsock

    You're going to have to explain in more detail exactly what you're trying to do.
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    Happy Birthday (nearly everyone?)

    He he, I see the old 'Birthday' problem on Jan 1st has returned :)
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    Re: @!&*^#$ banner ads!

    It is an absoulte pain !
  27. Re: And this kids... is why good programming habits are a must...

    What do you guys on your side of the Pond calll these?
  28. Re: how to select 2 values from different tables and display it in a listview Via Sq

    I know I'm coming to this a bit late in the day but if I recollect correctly all the information you need is already in the Appointments Table.

    In that Table you have an AppCust field which is the...
  29. Re: Dynamic array defined outside sub, redimensioned in one macro and use in another

    Couple of things:

    1. You're defining a Dynamic Array at the Form level named 'dynarr' and using 'arr' in the other parts of the code.
    2. Your variable 'Size' should also be defined at the Form...
  30. Re: how to delete if checkbox is check else delete 1 item not working

    I must be being particularly stupid or I am missing something. How can a statement such as

    "DELETE FROM TempCash WHERE TempID=" & LsVw.SelectedItem.Tag

    remove every record in the Table...
  31. Thread: Forum Login

    by Doogle

    Re: Forum Login

    Can we clear up the exact requirement?

    As I read it, you have a Forum of some sort which has registered members, you also have a VB6 program which can only be used by registered members of your...
  32. Re: how to delete if checkbox is check else delete 1 item not working

    If I understand the problem, all records in the Table are being deleted irrespective of the state of Chk.

    Looking at the code posted I can only see how that can happen in one of three ways:
  33. Re: Reading selected files in a text file

    Isn't it just a matter of checking for lines starting with "http://" and having at least one space character?

    Option Explicit

    Private Sub Command1_Click()
    Dim LineData As String
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    Re: Working with a class module

    You need to add a reference to vbSendMail in your existing MailList Project
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    Re: how to use WLANConnect () in VB6?

    You may find this interesting:
  36. Re: displaying just one name out of lot in List View

    One way would be to check the Customer Name whilst adding items to the Listview, if it's not the same as the one before then add a ListItem with the Customer Name, otherwise add a 'null' Customer...
  37. Re: How to make an array of values that corresponds to an array of images?

    I think it's the same whether you use a UDT Array or 2D Array

    MyUDT(n).X = XValue
    MyUDT(n).Y = YValue

    MyArray(n, 0) = XValue
    MyArray(n, 1) = YValue

    Both are indexed by 'n' which is the...
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    Re: Track Facebook users that visit a site

    What on earth are you trying to do?

    If I use your application you're going to store information about which FaceBook pages I visit in some database somewhere.

    Why would I use your Application...
  39. Re: How to make an array of values that corresponds to an array of images?

    I don't know if a UDT is more 'efficient' in resource usage but the main advantage I would suggest is the intelisense and 'auto documentation' of the X and Y values. With the UDT, when you type in...
  40. Re: How to make an array of values that corresponds to an array of images?

    UDT is probably the way to go, but to answer the question, you don't have two values per cell:

    Dim MyCoords(207,1) As Long

    MyCoords(0,0) = XValue_PictureClip0
    MyCoords(0,1) =...
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