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    Snap or Dock Application to Top of Desktop

    I'm working on creating a scrolling marquee type application for the purpose of delivering a constant stream of data to the user. Similar to a ticker marquee. I'm building it in an HTA which I will...
  2. [Excel] Using Selected Values in Listbox from Userform

    I'm very close to getting my script to work the way I want it to. I always get a little confused when using the Do While and Loop elements.

    I have a UserForm that has a ListBox that populates...
  3. Conver VBA to VBscript - Environ("Temp") problem

    I'm trying to covert some VBA code into VBscript. I borrowed the below code from a working VBA macro. This is not the entire code, but just the part that is giving me issues.

    Error Message:
  4. MsOf10 Re: Determine Who Sent Email - Shared Outlook Inbox Management

    Thank you for your reply, I appreciate all the info I can get. I'm still researching and still haven't been able to figure this out. I've been testing out the different outlook properities that I...
  5. MsOf10 Determine Who Sent Email - Shared Outlook Inbox Management

    I manage a small department that uses a shared Outlook email inbox to communicate with our customers. Occasionally an employee will forget to add his/her signature to an email reply, thus making it...
  6. Re: Launch Webpage, then Change URL in Browser Window

    Thanks Bonnie. I'm not familiar with the code you provided. I tried it out to some degree but it wasn't what I was looking for.

    What can I add to the rest of my above mentioned code (keeping...
  7. Launch Webpage, then Change URL in Browser Window

    I've created a simple script that will launch IE using my default browser (which is IE8 here at work), and goes to a specific URL and uses the send keys method. I'm stuck on how to then redirect the...
  8. List Outlook Folder Names - Help to Modify Code

    I found this code which I've modified a bit and works great, but I'm wondering if someone can help me make it better. This script creates a txt file on your desktop and lists all of the Outlook...
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    Re: Vbscript to Fill and Submit Web Form Help

    Attached is the full HTML code in case it helps. Doesn't look like it attached earlier. Thank you!
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    Vbscript to Fill and Submit Web Form Help

    I'm trying trying to figure out the last piece of this puzzle....the submit button. I'm creating a VBscript that will 1) launch a website, 2) fill in the neccesary fields in the html form, and 3)...
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