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    Re: Adding menus to a menubar

    You will have to subclass the Form and watch for the WM_COMMAND message. As mentioned in the documentation:
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    Re: Top level menus

    If you are going to pass MF_POPUP to InsertMenu, then as stated in that API's documentation, you should pass "a handle to the drop-down menu or submenu" to the uIDNewItem parameter, not a window...
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    Re: Top level menus

    Can you show your current code? Please include all the API declarations you've used in that code and other related code/variable declarations.
  4. Re: Subclassing WM_SYSCOMMAND and SC_MINIMIZE

    Can you attach a small demo project that replicates the issue? I tried recreating your problem based on your scant and vague description but I could not reproduce the bug. A more detailed explanation...
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    Re: Top level menus

    Create a drop-down menu, append/insert items to it and attached it to the menu bar via SetMenuItemInfo. Here's an example:

    Option Explicit 'In a blank Form

    'For some reason, the...
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    Re: SendKeys on Win 8.1

    This has been a known issue since Windows Vista. In Is the SendKeys juice worth the squeeze? article, Michael Kaplan reveals the technical details why SendKeys doesn't work anymore when UAC is...
  7. Re: Struggling with OpenProcess: IDE works, compiled doesn't

    You might want to try the code here that is doing something similar.
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    Re: vbModeless

    See How can I have a window that rejects activation but still receives pointer input? and this SO answer.
  9. Re: [RESOLVED] VB6 - IDE - how can i change the default control property value standa

    OK, let's try to diagnose the problem. Please answer all of these questions with as much detail as you can:

    Was the VB6 IDE running elevated (i.e., did you run it as Administrator?) when you...
  10. Re: VB6 - IDE - how can i change the default control property value standard?

    Installed? There's actually nothing to install in that add-in project. Instead, you should compile that project to a permanent location (like, e.g., the VB6 installation directory). VB6 will...
  11. Re: Detecting Power Management Settings....

    Try calling the SetThreadExecutionState function.
  12. Re: VB6 - IDE - how can i change the default control property value standard?

    Here's an add-in which does just that.
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    Re: Modernizing the VB6 IDE

    Have you already tried hooking VBBuildEvents? (right-click anywhere in the Object Browser to bring up the context menu and click the Show Hidden Members to reveal it)


    You might be...
  14. Re: Windows Imaging Component

    Yeah, so sorry about that. :blush: Thanks for reminding me about the potential conflict that can ensue — I've now told readers in that post of mine to use your TLB instead. The main reason I made a...
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    Re: Common Dialog Box Recent Pane

    Try specifying the OFN_EX_NOPLACESBAR flag.

    See GetOpenFileName: Set an Open/Save Dialog's Initial Listview View for an example of using that flag. Find and change this line of code to make it...
  16. Re: supress keyboard strokes with API? (making a hotkey)

    Check out the examples here and here.
  17. Re: Icon in Systray - Right Mouse click PopupMenu (PROBLEM)

    See this thread for the solution.
  18. Re: the best(vb6 delay)pause,doevents(no need cpu)

    The code above seems to be based on the updated code here.
  19. Re: Shell to CMD.exe problem

    C:\>COLOR /?
    Sets the default console foreground and background colors.

    COLOR [attr]

    attr Specifies color attribute of console output

    Color attributes are specified by TWO hex...
  20. Re: How to get the location of the Recycle Bin for a given drive?

    Why torture yourself with DispCallFunc? ;)

    Public Sub PrintRecycleBinItemPaths()
    Const ssfBITBUCKET = 10&
    Dim oFolderItem As Object

    For Each oFolderItem In...
  21. Re: Possible to create additional Controls whilst running.

    Since the PictureBox and all the controls it contains are control arrays, it should be easy enough to clone them by loading new instances of those controls and setting the PictureBox as their parent....
  22. Re: Problem with WlanGetProfile

    Here's another example. This one uses a SAFEARRAY hack instead of the usual memory copying techniques.

    Option Explicit 'In a standard (.BAS) module

    Private Const ERROR_SUCCESS ...
  23. Re: Comparing two files poses some difficulties

    I was actually referring to hash-based approaches in general, so yeah, both of them. After reading your response, I realize now I didn't convey my thoughts perfectly, so to be clear, I was really...
  24. Re: Passing a ParamArray from one routine to another

    [VB6] VB6.tlb - Passing a ParamArray without Copying
  25. Re: Comparing two files poses some difficulties

    Hash-based approaches might be undesirable if the files being compared are huge—typically*, the entire file has to be read before the hashes can be compared. However, if a file has to be compared...
  26. Re: Comparing two files poses some difficulties

    For future readers who can't or won't use RC5 for whatever reason (maybe they prefer a monolithic, portable EXE), here's an API-based solution that's Unicode-aware and can handle file sizes > 4GB:
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    Re: Getting the name of a file

    I asked you above what path you were getting and you wrote:

    But now you're telling me it's actually:

    I really don't have time to play any games with you. I'll try helping you one last...
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    Re: Getting the name of a file

    What exactly do you mean by "it is Shell"?
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    Re: Getting the name of a file

    Hmm, that's weird. Is "Me.DESKTOP-BL62LB2" really your profile name? Also, did you forget to add the end quotation mark or is the string really truncated?
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    Re: Getting the name of a file

    What is the path that you're getting from that function? Please post it here.

    According to the documentation of SPI_GETDESKWALLPAPER, it "retrieves the full path of the bitmap file for the...
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    Re: Getting the name of a file

    Try calling this function:

    Private Declare Function lstrlenW Lib "kernel32.dll" (ByVal lpString As Long) As Long
    Private Declare Function SysReAllocStringLen Lib "oleaut32.dll" (ByVal pBSTR As...
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    Re: "Desperate"Tube

    Here are some articles I found when I searched for Better YouTube Recommendations:

    ‘YouTube recommendations are toxic,’ says dev who worked on the algorithm

    How Does the YouTube...
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    Re: Combobox with icon and checkbox

    Check out Olaf's Simple Virtual ComboBox (OwnerDrawn).
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    Re: [RESOLVED] Double buffering and GDI+

    See also these 2 somewhat similar questions asked on Stack Overflow: Does DeleteDC automatically unselect objects? and Do I need to re-select the previous pen into the DC, just before releasing it?...
  35. Re: UserControl and Calss Module data exchange

    Hosam, I'm sorry but you have too many questions at once and I sadly don't have the time to answer them all. However, I will be arming you with the necessary knowledge so that you can answer your...
  36. Re: After using multiple instance form, IDE crashes

    The culprit is probably the way Ted() was declared As New. Try this:

    Option Explicit 'In a standard (.BAS) module

    Public Ted(0 To 9) As EditClip

    Public Function OpenTed() As Long
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    Re: Merry Christmas

    N.O.E.L. - Psychostick (System of a Down B.Y.O.B. Christmas Parody Song)
  38. Re: Not clear on UserControl.PropertyChanged

    According to Implement Control Properties Using Property Procedures:
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    Re: Closing a thread
  40. Re: PSA: Watch out for LVS_ and HDS_ conflicts and bugs

    Perhaps this explains why:

    HDS_HIDDENIndicates a header control that is intended to be hidden. This style does not hide the control. Instead, when you send the HDM_LAYOUT message to a header...
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