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  1. JDBC (JNDI) selection does not appear und More Data Sources

    I created a report under Crystal Report 2008 development using jdbc(jndi) connection. :)

    VS 2010 was recently installed, and they took away Crystal Report 2008 development. CR 2008 is now under VS...
  2. VS 2010 combobox SelectedIndex set back to -1

    I have an application written under VS 2010, OS Windows 7.
    This application currently is executed on a XP box, until a new box
    is installed, which OS is Windows 7.

    A combobox is loaded with data...
  3. VS 2005 Re: DateTimePicker value changes


    Problem solved.

    Did not have DateTimePicker Property Checked set to true. :D
  4. VS 2005 [RESOLVED] DateTimePicker value changes

    I support a desktop application containing datetimepicker components.
    A child form loads within an MDIcontainer, updating components from data retrieved from a SQL table, allowing users to make...
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