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  1. Re: [JavaScript] Setting up a new array

    I don't see anything wrong with it. Do you get an error?

    I remember reading a bunch of threads somewhere saying to avoid using

    var tmp = new Array("1","2","3","4");

    And instead to use
  2. Re: First HTML5 game and having some issues

    Even with the JavaScript added in, it still works for me in all browsers. Can you show me a screenshot of what the code I gave above looks like in your browser?
  3. Re: First HTML5 game and having some issues

    When you try with my example, the grid doesn't show at all?

    If not, can you give me your JavaScript (assuming it has changed from above)? It may be doing something funky.
  4. Re: First HTML5 game and having some issues

    You're overcomplicating things by trying to always add borders to sections. Just add them where you need them.

    Try this:

    <!DOCTYPE html>

  5. Re: First HTML5 game and having some issues

    Ah, what I read is actually the same thing, but a little different.

    If you only use CSS, it will set the canvas width and height to match the CSS. However, if you set the size on the canvas itself...
  6. Re: First HTML5 game and having some issues

    Actually, from what I've read, you can't do that with canvas. While using CSS to set the width and height makes it look proper, you need to explicitly set the width and height per canvas object...
  7. Re: First HTML5 game and having some issues

    So a couple issues.

    #1 Canvas needs to have a closing </canvas> tag. You can't use an inline closing (<canvas />).
    #2 The canvas is, by default, display: inline and vertical-align: baseline....
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    Re: or !=

    Just talking about MS SQL server (no idea about any others), != actually gets translated to <> on the backend, so they're the same.
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    Re: Validate warning on java script

    Yup, you can safely omit it.

    If you go to sites like Google's Hosted Libraries, you'll notice they omit them in the snippets they give you.

    I believe it has actually been deprecated since XHTML...
  10. Re: Am I allowed to correct bad rendering myself ?

    I know I've stayed out of the Post Race since those pictures were posted because I definitely see them as NSFW.

    Just my $0.02.
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    Re: What is wrong?

    Not sure if this is your only issue, but your line


    Has com.mysql.jbbc.Driver, not com.mysql.jdbc.Driver. A simple typo, but I'm surprised it didn't...
  12. Thread: vb to c#

    by kfcSmitty

    2.0 Re: vb to c#

    OrElse and AndAlso are equivalent to || and && in C#. Or and And are equivalent to | and & in C#.

    With the OrElse (||), you typically use it to save cycles. Example, if I wanted to check

  13. Thread: vb to c#

    by kfcSmitty

    2.0 Re: vb to c#

    If you use a double pipe (||) or a double ampersand (&&), C# will check from left to right until true, and then will not check any of the other conditions (Like an OrElse).

    If you use a single...
  14. 3.0/LINQ Re: Regarding sending aspx page through lotus notes email.

    Why not just generate an HTML email? Lotus Notes works similar to any other SMTP server, just point it to the correct address and away you go.

    If you're looking for actual Lotus Notes buttons to...
  15. Re: [CSS] Setting width on items in

    You can either set the anchors to display as inline-block, or you can set them to display as block and float them. Both of those should make your elements line up one next to the other.
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    Re: Newbie Space invaders

    You're missing your opening bracket for your first for loop (the one that declares r).

    There may be other errors, but you've only shown a small snippet of code and that is all I can see wrong...
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    Re: Ajax upload confusion

    If you want to go with a MVC framework and you dislike MVC.NET (and don't need all of its bells and whistles), you could try NancyFX.

    My work has been using it for a little over a year, and using...
  18. VS 2012 Re: UPLOAD form / SUBMIT button with VALUE - where is it in the REQUEST?

    As far as I know, only input fields get passed through the form, so you would need to use <input type="submit" value="xyz" name="submit_button" /> to submit the value.

    The request keys are the...
  19. Thread: Your Age

    by kfcSmitty

    Poll: Re: Your Age

    There is now ;)
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    Re: Declare java script variables

    Yes, you have properly declared variables there. However, those are all global scope variables, as you don't have them in a 'class' or a function.
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    Re: From the file marked #***#

    Are you sure it was stored as an int to save size? A lot of places store it as an int to store epoch time.
  22. Re: [JavaScript] New window pop-up

    Sounds like you want some sort of lightbox solution.

    Here is one I've used in the past:

    But this site...
  23. Re: [VB.Net] Testing needed for different webbrowsers

    It works for me for IE, Firefox, Chrome and Opera. I'm using Windows 7 x64 SP1.

    Note that the process for IE is "IExplore.exe" not "IExplorer.exe."
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    Re: [RESOLVED] [JS]Get value of textbox

    Don't know how I didn't see this before.

    Two things.


    document.GetElementById("palindromeBtn").onclick = palindromeBtn_Click;
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    Re: [RESOLVED] [JS]Get value of textbox

    Can you post your HTML as well, please?
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    Re: [RESOLVED] [JS]Get value of textbox

    Not sure if it was a typo, or a Fruedian slip, but it's unobtrusive, not unconstructive, haha.

    One thing you'll find about unobtrusive javascript, is that it isn't as easy to pass data when...
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    Re: [JS]Get value of textbox

    *edit* Appears I was sniped.

    A couple of issues.

    #1 If you want to learn JavaScript, I would recommend unobtrusive JavaScript, rather than how you're writing it. You can find some good...
  28. Re: How to Condence Font in StringBuilder

    In C#, "\" is an escape character.

    The error you're getting is saying "\s" is an unknown escape character.

    Change the line to this:

  29. Re: Build json string with variable data - PLEASE HELP. NEED ANSWER FAST.

    Whoops, fixed now :)
  30. Re: Build json string with variable data - PLEASE HELP. NEED ANSWER FAST.

    A nice tool I found is JSON to C#.

    Paste your JSON in there and it will give you a C# object that matches.

    This is it's recommendation for your problem:

    Create a Property object with a name...
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    Re: Too many ads getting displayed on Chrome.

    Just letting you know that this isn't affecting everyone. I only see the large welcome ads once a day max.

    I'm using Chrome and I live in Canada.
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    Re: Forum Template / Layout Change

    The thing is, you're not bypassing anything with the script. The side bar gets displayed, rendered, and then the script is simply clicking the same button you would click if you did it manually.
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    Re: Forum Template / Layout Change

    I'm not sure having a tamper/greasemonkey script to auto click the collapse button would be against the AUP/TOS. You're not modifying the site in the least bit, you're simply automating a task that...
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    Re: isPalendrome function

    Be sure to convert the values both to uppercase or lowercase, otherwise the comparison will fail.

    "Civic" would not be listed as a palindrome above if it was comparing to "civiC"
  35. VS 2005 Re: Detect back button click in browser

    Long story short, there is no easy way. Set a flag that indicates whether the email was sent already and just don't send again if it is set.
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    Re: Using JSON in a Windows App

    Yes you can. I've used had success using the [irl=]Newtonsoft libraries [/url]. It's also available off of NuGet.

    It is extremely simple to use and makes...
  37. Re: Java 7.51 Successfully Installed But Security Blocks Running

    From here.
  38. Re: [RESOLVED] [HTML5/CSS] Elements appear outside DIV

    It seems you're running into a lot of the same problems I did when I was learning this stuff so long ago... It's bringing back a lot of memories :)
  39. Re: [HTML5/CSS] Elements appear outside DIV

    The problem is that your wrapper div is not extending to cover the floated content. If you set your "#innerContainer" to have "overflow: hidden;" it should fix the issue.
  40. Thread: php & tables

    by kfcSmitty

    Re: php & tables

    While I agree with dclamp's idea of closing the php tag, printing the HTML and then opening it again, I would go a step further and say look into a templating system like Twig or Smarty. These will...
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