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  1. Re: I would like to implement a nice exception handler

    The following is a decent example for implementing unhandled exception handling in a windows forms app.

    The author did a nice job at documentation also.
  2. Re: Adding References cannot occur to VB.NET Deseleting the references once added

    What are the references, standard Microsoft, COM or third party?
  3. Re: Need help translating vb6 to

    Never used it as I was never a vb6 developer, skipped from Borland C and Delphi to
  4. Re: Need help translating vb6 to

    This for new string, specify char and length

    Dim example As String = New String(Chr(0), 260)

    VarPtr and...
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    Re: Test Driven Development

    There are indeed different takes on TDD, in the purest form spoken of in this article it can be very time consuming to say the least.

    In our last two web solutions we ended up with roughly 200...
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    Test Driven Development

    I am curious who does test driven development?
    If using TDD do you see the advantages and disadvantages?
    If not using TDD have you considered using it?
    Do you know what TDD is in the first place?
  7. VS 2010 Re: Writing to Excel using ADO OLE DB in vb.NET

    If you want some working samples to try out, see this MSDN code sample. Project 6 uses standard connection and command operations while project 8 uses DataAdapter methods. I did this in VS2013, if...
  8. VS 2010 Re: da.InsertCommand.ExecuteNonQuery() object reference is not set to an instance of

    Personally in the last ten years have never used a DataAdapter. See attached for simple example of read and insert, edit and remove not included but follow the same path e.g. using connection and...
  9. VS 2010 Re: da.InsertCommand.ExecuteNonQuery() object reference is not set to an instance of

    Try this

    Using cn As New OleDb.OleDbConnection With
    .ConnectionString = "Microsoft.Jet.OleDB.4.0; Data Source = C: \Users\Programmer\Documents\AddressBook.mdb;"
  10. VS 2010 Re: how to update a record by using dataAdapter.update

    I would suggest looking at the following
  11. VS 2010 Re: how to update a record by using dataAdapter.update

    I'm on my phone so not going to get into this now. Will be away the whole day.
  12. VS 2010 Re: how to update a record by using dataAdapter.update

    Perhaps you can examine what UpdateCommand.CommandText has and post it here. On a side note incorporating and BindingSource and BindingNavigator will provide a cleaner method to navigate records.
  13. Re: [VB2015] .NetFrameworks don't create the "user.config" file

    Basic questions (which I may have already asked you in the MS forum post)

    How is the folder created e.g. your code, the install process or perhaps not at install time but from My.Settings save...
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    VS 2015 Re: Write XML

    Not sure why you have a ? but if that is not truly needed you can do something along these lines

    Public Class Form1
    Private Sub Button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles...
  15. Re: assigning a contextMenustrip to DGV

    The FInd method gets the DataGridView from the Controls collection of the form by name and we index e.g. (0) as Find returns an array then finally cast it to a DataGridView. This would of course...
  16. VS 2013 Re: Approach to Activation system for premium programs ?!

    I stand by the idea that a third party product that has a good reputation is better than a developer trying to learn how to roll their own.
  17. Re: EntityState does not exist in the current context.

    I would think you could do something like

    public void Remove(Customer sender)
    using (NorthWindEntities context = new NorthWindEntities())
  18. Re: assigning a contextMenustrip to DGV

    Here is a basic example, change the names of the controls to match yours

    Private clickedCell As DataGridViewCell
    Private cellData As String = ""
    Private Sub...
  19. VS 2013 Re: How to change the button link code to open a file from same root directory?

    Try this

    Dim fileName As String = IO.Path.Combine(AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory, "LinkFiles/ReportMay16.pdf")
    If IO.File.Exists(fileName) Then
    End If
  20. VS 2015 Re: Copy Excel Range values to an Array using


    Here is a VS2015 project copying a range into a DataTable.!AtGAgKKpqdWjh0e3j3s7HfYWKN98
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    VS 2015 Re: community edition installation

    Please refer to the following link for instructions
  22. Re: How to hide all code in my visual studio form

    The following would be a topic of interest but not a solution.
  23. Re: Copy Pasting Data from one sheet into a specific row in another sheet


    For those interested in assisting you need to supply existing code showing current working operations, make sure to place that code into a code block. So with that mentioned I'd expect to...
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    Re: looking for something to learn

    How about a repository pattern using dependency injection using Entity Framework
  25. VS 2012 Re: SQL data to custom structure

    Not sure if this will work for your data structure but worth a look, a stored procedure in SQL-Server (prior to 2016 version) generates JSON. Does not work on binary fields.
  26. VS 2013 Re: Excel view to datagridview migration

    There are many things to consider (depends on what you expect to have in the DataGridView) e.g. formulas, color, formatting of various data types, is the data relational etc.

    The standard methods...
  27. Re: Defining DataGridViewComboBox Columns to a dynamically built DGV?

    Perhaps the following might be of assistance
  28. VS 2015 Re: Embed a database file into an application

    You can use My,Resource,ResourceName (where ResourceName is the name of your database embedded in the project) as an argument to System.IO.File.WriteAllBytes and save the resource to disk but can not...
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    VS 2013 Re: datagridview columntype

    You might want to look at the following special DataGridView column done in C# and used in VB.NET. The only issue is that the solution is in VS2015 yet the library should work fine VS2013. If not I...
  30. Re: DataGridView visible interference while scrolling


    Are there any events you have the DataGridView subscribed to e.g. CellFormatting etc.
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    Happy 25th Birthday, VB!

    See the following blog
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    Re: converting PDF to Excel file

    Last time I looked Aspose Cells comes with many demo projects. I don't have anything simple to show from my work, all of which is fairly complex and with that would not assist getting you started.
  33. Re: How to write XML file inside code...

    With a spin off dday's recommendation we can expand on this with embedded expressions and if using VS2013 or below have Intellisense for your XML schema.

    Working example

    Public Class Form1...
  34. Re: how to set columns in datagrid so that they can't have focus?

    A simple method would be to set the column Readonly to true then use the code below

    Private Sub CustomersDataGridView_SelectionChanged(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles...
  35. VS 2015 Re: Excel COM Error HRESULT: 0x800A03EC

    You could search instead of iterate e.g.

    Here user name is column A while password is column B.

    Option Strict On
    Imports Excel = Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel
    Imports Microsoft.Office...
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    Re: Exception Handling Discussion

    Yield is fairly new to but has been around for a while for C#.
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    Re: Exception Handling Discussion

    Here is an example for a good use of a try/catch. When working with Entity Framework you can provide validation via the following

    Data Annotations, e.g. [MinLength(100)] to check the length of...
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    Re: Exception Handling Discussion

    Our team has been using VS2013 for a while now developing web solutions but are moving to VS2015 for the next project. We do front end debugging through Chrome developer tools, Fiddle also and then...
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    Re: Exception Handling Discussion

    I have only lived in Pennsylvania and Oregon, did contract work in Connecticut, Maryland, California and Washington state, never been to Phoenix.
  40. Re: How can I replace the last "," with "and"?

    Here are some language extension methods. See attached VS2015 demo for VB.NET and C#.

    Public Module LanguageExtensions
    Public Function...
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