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  1. Re: Create MS-Access database at run time with several options

    I agree yet there are some that are fine with this, I rather use the second option.
  2. Create MS-Access database at run time with several options

    This article demonstrates (VS2012 solution is here) in a VB.NET solution how to create a MS-Access 2007 database using Office automation and OleDb data provider to create a single table in the newly...
  3. VS 2013 Re: Connection between excel and Visual Basic 2013


    MSDN Basics of using Excel automation in VB.NET with emphasis on creating and destroy where emphasis is placed on destroying automation objects where many times developers negate this part...
  4. Re: Working with a Single Row of Data


    You could use a singleton pattern

    Place into a class file

    Public Class Example3
    Private Shared _Instance As Example3
  5. Re: How to fill this form ID and class value are dinamic (change all the time)

    I would guess the change of ID is intentional to guard against things like what you are trying to do here or that the form is dynamically generated which would create a different ID. Note I never...
  6. Re: Different approaches to reading SQL data

    The best way is the one you have selected after working with various methods i.e. via Data wizards, Data Context strongly typed classes (LINQ-SQL), Entity Framework then there of course is hand...
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    5.0 Re: XML Literals in C#

    there is always the option to mix languages.
    TechEd Panel: VB XML Literals for C# Developers
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    VS 2013 Re: Readline Command Splitting Line

    Hard to tell with incomplete code. Here is an example to try but remember you did not supply details so this is but one way to read/write.
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    VS 2008 Re: Convert Excel to Binary File

    If you are using MS-Acccess or SQL-Server then you would store the data in a binary field, the database does not care what you are storing be it an image or file. So you read the file into a byte...
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    VS 2010 Re: Email Sending Issue


    This has nothing to do with how you are sending the message. The solution is to tell the recipient to add the from address to their contact list indicating the sender is not junk.
  11. VS 2012 Re: Showing Data from Access in DataGridView

    Use WHERE F1=? AND F2=? etc. where Fx is a field name and the ? represents a value. Please consider when doing so to use OleDb parameters. See also SQL with and/or here.
  12. VS 2012 Re: Anyone using Task-based Asynchronous Pattern (discussion)

    Sounds like nobody is using TAP for database operations. If you want to try some demonstrations out I have a solution in a MSDN sample code page both in VB.NET and C#. MS-Access was used for the...
  13. VS 2012 Re: Showing Data from Access in DataGridView

    This is what I define as a multiple query executes with a connection and command. This works in SQL-Server but not in MS-Access which you will need to run each query one at a time.

  14. VS 2012 Anyone using Task-based Asynchronous Pattern (discussion)

    I am curious to know who is using Task-based Asynchronous Pattern (TAP) for database operations working with VS2012 or higher? If not and using a version of Windows that supports this functionality...
  15. VS 2012 Re: Showing Data from Access in DataGridView


    Here are two examples to try, first uses a parameter for the where condition with your select statement as is using xml literal which equates to a string via .Value. The second example...
  16. Re: Programmatically add an excel table...

    Interesting, I only have AddEx

    Dim oRang1 As Excel.Range = xlWorkSheet.Range("A1")
    Dim oRang2 As Excel.Range =...
  17. Re: How to kill/cancel/stop a thread that I start?

    Although not on your desired track if using Aync, Await method you can couple up these with a CancellationTokenSource. The following example reads a large text file keeping the UI responsive, reports...
  18. Re: Web site for database reserve words

    And it does report that.
  19. Re: Web site for database reserve words

    There is nothing humorous about this. I am way far from innocent.
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    VS 2012 Re: LINQ to SQL

    You might want to provide more details which include the relational design be it Data Contexts or Model for EF.

    Here is an example of retrieving data using SQL to LINQ via a DataContext for...
  21. Re: Web site for database reserve words

    So what is your point?

    This site results are the same.
  22. Web site for database reserve words

    Type in a word to see if it is a reserve word in any of the major databases here.
  23. VS 2013 Re: Project looking at old location for reference

    Are there any files (references) that instead of a conventional add to project are done as add -> link to project ?

  24. VS 2010 Re: Conditional on GetElementsByTagName Webbroser

    Here is an example without the conditional

    WebBrowser1.ScriptErrorsSuppressed = True
    WebBrowser1.DocumentText =
    <div id="ava-game_container">
  25. Re: SMTPClient to GoDaddy to send e-mail


    My guess the issue may be with needing to specify a port. See the following example project which uses a delegate to send messages async and will capture issues. No guarantees if the error...
  26. VS 2010 Re: Copy Header DataGridView

    See attached
  27. VS 2010 Re: Copy Header DataGridView


    Try this

    If DataGridView2.ColumnCount = 0 Then
    DataGridView1.Columns.Cast(Of DataGridViewColumn) _
    .ToList _
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    VS 2013 Re: Problem with extension method

    [QUOTE=Evil_Giraffe;4730691]1) Writing the extension method in a C# library wouldn't help: it's the call that is the problem. The expression "tmp" in the first post evaluates to a type of Object, and...
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    VS 2013 Re: Problem with extension method

    This can be done in C# but just because you can doesn't mean you should. In the end it's no different than how others have suggested to use .ToString().

    public static long ToInt32(this object...
  30. VS 2012 Re: show details from database in picturebox in


    This is best done in a web project (not a windows forms project) via hotspots/image mapping. I am sure this can be done in a windows form project but not easily as you need to manually map...
  31. Re: Search in Excel file Column A and Display Results in Column B

    Here is a different thought, search for the value and learn the row it came from. Now you can if this works for you adapt the logic to your project

    Public Sub SearchExcelWorkSheet(
  32. Re: Unable to find Last row used in Excel from Visual Basic

    In the article, run the project then look at GetExcelColumnLastRowInformation.vb which shows how to get last row count by column for one or more by a range i.e. the second parameter is column count,...
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    Re: Unhandled exception. . .

    If you are trying to run Test.exe in the runtime application folder try this

    Dim FileName As String = IO.Path.Combine(AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory, "Test.exe")
  34. Re: Unable to find Last row used in Excel from Visual Basic


    A full example with multiple options (yep there are various ways where come are good while others bad)

    MSDN Excel get used rows and columns
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    VS 2012 Re: Counting Rows in excel ?

    Did you get a chance to try the demo project out on OneDrive which I replied to over on Social forums thread?
  36. Get Excel sheet names, named ranges and reference tables

    The attached VS2012 solution contains a class project that can be used in your projects to get sheet names, named ranges and reference tables via Excel automation. The test project is a simple...
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    Re: Import Excel into a Dataset

    I don't have a web server to duplicate your environment so I have nothing else to suggest.
  38. VS 2013 Re: Pick all files in folder and underfolders by extension help


    The following VS2012 project demonstrates search for files by file extension in a folder and will search all sub-folders (uses a function to determine if we have permissions to read said...
  39. VS 2010 Re: Image doesn't retrieve from ms access

    There is nothing difficult in regards to JMC's code, connect to your database, get the image and convert from a byte array to an image. I usually have a very small amount of images to display so I...
  40. VS 2008 Re: Write to Dataset from 2 different classes

    A conceptual method would be to store the DataTable data in a DataSet within a Singleton class. The following uses mocked data to load the dataset, set a relationship and a DataColumn Expression...
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