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    VS 2010 Re: Threading and Listening to sockets

    The only thing that class gives you is splitting received messages on a newline (you can't control the line separator) and lets you send/receive strings by encoding with ASCII (again, not...
  2. VS 2010 Re: Threading or not - best way to regularly check/wait

    What framework version are you targeting. With the additional context I'd say using Tasks would help you out a lot rather than creating all those threads (threads are super expensive to create and...
  3. VS 2010 Re: Threading or not - best way to regularly check/wait

    In the first case, I would investigate the API of the DLL to find a way of asking to be notified of the completion of the action, either by passing in a callback, or by handling an event, or some...
  4. Re: How to call something one time, then stop?

    Keep track of whether you've performed that action is the simplest way:

    Private _imageHasBeenSet As Boolean = False

    Private Sub Button_Press(blah As Blah)
    If Not _imageHasBeenSet Then
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    VS 2010 Re: Threading and Listening to sockets

    Instead of explicit threading, you should use asynchronous techniques that will callback to your code when data is received, clients connect to a listening socket, etc. You tell the socket to statr...
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    Re: iList - Where have it got it wrong

    Which means your actual code is this:

    Dim MyItemsList As IList(Of MyItems)

    Frankly, there is no benefit to declaring the field as type IList(Of ) rather than List(Of ). You are about to...
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    Re: iList - Where have it got it wrong

    You've only declared the field which can hold a list, you haven't supplied a list to put in that field. You want to add a New in that line to also initialise the field with an instance:

  8. Re: Detect if value is increasing or decreasing!?

    If there is a Scrolling event on the scrollbar, it might already have both the old and new values available, which would save you maintaining it yourself.
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    Re: Visual Basic 2010 coding help!

    Oh gosh. Have you not learnt how to construct a model and populate it from a data source? If that's not been covered yet then you're in for a very painful time.

    Essentially, it sounds like you...
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    VS 2013 Re: Integer comparison function

    You're comparing two pictureboxes, to determine whether the cards represented in them are higher or lower? There's a few big-picture-issues here that are worth airing before getting to specifics.
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    VS 2013 Re: Multiple User Diary Application.

    Safer than, say, placing the administrator password in an accessible location so that the non-admin users can trivially get full administrative access to the computer? Yeah, I'd say that was safer.
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    VS 2013 Re: Multiple User Diary Application.

    Wow, seriously? No. Just no.

    Um, what?!
  13. Re: How can I reset a shared member of a Class, that is incremented with each instanc

    Can I ask what the requirement is that you're trying to fulfill by keeping a count of how many instances of the class you create? It's quite possibly something that has a far better solution than...
  14. VS 2013 Re: Have to make a check of which country the internetconnection is from??

    You would need to do a GeoIP lookup, that maps IP addresses to their approximate location.

    Note that even if the machine connecting to your server is in Denmark, the user may not be, as they can...
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    Re: Execution plan? What about them?

    The answer to all those questions is, predictably, "it depends".

    As I recall, a former colleague who was well versed in Oracle query optimisation (from a developer p.o.v., not a DBA) had a rule of...
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    VS 2010 Re: WPF - Value of checkbox in datagrid

    You should bind the checkbox column to a property on the object that the row is bound to. You don't go spelunking through the controls' state in WPF.
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    Re: Random property question

    You've not seeded the RNG. In .NET, it's encouraged to use the Random class rather than the Legacy functions, so you should create a single instance of the Random class, that will seed itself with...
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    Re: Loops in

    A big advantage of using sequences, as in my suggestion, is that you don't have to calculate the entire list before starting to work on the first element, and once you've finished working with an...
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    Re: Loops in

    Well, let's think about this. Dop we know ahead of time how many letters we want to loop up to? If we do, can we imagine a function that does it? I'm going to suppose there is a method we can call...
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    Re: xml simple stupid question

    If you have the XML in a file, why not just show the contents of the file, rather than trying to recreate it from the tree?
  21. Re: Need help with a multithreading problem

    Given that you're modifying UI controls in what you hope to be a non-UI thread, then no, it's not going to work. If you're animating two things on screen at the same time, you'll need to handle them...
  22. Re: Lots of messages to be parsed in lots of threads?

    You can't have a background thread waiting for events without some kind of message pump on that thread, which the above pattern is an example of. The GUI thread could be reacting to the events from...
  23. Re: Lots of messages to be parsed in lots of threads?

    I would probably go for an initial approach of putting the messages to be parsed into a ConcurrentQueue, and then signalling a wait handle.

    Start off a single thread that loops initially waiting...
  24. Re: Programming Made Easy Tutorial Kit (Made in VB) -- Who wants to join?

    Dynamic typing is not the same thing as inferred typing. Don't get them confused.
  25. Re: Man in the middle attacks on popular open wifi networks.

    That's not actually going to make any difference. It's still possible to eavesdrop on an encrypted wireless network by watching the initial connection (and for existing connections you can disrupt...
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    Re: To delete or not to delete

    Generally deleting would be best avoided. Say you delete a dentist record - what happens to all the records that linked to that dentist?

    "Delete" isn't really what happens anyway, so a blnDelete...
  27. Re: Programming Made Easy Tutorial Kit (Made in VB) -- Who wants to join?

    Why do you say that avoiding inference is doing it "properly"? There are also some instances where it is unavoidable. You do realise there is a difference between type inference and dynamic typing,...
  28. Re: Programming Made Easy Tutorial Kit (Made in VB) -- Who wants to join?

    Also, in statically typed functional languages, much of the typing is inferred, so again you don't specify the data-type. (This is also done to a certain extent in VB and C# and possibly other...
  29. Apple turning their customers into CRIMINAL HACKERS???

    This thread here pretty conclusively sums up that only EVIL HACKERS spoof their MAC address for anonymisation purposes.

    In iOS8, Apple have implemented a feature which spoofs the MAC address of...
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    VS 2012 Re: What does this function do?

    From reading the function, I'd have expected it to crash on the first iteration of the loop when it tried to get 1 character from the string starting at the very end of the string (where there are no...
  31. VS 2012 Re: Add multiple objects into form within a class

    Sounds like what you want to build is a UserControl. It's one of the options available when you "Add Item..." to your project
  32. VS 2012 Re: Add multiple objects into form within a class

    I'm sorry, I don't understand why you are asking for this to be inside a single class. What difference does that make? What are your actual requirements that lead you to believe this must be in a...
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    Re: WHich is correct?

    If you go with option B, you have the potential to handle returning the same person from a subsequent search by showing the previous instance of that form, if it is still open.

    It's also...
  34. Re: Control.Invalidate(Rectangle) invalidating the whole control?

    Seems pretty straight-forward behaviour, treating a zero-size rectangle as a null rectangle, and responding to that by invalidating the entire container. I mean, if you really wanted to invalidate a...
  35. VS 2013 Re: Code Analysis rules driving me mad...

    The returned list will be full of Disposed objects. It is the object that is disposed, not the variable. The point of the warning is that you don't want leaked objects being kept alive and holding on...
  36. VS 2013 Re: Code Analysis rules driving me mad...

    Actually, no don't use a Using block. Ignore the warning. You want those objects to remain after the local variables lose scope, which is why you're putting them in a list that gets returned from the...
  37. VS 2013 Re: Code Analysis rules driving me mad...

    Try a Using block.

    The issue that is being flagged up is that you can exit those blocks without running those dispose statements, due to errors etc. A Using block will handle disposing however the...
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    VS 2010 Re: [RESOLVED] ByRef puzzles...

    Just out of interest, why is that convenient?
  39. Re: Displaying color palette along with their "Color.?" definition?

    The MSDN entry for the KnownColor enum gives an example program that prints all of the known color names in that color. Note that this includes the System colors (e.g. "Scrollbar" for the back colour...
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    Re: is it even possible?

    Let me attempt to rephrase the question for you, and you let us know if I'm somewhere near the mark.

    Your application allows users to reserve computers for 1hr blocks. You'd like a window in your...
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