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  1. VS 2012 Re: show details from database in picturebox in


    This is best done in a web project (not a windows forms project) via hotspots/image mapping. I am sure this can be done in a windows form project but not easily as you need to manually map...
  2. Re: Search in Excel file Column A and Display Results in Column B

    Here is a different thought, search for the value and learn the row it came from. Now you can if this works for you adapt the logic to your project

    Public Sub SearchExcelWorkSheet(
  3. Re: Unable to find Last row used in Excel from Visual Basic

    In the article, run the project then look at GetExcelColumnLastRowInformation.vb which shows how to get last row count by column for one or more by a range i.e. the second parameter is column count,...
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    Re: Unhandled exception. . .

    If you are trying to run Test.exe in the runtime application folder try this

    Dim FileName As String = IO.Path.Combine(AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory, "Test.exe")
  5. Re: Unable to find Last row used in Excel from Visual Basic


    A full example with multiple options (yep there are various ways where come are good while others bad)

    MSDN Excel get used rows and columns
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    VS 2012 Re: Counting Rows in excel ?

    Did you get a chance to try the demo project out on OneDrive which I replied to over on Social forums thread?
  7. Get Excel sheet names, named ranges and reference tables

    The attached VS2012 solution contains a class project that can be used in your projects to get sheet names, named ranges and reference tables via Excel automation. The test project is a simple...
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    Re: Import Excel into a Dataset

    I don't have a web server to duplicate your environment so I have nothing else to suggest.
  9. VS 2013 Re: Pick all files in folder and underfolders by extension help


    The following VS2012 project demonstrates search for files by file extension in a folder and will search all sub-folders (uses a function to determine if we have permissions to read said...
  10. VS 2010 Re: Image doesn't retrieve from ms access

    There is nothing difficult in regards to JMC's code, connect to your database, get the image and convert from a byte array to an image. I usually have a very small amount of images to display so I...
  11. VS 2008 Re: Write to Dataset from 2 different classes

    A conceptual method would be to store the DataTable data in a DataSet within a Singleton class. The following uses mocked data to load the dataset, set a relationship and a DataColumn Expression...
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    Re: Arrays


    Difficult to reply without seeing code used as there are many ways this can be done.
  13. Re: Removing specific Rows in DataGridView


    The attached VS2012 project shows how to removed checked rows for an unbound DataGridView
  14. VS 2012 Re: Compare two datatables and return differences


    Here something you could try.

    Module DataTableCompare

    Public Sub Demodt()

    Dim dt1 As New DataTable With {.TableName = "MyTable"}
  15. Re: The ConcurrentDictionary (C# VB.NET)

    From time to time I find information that others might find useful, this post is just doing that, exposure to ConcurrentDictionary. Some will discard it, others explore while others will bump into...
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    VS 2012 Re: Datagrid


    I have a language extension method CloneRowWithValues which accepts a source row (from one DataGridView) and target DataGridView to copy the row too.

    Two examples where I am sure they...
  17. Re: The ConcurrentDictionary (C# VB.NET)

    No surprises at all but still doing the proverbial test drive
  18. The ConcurrentDictionary (C# VB.NET)

    Stumbled across this today, did a few experiments as follows

    See this post also.

    Added Code Project article with sample solution in C#. Download, open configuration manager, set build for...
  19. Re: Reading a txt file asynchronous and inserting to DB vs2013 MSSQL2008


    The following is a very basic framework w/o a CancellationTokenSource that would allow the process to be cancelled. Simple cancel demo.

    ' Large text file
    Private FileName As String =...
  20. Re: Showing splash screen with gif animation


    If using VS2012 or higher download the following project.

    The splash screen currently is configured to show a spinning progress animation similar to Google and Apple while the main form...
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    Re: What do you think about nicotine

    Well a few in my civilian class played a evil prank on me, was teaching a technique to create distance from an attacker and the one whom I was demonstrating the technique on for lack of a better...
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    Re: What do you think about nicotine

    My students (teaching empty hand combatives) were warned one week ahead of time when I was quitting that they could pass the following weeks class as I would more likely than not be a tad bit...
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    Re: Help with XML nested elements

    Simple xml literal demo

    Dim dt As New DataTable With {.TableName = "MyTable"}
    New DataColumn With
    .ColumnName = "Identifier",
    .DataType =...
  24. Re: Dynamically set control property enum

    If by chance you are storing images as project resources take a look at the following article.
  25. VS 2010 Re: [Please Help] Filtering datagridview with textbox

    Exactly what I suggested.
  26. VS 2010 Re: Vb.Net Error To prevent possible data loss before loading the designer, the ....


    I downloaded your project but only have VS2012/2013, loaded the project, built/ran, zero issues, Closed Visual Studio, re-open, build/run, no issues. So whatever is going on seems to be...
  27. VS 2010 Re: [Please Help] Filtering datagridview with textbox


    A simple method, first declare your BindingSource at form level

    Public Class Form1
    WithEvents bsData As New BindingSource
  28. VS 2010 Re: Vb.Net Error To prevent possible data loss before loading the designer, the ....


    From reading the error message it sounds like you may have written code where you should not have and if not more likely than not we might be dealing with a corrupt form.

    Have you...
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    AngelaSmith library

    I came across this library for generating/seeding and thought others might like to check it out.

    Simple example (as there are no demo projects)


    namespace AngelaSmithTest
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    Re: Outlook HTML email problem

    Did you look at the link I provided?

    In regards to not wanting many more utilities, my advice was not to add to the current list of applications/utilities but instead to look at a all encompassing...
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    VS 2013 Re: Retain form Control Values


    For what you want My.Setting is best as per techgnome. Alternate methods require you to write code. The only time to not use My.Setting data binding is when it can't meet your needs.

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    Re: Outlook HTML email problem

    Does it matter that smtp is a valid method over OutLook? Also there are freeware web apps that can be used to do this as a help desk utility that will do what you want with very little configuration.
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    Re: Outlook HTML email problem


    Messing with the registry is in my mind a 'work-around' as you should never need to alter the system registry for this purpose unless you have zero chances to do the task w/o doing so. I...
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    Re: Outlook HTML email problem


    This is what I have found to work

    Imports System.Net.Mail
    Public Class Form1
    Private Sub DemoSendMessage(ByVal Address As String, ByVal Host As String)
    Dim KateImage...
  35. Re: How to create a shapefile from a DataGridView


    If using ESRI products I would ask them.
  36. VS 2012 Re: VB How to merge cells having same data in datagridview?

    Like this?

  37. VS 2013 Re: Format numbers datatable colum

    I noticed that you want a decimal but perhaps this might be an alternate going string to double (sounds like it's currently a string at least)

    Dim dt As New DataTable With {.TableName =...
  38. VS 2008 Re: 'Next' is not a member of 'System.Windows.Forms.Button'

    Stop taking the red pills :-)
  39. Re: Textbox numeric type and paste only

    Download this solution, note I placed the TextBox into a class project so you can use it in any project.
  40. Re: Textbox numeric type and paste only

    Create a new class file in your project name it numericTextbox.vb, replace the default contents with the code I replied with. Now re-build the project, display the form you want to use it in, select...
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