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    Converting VB Snippet to C#

    I'm having a difficult time getting this snippet converted over to C#. This is for checking for a running process of AutoCAD first before opening a new instance of it. If one is found then use...
  2. Re: How do I format a decimal variable to always show 2 decimal spaces?

    If you just want a two digit decimal value to appear on the screen somewhere then you could use:

    Console.WriteLine("The value is: " & val.ToString("F2")

    There are of course other ways to do...
  3. Re: [RESOLVED] C# Code running slower than molasses in January

    Now to move on to the next question I have on this. As you can see, I am breaking the Two-Dot rule all over the place. I did a quick review to see where I could get it to comply with the One-Dot only...
  4. Re: C# Code running slower than molasses in January

    Okay, I double and triple checked this thing. Using the native Excel Library reference from M$ this it takes about 10 minutes for it to write all 1,500 records to the Excel file and for some strange...
  5. [RESOLVED] C# Code running slower than molasses in January

    I have a fairly simple C# project which reads in records from a MySql database and then transfers them over to an Excel file so some people in managment can see the fancy bar charts created therein...
  6. Still Trying to Understand How To Reuse Objects

    I have a fairly simple project in C#.NET. The Program.cs looks like this:

    class Program
    public static Select_Frame vsFrameSize = new Select_Frame();
    static void...
  7. Re: Is the IRS story about the harddrive crash plausible to you?

    Politically, I'm for the two-party system. One on Friday and one on Saturday.

    Now about those missing emails....there is no way the emails were lost. She either sent them or received them from...
  8. Re: Align Center of Label with Center of Textbox When Label Text Changes

    I stumbled on a way to fix this and it looks like it achieves the desired effect. First I set the Autosize property of the label to OFF, and manually set the width of the label to allow the largest...
  9. [RESOLVED] Align Center of Label with Center of Textbox When Label Text Changes

    I have two textboxes each with a label beneath them in which the text changes based on some other input by the user. I can align the labels and their respective textbox on their centers in the form...
  10. Re: C# Code to Shutdown Any Excel Process Running Longer Than 1 Minute

    saptor, yes, this is an automated process and if an Excel instance has been running longer than 1 minute then it's definitely in need of whacking. And yes, I too was a VB.NET man but they tied me...
  11. C# Code to Shutdown Any Excel Process Running Longer Than 1 Minute

    I need a method to add at the beginning of my project that will check and see if any Excel processes have been running longer than 1 minute and shut them down if it finds any. I have a method which...
  12. Re: C# Project Goes South When I Remove label1_Click code

    Okay, I found it. I was deleting the only method that was located in the Form1.cs class file. DOH! Shame on me.
  13. [RESOLVED] C# Project Goes South When I Remove label1_Click code

    I am building a C# Windows Form app project in Visual Studio 2013 Express. I have some labels and one or two of them I accidentally double clicked on. Thus is stuck some code for it in the...
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    Version Control

    I've been developing for this client for over two years now. And the success we've enjoyed with the apps are evident that they hired more devs and allowed me to train some others here in the company...
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    Re: Code Analysis (Warning)

    If you're using Visual Studio you can turn on word wrap in your settings and the code will wrap nicely to the width of your window automatically. Just go to Tools>Options>Text Editor and then either...
  16. Re: Strange Results from Excel SpreadSheet

    Thanks everyone for the replies. I finally tracked it down. Someone who shall remain nameless, but he's one of the department heads, decided to rename one of the macros in this particular...
  17. Re: Strange Results from Excel SpreadSheet

    It's a formula. But it resolves to a text field.

    Hey, Plano, TX. Very near my home town of Richardson, TX. I know the town well.
  18. [RESOLVED] Strange Results from Excel SpreadSheet

    I'm getting a very strange result when part of my VB.NET project reads from a particular cell in Excel.

    If Mid(vExcelSheet2.Range("B97").Value, 1, 13) <> "THIS HATCH IS" Then

  19. Re: Find the Alpha Characters on Left Side of String

    Okay, I've got this on the way now. The next step is to determine where in the alphabet the last alpha character in the string occurs.

    public static string vAlphabet =...
  20. Re: Find the Alpha Characters on Left Side of String

    Okay, I think I got it:

    static string GetAlphabeticalValue(string x)
    return (new Regex("[A-Z]*").Match(x).Value);

    This appears to work. The string will...
  21. [RESOLVED] Find the Alpha Characters on Left Side of String

    I need to come up with a method to get the alphabetical characters from a string. The strings will always have alpha characters on the left side but it will not always be the same number of them.
  22. [RESOLVED] Convert Existin VB.NET Form to a Web Form

    I have a beautiful form built in a VB.NET project. It has at least 200 lines of code which turn on and off various radio buttons and check boxes depending on the selections the user makes. For...
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    [RESOLVED] Comments in Continued Lines

    I often break long lines of code up using the "_" as a break and end up with something like this:

    SendtchData="id=" & GetUserName() & CLng(DateTime.Now.Subtract(New DateTime(1970, 1,...
  24. VS 2008 Re: How to write to ini.file or txt file where identifier.Help Help

    That's because you're not really needing to look for the end of the file when you're writing to it. Your method of using Peek <> -1 is doing just that. It searches until there is no more to search...
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    Re: While Loop Confusion

    Ah, yes....I think I see your logic very clearly. Thanks everyone.
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    Re: While Loop Confusion

    Thanks opus. That worked but I still had to add a blank line after the comment section in order for it to pickup reading variables where I want it to. One of the IT guys is telling me to make an...
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    While Loop Confusion

    I am building some code to read a text file which will contain values for some variables which are subject to change. I'm reading these from a config file so that later when someone changes their...
  28. [RESOLVED] Connection to MySQL not ending when directed

    I have the following simple vb project which connects to a MySQL database, reads the records and then closes the connection. But when I examine the processlist on the Unix server running MySQL it...
  29. Re: Read & Update MySQL Using the Same Open Connection

    Okay, we got this one working. Another developer who specializes in php was assisting with this and he had mixed up some ideas using php vs VB.NET. That's what I get for listening to other...
  30. [RESOLVED] Read & Update MySQL Using the Same Open Connection

    We're trying to use the same connection to do two (2) operations in a MySQL project. We want to read in a record, process some values from it and then UPDATE the record based on the new values. But...
  31. Re: Assign Variables from MySQL Database Field

    Thanks again everyone. I'm thinking like you that it's time for me to sharpen my skills using Dictionaries. And as for numerics, this will all be strings, because we're simply looking to establish...
  32. Re: Assign Variables from MySQL Database Field

    Thanks again everyone. And no I did not test my code...because another developer wrote it and she said it will not work....gee thanks for that. Plus she likes to work with Form Applications thus...
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    Re: Excel does not stay inviisible


    Thanks and I did test this on my computer, all went well. No Excel screen visible during the run.

    I should explain here that although this code has worked fine for almost 18 months,...
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    Excel does not stay inviisible

    Sorry to be such a pest today. We are transitioning over to a new machine.

    This new machine is Windows 7 with Excel 2013 and VS 2013 Express. All my code which has worked beautifully on the...
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    Problem with MySQL.Data File

    I have a project we switched over to run with MySQL. I added the reference for MySQL.Data.MySQLClient.dll and everything works fine in the IDE but once I try to run the standalone exe it complains...
  36. Assign Variables from MySQL Database Field

    I'm looking for a method to assign dynamic variables by using the column names from the MySQL database.

    dbread = dbcomm.ExecuteReader()
    While dbread.Read

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    I'm hacking through a new project using a MySQL database. I'm actually using C# for this not VB but the syntax is similar. A portion of my code looks like this:

    In the...
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    Re: Programming Language Alternative

    Thanks for all the replies. I think in the end we will use Apache on a SUSE Enterprise server. The other developers here will use php, Ajax, Java or whatever, but I think they will choose php. The...
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    Programming Language Alternative

    We have an IT director here who has, and with the best of intentions, decided we must get off all M$ oriented programming. What he wants is for all future development to take place with languages...
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    Shutting Down Excel

    I have a rather complicated project which uses Excel. In the past, other wonderfully helpful people on this forum have offered advice and tried to help out with this issue. In a nutshell, there are...
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