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  1. Domain driven design (DDD) - nesting domains


    Any thought on how to do a domain driven design architecture where one domain type is effectively nested within another?
    For example if I have a [Fund] domain that has all the operations...
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    Re: An Azure learning app - "Task Bazaar"

    ..and the events that are held in the EventStore all inherit from a base class:-

    ''' <summary>
    ''' Base class for all events - allows for a common synchronising property
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    Re: Maintaining commit-ment?

    Actually - I've worked out that part of this is that my day job has become more exciting leaving less of a programming type hole to fill
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    Re: Maintaining commit-ment?

    Nah - money is just a proxy for mating rights and food ;-) (OK - this may have gone OT)
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    Re: Maintaining commit-ment?

    Yeah - I think the printer stuff is holding me back. I'll let it wither and see if that increases my interest in my other projects. Thanks.
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    Maintaining commit-ment?

    How do you keep plugging away at a solo or open source project that doesn't have any monetary compensation when the "proof of concept" part is finished?

    (My own are floundering...and need an...
  7. Re: TextOut: printed text displaced on paper, correct when printing to PDF

    Perhaps your printer device context is not set to use the MM_TEXT map mode (See GetMapMode) ?
  8. VS 2010 Re: face recognition for log in and log out with mysql

    If you have a finite set of people to recognise and can get them to input a lot of photos then something like facebook's facial recognition might be good enough...
  9. VS 2010 Re: face recognition for log in and log out with mysql

    Wow - you surely don't lack ambition.

    Best if you read through some research papers like these before embarking on such an ambitious project.
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    VS 2008 Re: can send e-mails in VBA but not

    Where is email(in the line: .To = email) declared, and what does it contain when run?
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    VS 2008 Re: can send e-mails in VBA but not

    My guess is the Outlook Security Warning is being triggered because it is an untrusted app. doing the sending. The linked article will explain what to do.
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    Re: Fatal exceptions?

    My investigations have dug up quite a few examples from aviation (Airbus Paris air show crash) and some really rather horrible industrial control systems failures.
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    Fatal exceptions?


    For an article I am writing I need examples of software faults that have caused human fatalities (it's a "make a big impression" thing, not morbid fascination).
    Any ideas?

  14. Re: Program to encrypt a message using a simple Caeser Cypher

    First you need to add an Option Explicit to the start of your code to make it pick up invalid variable assignments.

    Next - this line doesn't do anything at all - what was intended?

    msgNew =...
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    Re: Laptop suggestions

    I'm doing windows development on a MacBook Air i5

    I use Parallels for hosting the Windows OS at it is responsive enough. (Visual Studio 2013, SQL Server 2012, usual stuff)
    My brother uses...
  16. Re: Generic class with multiple type constraints

    I'd missed that - I kind of assumed BaseClass would implement ITestInterface - otherwise what can you know for sure about every member of this collection ?
  17. Re: Generic class with multiple type constraints

    Something like:-

    Public Class RestrictedList(Of T As {ITestInterface, BaseClass})
    Inherits List(Of T)
    End Class

    Dim objList as List(of foo)
  18. Re: Generic class with multiple type constraints

    You could create a class that inherits from the generic list but adds your interface constraint(s).
  19. Re: Serialize a Class Library Friend

    You can also use the DataMember and DataContract attributes to mark friend (and even private) members for serialising/deserialising. Behind the scenes it adds the same kind of Serialisable code as...
  20. Re: Serialize a Class Library Friend

    You could add an implementation of ISerializable to the classes concerned?
  21. Re: How to make an Azure hosted ASP.NET website use my domain name as its base URL?

    No - but there's a configuration screen on the Azure portal that can set many such settings (things like connection strings etc.)
    However from reading around the subject it appears that this is not...
  22. Re: Getting an unexpected exception!!!

    You should treat a database connection like a refrigerator door : open it, get out only what you want and then close it again immediately.
  23. Re: Getting an unexpected exception!!!

    Shouldn't the first conn.Close() be conn.Open() ?
  24. How to make an Azure hosted ASP.NET website use my domain name as its base URL?

    I have a website hosted on Azure that is written on ASP.NET

    I have registered a domain name and got that domain to redirect to my azure hosted website

    How do I get the website to use my...
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    VS 2010 Re: Printform quality

    No - the PrintForm powerpack uses a bit of a fudge to print - it basically performs a kind of screen print which means what comes out of the printer is at the screen resolution.

    As you are using...
  26. Re: Printing graphics, text, etc. with high clarity. Is it possible?

    Your problem arises because the graphics you are printing have already been rendered at the screen resolution. To get them rendered at printer resolution send the control a WM_PRINTCLIENT message...
  27. Re: Need urgent help with Piglatin code.. Please!!

    Excellent answer - if you follow that process you can have a long and very prosperous career...
  28. Re: How to make VB.NET Garbage Collector Example?

    Your issue is nothing to do with garbage collection - I'd say more likely your Sleep(60000) is occurring when you kill the game.
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    Re: need history record archiving advice

    I wouldn't explicitly move records to an arcghive history - rather I would use table partitioning on record date.
  30. VS 2013 Re: "System.BadImageFormatException" for downgrade Framework 4.5 to Framework 4.0

    When you change between x86 and x66 the size (in memory) of an integer is changed.
    if the dll you are calling is a 32 bit dll then you should explicitly pass it an Int32 rather than an Integer...
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    Re: Anyone using Azure yet?

    I'm using Azure for a number of things and not coming near $100/month - I think my last bill was $40

    There is a good overview of the security/encryption stuff on MSDN here
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    Re: Constructor constrictor

    Yeah - I guess DI will work in this case. I need to turn the array of parameters into a more meaningful class so the mapper can find what to instantiate...
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    Constructor constrictor

    I have a bunch of classes that are designed to basically test some parameters and tell me if the thing they represent is complete or not yet. For example the "DownloadTester" will be passed a...
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    Re: DDD and nested domains?

    To answer my own question - it seems that so long as each domain has its own data model and you are disciplined in not using the common data store as a communication channel then a shared database or...
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    VS 2010 Re: Help me understand Generics

    The first thing you need to do is make sure Option Explicit is specified.

    What is happening here is that you are re-using the same name to refer to two completely different things and are getting...
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    Re: Printing Protection

    PauseAllPrintJobs example (from the source documentation) :-

    Private WithEvents pmon As New PrinterMonitorComponent

    Public Sub New()

    ' This call is...
  37. Re: Very strange time difference in 2 sprocs run through another sproc.

    I'm going to suggest you look below the database level - I'm thinking that if you opened up the event log(s) on the servers concerned you would find something occurring on the slow server that does...
  38. Re: Very strange time difference in 2 sprocs run through another sproc.

    It could be - index fragmentation, out of date statistics, something on the physical hardware and many other possible causes.

    I notice that the query is called "execRemoteProcedure" - is it...
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    Re: Printing Protection

    Click on the View Detail link to see what the real underlying issue is.

    pmon.AddPrinter(p.PrinterName) is important - it adds the printer to the list of printers being monitored.

    There is a...
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    Re: Printing Protection

    You can detect and manage the printers using this component...I'd suggest running it on the server(s) as the admin user and then reducing user's access rights to administer the printers so they...
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