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    Re: If you like your Ebola, you can keep it

    Fans of Faux News and its negative agenda like to parrot things they've heard but do not actually understand:

    Thus such things don't necessarily undermine an argument at all.
  2. Re: How do I make a constant string array

    The only important thing is to realize it is there and account for it when creating Strings as "buffers" and passing/consuming "length" counts. But it isn't the same thing as String values being...
  3. Re: How do I make a constant string array

    Interestingly it is defined as a Unicode NUL (i.e. "two NUL characters" i.e. 16 bits of 0s) even when the String contains ANSI data instead of Unicode data.

    See BSTR
  4. Re: How do I make a constant string array

    No, the NUL is not a terminator but a "guard character" added outside the value of the String.

    It is not included in the size returned by Len(), as opposed to C operators such as sizeof().
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    Re: Surface Pro 3

    No reason to think it can't do this. The question is, "How well?"

    The main issues will be the tiny screen, tiny keyboard, mouse substitute, and the small size and short life in general of SSDs...
  6. Re: What is the latest Service Release for VB6

    Then you are doomed to numerous subtle problems.

    SP6, SP6A, and SP6B were all VB6 Service Packs. The "B" never had anything to do with "Basic."

    Be very careful about installing anything...
  7. Re: How do I make a constant string array

    Variable length String variable values are not "null terminated" at all, but do have an out-of-band NUL character just past the value of the String. The distinction is important, since failing to...
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    Re: Just thinking about the VBForums Rep

    Note that it can be an iffy thing though. There are people I'd add reputation for but until enough others come along who are "deserving" I can't add any more.

    No idea how much must be "spread...
  9. Re: MDB Relationships "Showing" After Added through VB6 with the DAO

    If you actually have relationships then they will be shown here. Perhaps you didn't create any?

    In SQL DDL (e.g. CREATE TABLE) you'd use a CONSTRAINT... REFERENCES clause.
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    Re: Using a COM Advise Sink

    As far as I can tell from a quick look at IFileOperation and friends there are limitations.

    IFileOperationProgressSink appears to be an interface that your program must implement, so what you...
  11. Re: Implementing "LAN-wide Variables" with a broadcast? Other approches?

    Even a simple counter is impractical in P2P. It only works if the data is "fuzzy" and doesn't require precision.
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    Re: If you like your Ebola, you can keep it

    Reminds me of some trailheads here with signage about not looking a bear in the eyes, trying to outrun one, etc. They never mentioned the "socks defense."

    For good or ill the only bears we have...
  13. Re: How to detect when a device/cable is plugged or unplugged when using MSCOMM contr

    Actually true/on/1 is a low (negative) voltage, high (positive) voltages are false/off/0. ;)
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    Re: UDT within UDT

    Or better yet just use classes instead unless you need them to stand in for a "struct" used with an API call.

    The fact that each relatively small value-only class has its own module is a small...
  15. Re: Implementing "LAN-wide Variables" with a broadcast? Other approches?

    Yep, some always-on device with local storage is simply a requirement. As pointed out already it is quite easy to have an un-updated peer come online when all updated peers are off.

    So that...
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    Re: Listbox Column Width ?

    Hmm, no such issue here.

    Perhaps you mean Columns and not Width?
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    Re: If you like your Ebola, you can keep it

    I think we just don't know enough about it in order to scale our reaction at an appropriate level.

    Things already seem to be moving far beyond what people have been told the real risks are. But...
  18. Re: VB6 Input Validation to Disallow an All Alpha Character Field

    Be careful.

    In a Windows user interface the "enter" key is used to select the Default control, typically a submit, update, etc. button. Just like the "escape" selects the Cancel control.

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    Re: Windows 10 preview

    Just to be complete...

    It isn't just desktop Windows. See: Announcing availability of Windows Server Technical Preview and System Center Technical Preview too.
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    Re: Windows 10 preview

    Well there is a good point worth making though. Both tracks are "technical" previews and not meant for general end-user consumption. Things are just too fluid yet and a lot may change before...
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    Re: Windows 10 preview

    This is a plague on the industry we've suffered with for a very long time.

    There is an "embrace and persuade" philosophy called DevOps but it can be very costly since you have to stop and explain...
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    Re: Windows 10 preview

    No, actually it isn't.

    There is a separate preview for "enterprise" users. You can see the separate link for it near the bottom of
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    Re: DAtaReport Image From Database

    The only image control for DataReports is static and must be set before the Initialize event handler completes.

    As such it is typically set at design time and used for things like logos or fancy...
  24. Re: Creating shortcuts without using Script Host Object

    Well you could "go to the source" and do this via Shell Automation. It's another wrapper on Shell's flat API calls much as you've been using but at least it is all housed in the same library...
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    Re: VB 6.0 and MSDN Library

    I'm not sure where people get the idea that there are 2 CDs in the MSDN Library package that came with VB/VS 6.0, perhaps they are still using the really creaky 1998 set?

    When you bought VS/VB 6.0...
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    Re: Code Signing VB6 created app

    The problem is that a tool like InnoSetup puts every tiny detail of the process into your hands, like coding in assembly language. One slip and your deployment package becomes a dieseased bee,...
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    Re: Code Signing VB6 created app

    If you insist on using the cantakerous and dangerous "InnoSetup" please at least be sure you test thoroughly.

    I am getting very tired of support calls asking me to fix applications that sombody...
  28. Re: ASCII file with LF only as line terminator.

    There are also lots of CodeBank samples, such as Huge (>2GB) Text File I/O Class.
  29. Re: [VB6] API Open With Dialog with enhanced functionality

    I'm not sure why a program would ever need to do this since it is part of the Shell UI meant to be driven by the end user. Even then it's only for advanced users since you can easily break file...
  30. Re: ASCII file with LF only as line terminator.

    For text files of reasonably small size the ADO Stream object is incredibly versatile. It can handle CR, LF, or CRLF as line delimiters as well as encodings from the full range of ANSI code pages...
  31. Re: MSCOMM32.OCX. Getting a single digital output

    Deployment issues can be quite complex, because there are numerous approaches for different scenarios.

    But what you have is one of the simpler cases, and the Package and Deployment Wizard can...
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    Re: Windows 10 preview

    What 'one Windows' really means (and doesn't)

    It is more about API-equivalent Metro "store apps" platforms layered on top of several NT based OSs than much of anything else.
  33. Re: VB6 ActiveX DLL Composition and Versioning

    Note that the "regfree COM" mentioned above is unrelated to something entirely different that Microsoft calls "reg-free COM."

    The latter moves the mapping between class, type, & interface IDs and...
  34. Re: Get count of files in subfolders too using File System Object (or some other way?

    Recursion isn't necessary at all, though it is often used for this even by those who don't understand the concept. Must be a lot of copy/paste cowboys out there. ;)

    See DirLister lightweight Dir()...
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    Re: C# have more "tools" available?

    As far as I can recall the major differences had to do with how quickly new intrinsic language features were added. At one time C# tended to get some things before VB.Net, and to a lesser extent...
  36. Re: Background button color in themed button

    Indeed, there are.

    Actually you don't need to explicitly call either of those entrypoints, all that matters seems to be to get comctl32.dll loaded before letting VB6 create any UI elements. ...
  37. Re: Reading a text file, as Binary, Line by Line ?

    I'm reminded of The Notepad file encoding problem, redux and related articles.

    Note also that once Notepad rolls the dice and makes its guess it calls... you guessed it... MultiByteToWideChar as...
  38. Re: And you thought ASMR videos were already a weird phenomenon!

    I suppose I over reacted, since when I watched some of it I was reminded of those late night TV ads for "adult phone conversations."

    I'd had forgotten about the whole thing until I went to the...
  39. Re: And you thought ASMR videos were already a weird phenomenon!

    Well it sure isn't ASLR, which is what I was looking for when I stumbled upon Autonomous sensory meridian response via a typo.

    Basically it is supposed to be a new agey pseudo-therapeutic thing...
  40. Re: create excel file without excel installed in vb6.0

    Or you can do the same thing using ADO, which (a.) is still supported, unlike DAO, and (b.) comes with everything you need as part of Windows, so no DAO library to deploy.
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