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    Re: IO.File.ReadAll Count

    I didn't look to closely but it appears you just need a counter to do what you want

    Dim Result As String
    Dim Count as integer

    For Each LocationY In DataByLocation
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    Re: Copy Files Using Visual Studio 2010

    One simple method to copy and entire directory in VB.Net would be

    My.Computer.FileSystem.CopyDirectory("C:\TestDirectory1", "C:\TestDirectory2", True)

    There are several other options...
  3. Re: The code convertion from VB .NET to VB6

    Well for starters that is not VB.Net code you are trying to convert.

    May be C# code
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    Re: Intaller for VB 6 Application

    The PD wizard works fine in most cases though you would need to modify it to get a product key if you want that as part of your install.

    The best installer I have used is Install Shield but that...
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    Re: Problem with recordset

    Add a modal flag to the show statement so the code waits at the show line until the viewer form is closed or hidden.
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    Re: usage computation

    I generally use a Transactions table and record transactions there. The Type of Trans, The PartNumber which is linked to the master part table, qty, the date of the transaction and the user who...
  7. Re: need help of for next statement

    My advice would be to add some data, run the program and see if it works the way you want. If not then step through the code and see what it is doing and then if you can't figure it out come back and...
  8. Re: need help of for next statement

    Have you tried running your revised code to see if it does what you want it to do?

    I have no way of knowing what you expect it to do. I can only tell what it should do based on the way it is coded.
  9. Re: need help of for next statement

    Well I am not sure what you are trying to do but it that little piece of code I posted above was edited to remove all those red Next Y statements and move the Next Z down after the end if then it...
  10. Re: need help of for next statement

    If rsbal.EOF Then 'no record here
    grid3.AddItem etc...
    Next Y 'should not be here next line of code will be the Next Y in Blue at the bottom
    Else ...
  11. Re: need help of for next statement

    Well basically your initial issue is that you can't have a conditional Next. Each For requires a Next and if either of those are within a conditional such as an If then both the for and the next must...
  12. Re: Find the max without massive, how to enter data?

    Sorry I just can't seem to get past this statement

    What in the world do you actually mean by that? It always helps to speak in complete sentences ;)
  13. Re: Initializing Comms by searching for "key" character (Protocol Converter)

    Well I think instead of searching for that first character I would just check the length of the string received and drop it if it is incomplete.

    That said having the receive threshold at 43 is...
  14. Re: Type Mismatch in VB6 - But its not "Run Time Error-13"

    Well it would have helped if the code was pasted into a post so as to be readable rather than as a scaled image which is blurry and partially covered by a message box.

    From the looks of it the...
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    Re: REMCAM 320 x 240 dimension

    Where are you getting the error and what is the actual error message?
  16. Re: I've some problems calculating and putting controls in the correct coordinates

    Without going to far into the code you posted why not use a different method for locating the picture box

    Simply use the Top of the picturebox above it + the height of the picturebox above it +...
  17. Re: windows resize doesn't fit to all resolutions why?

    No I did not try it at 1366 and no it was not ok at 1920
    Probably you coded it based on a width of 1280 and it is the width that is giving you problems.
    Note that both displays you said were ok are...
  18. Re: windows resize doesn't fit to all resolutions why?

    you don't even need to run it at multiple res to see the problems just run it on a high res and then resize the form. Definitely some issues in your resizing there.

    I am running 1920x1080

    At a...
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    Re: Get access column names

    Agreed I would add the where clause as well. Just meant as a quick example of how to get the names of the column names and other properties if needed.
  20. Re: Shared drive's path in App.Path

    I would check how you are launching the program.
    I ran a quick test here and this is the result

    1: I open explorer and point it to the mapped drive, open the folder and lanuch the program ...
  21. Re: Compile error: Pemission Denied while making exe in VB6

    He had said before that he was trying to create it on the desktop but failed to say if it was the desktop within the VM or the desktop of the Host OS.

    It really is hard to come up with a solution...
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    Re: Dir and filelist

    Sorry, can't understand the question

    app.path returns where you program is at so those 3 values you show only cause confusion and make it harder to understand what you are trying to do.

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    Re: Get access column names

    When I have need to create a new database from my program that mimics the old database I generally include a blank copy of the mdb with a different file extension then simply make a copy of the blank...
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    Re: Get access column names

    You can also retrieve the names from a standard recordset opened on the target table

    RS.Open "Select * from Table"
    For x=0 to rs.fields.count-1
    debug.print RS(x).Name
  25. Re: Downloading a file, but checking to see if it is newer / timestamp that current?

    Anyway...outa here. Didn't want to get into a .....contest...was just a suggestion.[/QUOTE]

    From the bolded part in the quote above it certainly appears that the intention was to have that...
  26. Re: Downloading a file, but checking to see if it is newer / timestamp that current?

    Would be a variable name so the client would not know what filename to ask for.
    I am assuming that the intention is to automate this rather than have the user go to a web page and look for it

  27. Re: Problem calculating amount of lines in a form

    Well it would help if you showed the code that is doing the calculating for the number of lines and the code that sizes this pictureboxdata also what routine(s) the code is in

    What do you mean by...
  28. Re: Copying a file from temporary directory in VB6

    MKDir() to create a directory
    FileCopy() to copy a file
    Kill() to delete a file
    RMDir() to remove a directory (directory must be empty)

    Paste does not enter into it. FileCopy creates a copy of...
  29. Re: Downloading a file, but checking to see if it is newer / timestamp that current?

    Keep in mind that the timestamp will show you when the zip file was uploaded rather than when the exe was created.
    Version number is probably a better choice.
  30. Thread: DataGrid

    by DataMiser

    Re: DataGrid

    I have used the datagrid in a similar way many times myself. It is very quick and easy and is often all you need.
  31. Re: Can two variables point to the same Multi-Dim array?

    Why would you want more than one reference variable to the same array? That really doesn't make any sense.

    Say you have Array X() and it contains 1,2,3,4,5
    You somehow make Z reference X so now...
  32. Re: need advice how to get the result faster

    Why would you need to use 5 functions for that? Sounds like a single query should be all that is needed and yes 15-20 seconds is far to long for this simple task should definitely be <1 second
  33. Re: trying to calculate and divide hours by 60 missing a value in the table

    Look at the query you used, It does not pull the EnterName field as part of the recordset so when the report tries to add it it is not there and gives you an error.
    \That query is just returning the...
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    Re: Why use Object data type?

    That was a poor piece of code to begin with. If it had been coded correctly then it would have upgraded correctly.

    It should have been
    Function GetSysEEsn() as Boolean

    Private Function...
  35. Re: [RESOLVED] Program runs OK in IDE mode but VB6 crashes when I try to compile

    Not really a good idea to use Val as a variable name seeing as how there is a Val() function in VB
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    Re: Oppening Balance

    I didn't bother to try and follow that long SQL query.
    The thing I am wondering is how you come up with a balance of 100,000 when you had a 0 balance and a 100,000 debit?
    I really wish my bank...
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    Re: Using $ to specify a string variable

    Same here, I think the last time I used it for a variable was in VBDos
    I do use it on various string functions of course
  38. Re: Program runs OK in IDE mode but VB6 crashes when I try to compile

    Funny how if you alter the code just a little then it works fine but as is it crashes
    You are passing a return value from a function byref to an API call which appears to be the issue
    If you place...
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    Re: Using $ to specify a string variable

    The first part is true but the second is incorrect or so it would seem. You do not need to keep adding the $ on the end after the initial dim
    for example

    Option Explicit
    Dim MyString$
  40. Re: Program runs OK in IDE mode but VB6 crashes when I try to compile

    Normal code?

    So you consider creating hooks and reading and writing to the memory of other processes normal VB code?
    That seems a bit odd seeing as how you have to use API calls to do it...
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