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  1. Re: [RESOLVED] Epson L110 Ink System paper and ink blinking

    it is okay now...

    i found a clean software that would reset the waste ink pad.
    thanks anyway....
  2. [RESOLVED] Epson L110 Ink System paper and ink blinking

    Hello Guys,

    I'm wondering if you could help me about my problem with my printer.

    My Epson L110 Ink System paper/ink button is blinking continuously. Ink in the tank is still half way full, and...
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    audio file to text converter


    What is the best audio file to text converter software out there?

    I tried the google api but it is very unaccurate.

    I have audio files of different sources.

    Dragon is very...
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    Re: hd usb samsung not revognized

    to quote DataMiser, running chkdsk might be worth the try.
    at command prompt, run chkdsk /f/r

    if it will not fix it, then you may opt to find a good data recovery tool.
  5. Re: corrupted or unreadable external hard drive

    my problem is now resolved.

    i just used chkdsk... :)
  6. [RESOLVED] corrupted or unreadable external hard drive

    i have a seagate portable plus external hd at 500gb.

    without any reason at all, suddenly it became unreadable or corrupted
    after plugging it into another pc.

    is there a way to repair my...
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    Re: problem with BIOS administrator password

    u can set up a password for either administrator(to edit/change bios settings) or user(login before loading OS).

    i only set a password for user.
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    problem with BIOS administrator password

    my mobo is asus p8h61mlx. i set up a user password at BIOS and i didn't do anything with the administrator password.
    i can access the system using my user password but i can't access BIOS anymore. ...
  9. Re: internet sharing with a winxp desktop and ipad

    so, a pc should have wifi capabilities to make it possible of which my pc don't have..
    thanks anyway nightwalker83.
  10. internet sharing with a winxp desktop and ipad

    i don't know if this question is allowed in this forum.. but, i would like to ask you guys if it is possible to share my dsl internet connection from my winxp desktop to my ipad?.. thanks..
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    Re: query on my pc security

    the firewall you stated in item #3, does this refer to the windows firewall or there is a software that would act as a firewall?

    thanks for your opinion by the way. i appreciate it.
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    [RESOLVED] query on my pc security


    Good day!

    I would like to ask what is the best antivirus or pc security software today?
    Is it ok to install two antiviruses? Won't there by any conflict?

    My OS is winxp sp3.
  13. Re: problem on dvd video file with windows media player

    thank you Lord Orwell. the problem is fixed.
  14. Re: problem on dvd video file with windows media player

    thank you for the suggestion Lord Orwell. But my OS is still winxp sp3.
    as per searching at google, shark has only codec packs for vista, win 7 and win 8.
  15. Re: problem on dvd video file with windows media player

    This problem occured before i upgrade to wmp11...
  16. [RESOLVED] problem on dvd video file with windows media player

    I copied a dvd video file into my hard drive two days ago. There was no problem at first. But, for no reason at all, i didn't change any settings whatsoever, there is no more audio. And worse, after...
  17. Thread: hiding usb

    by ichix_jaxx

    hiding usb

    how can we hide the usb drive in such a way that when we plug in our flash disks, it will be hidden.. it can't be viewed in my computer.. aside from not connecting the wire of the usb slot to the...
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    problem on dvd-writing

    i wrote a copy of one of my dvd-video files. when i would play it in a dvd player, only the background sound is audible. but when i would play it in my dvd-rom, the audio is ok... is there some...
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    Re: How can this happen?

    it won't load the website because it is just the name of the application... you can change its name to anything you want but it will still open the app that it was pointed to open...

    its just like...
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    IE6 messes with download manager...

    i have upgraded my IE to IE6.. but it messes with my download manager, which is getright, in such a way that when i download a video it would be opened or vieved on media player.. and not being...
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    Re: protected cd...

    i didnt mean it that way..

    iv tried a to copy a vcd from cd-to-cd.. it has a video, but it has no audio.. i asked someone, and he said its protected..
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    protected cd...

    how can i create a protected cd?...
  23. Re: opening password protected AccessDB..

    how didnt i think of that.. :):)

    thank you sooooo mucchhhh dee-u....
  24. [RESOLVED] opening password protected AccessDB..

    i have this VB source code that i have asked from my cousin but he forgot to inform me that the AccessDB he's using is password protected...

    so how would i go about this one?..
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    Re: missing reference...

    i already solved it... i didnt have msderun.dll in my system32 folder.. so i copied one.. thanks for the help guys..
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    [RESOLVED] missing reference...

    i downloaded a vb source code for my references...

    but when i run the application, it would prompt that it can't find project or library... when i click ok, it would show the references...
  27. Re: how to configure network forum using phpbb?..

    im trying to have a forum in my lan through phpbb2... im not using a modem.. but we have this device that is directly connected to the server for us to have a broadband connection..

    i share the...
  28. Re: how to configure network forum using phpbb?..

    we have a broadband connection.. and we share internet through DNS... nope, we are not behind a firewall...
  29. for those who have tested windows vista...

    have MS met all the features that they have bragged about their new OS?..
    what are the flaws that you have observed?...

    or, will it need more time for them to master their recently technology?..
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    Re: Sleep trouble

    what do u mean by "i tell my pc"?...

    i dont know how it works in a laptop but in a desktop, when u press sleep from the keyboard, it would be in a sleep mode.. when u want to use your pc again, u...
  31. how to configure network forum using phpbb?..

    i have installed in my server and configured apache server and phpbb2 addon..

    when i access the forum from the network, it would have an access to the forum.. but i can't browse website in the...
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    Re: Virus vs Hardware

    i think there is no virus that can damage a hardware.. but, it would damage a software that would cause a hardware to malfunction... so, it would not directly damage a hardware...
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    Re: pop up blocker

    dglienna is right... you should be knowledgeable on what you are deleting when you are using hijackthis... its dangerous but i believe its a very powerful adware eliminator..
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    Re: pop up blocker

    try HijackThis... i used this one when iv encountered pop ups that i could not eliminate with my regular adware scanner...

    try searching it over the web cause i only asked for this software from...
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    Re: Computer Restarting

    i would suggest, you should try to get answers one at a time... meaning, you have to try one suggested solution then try another if it doesnt work...

    for me, check first if the fan of the CPU is...
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    Re: I love mosquitos...

    mosquitoes are no-no...
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    Re: Win SP2 messes up my windows media player

    try using media player 10.. coz if there will be missing codecs or something, it would prompt you.. and have you choose to go to web help to download missing codecs if its available...
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    Re: blocking any web site

    try "hijackthis" software.. iv used to eliminate adwares that i find it very hard to eliminate with my usual anti spywares...

    just search it over the web...
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    Re: the thread with no words

    no characters... :):)
  40. Re: Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao -Versus- Erik "KO" Morales

    we should also give credit to morales for not having KOed in the earlier rounds... hehe...
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