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  1. VS 2012 Re: How to handle multi user and client refresh

    You should use SignalR, it is created for this kind of situation
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    Re: ListView Background Color

    You should not bind to a color but to a brush, in your case a SolidColorBrush
  3. Re: pls help how to remove xtra column or space in wpf gridview

    Could you give some more information, like the XAML en the datasource?
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    Re: Deserialize a Fixture JSON

    I quickly looked at the json file and the "root object" is no array. The obj should have an head2head property which has a fixtures property, that is an array that you can enumerte
  5. Re: WCF service in local IIS and run with Jquery.

    You should add the ScriptService directive to the operation-name
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    4.0 Re: Downloading a PDF File from a URL

    sounds like you need credentials to download that file
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    VS 2013 Re: ASP.NET and wsdl request and response

    Do you ever call the webservice?
  8. VS 2010 Re: crystal report not working after publish

    Looks like your database is missing the idform field
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    Re: ASPX files and PHP

    The PHP file should have a PHP extension. The IIS manager needs to know how the handle a request, .aspx are handled by the engine, PHP file are handled by the PHP engine.
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    Re: ASPX files and PHP

    You can simply install the php extension for iis ( and put your PHP file in your website
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    Re: complete asp web database sql server

    Well, how much are you willing to spend?
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    Re: complete asp web database sql server

    There are tons of tutorials that help you create this step by step so you understand what you do
  13. Re: Newbie question: How do I deploy my webpage?

    When you just need html file you can create a new solution and add new html files. You cant copy this html files to the place where you host the website.
    But then you only have static HTML files....
  14. Re: What is the best portable / file based database to use within a C# .NET project

    I;ve had great pleasure from sqlite, it even runs on Linux + Mono
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    Re: IE11 Incorrectly Rendering HTML5 Tags

    Isn't there IE set in a compatibilitymode? Sometimes intranet sites are rendererd in compatibility-mode. You can check in the iis logfiles which version of IE is used
  16. Re: Keep label and text box on the same line

    You could put every label with its input in one div, where the div has display:inline-block. That way both element stay together
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    Re: how to see the page margin in asp

    Use F12 in IE, Chrome or FireFox
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    Re: Hosting WCF on internet

    There are several solutions. You could use any ASP.NET hoster OR you could use Azure which is free is the data usage is limited. Or you could rent a simple VPS for a few $ per month.
  19. Re: How to check if ViewBag has a certain dynamically created property or not?

    If you have multiple fields you can create a methode, that uses reflection, just like jmcilhinney said:

    public static bool HasProperty (object obj, string propertyName)
    var result =...
  20. Re: https custom validation will still use ssl?

    Yes, this works also of you enable SSL for this service. Using HTTP of HTTPS is "just" the transport mechanism of transporting data from client to server and back.
  21. Re: How to make an Azure hosted ASP.NET website use my domain name as its base URL?

    You could create a static html on the hoster where you've registered the domain. In that page you create an iframe where the source is the url of the azure site.
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    Re: ASP.NET on Europe | Please HELP!

    You could also hire a simple VPS, that might be cheaper and you can install anything you want.
  23. Re: Consume remotely based aspnet webservice using only html jquery for mobile app de

    If the website exposes all of the data and functions thru websevices, you can call that webservice from nearly any enviroment. You can simple configure the webservice to output JSON by adding this:
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    Re: Developing Mobile Emulators

    It is a crazy amount of work to build an emulator, that is months or years work for a single person....
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    Re: Pass Variables To App.Config File?

    What you could do is build the connection string as a app-setting in the app.config where you replace the db-name with {0}. In the C# code you can use string.format to get the correct connectioing...
  26. Re: If there a way to add shadow to a text in a image?

    you should add the shadow to your text before adding it to the image. Could you tell how you add the text?
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    Re: website forum

    The are several good open source forum sollutions, have you tried any of those? That might be a lot easier, and cheaper as building one for your self
  28. Re: How To Choose The Best Service Provider To Get Cheap ASP .NET Hosting ?

    If you have on limited datatransfer and don't need full SQL you could host your site for free on Azure,, if you need more options this isn't cheap but it is good.
  29. Re: Check if website is accessed from outside the campus or within the campus

    You have several options:
    -Use a firewall
    -In the IIS manager use the "IP address and domain restrictions" option, this allows you to allow/deny ip ranges.
    -In the website-code you could get the...
  30. Re: Compiler Error Message: BC30456: 'Title' is not a member of

    As you can see the error shows title that should be Title. I never had any problems with de publish tool. you could try to do a build en copy-paste that build to the server.
  31. Thread: List problem

    by Lightning

    Re: List problem

    I think you should use an ObservableCollection, for each dropdown, that you use a datasource. When the user selects an item in the first dropdown all you have to do is to remove that item form the...
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    Re: User Sessions Override each other

    The static object is shared thru the application, not just the session. You could store the object in the session, that will solve your problem
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    VS 2005 Re: Using Calendar

    Have you tried debugging the javascript and checked wether there is a postback?
  34. Re: WCF Webhook Service, How to convert POST stream to data array?

    You could simple parse the parameters with something like:

    Dim pairs As New List(Of KeyValuePair(Of String, String))()
    Dim keyValuePairs() As String = INPUT.Split("?"c)(1).Split("&"c)
    For Each...
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    Re: SerialDataReceivedEventArgs not working

    In the code you posted the event methode serialPort1_DataReceived is never bound to the event.
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    Re: Hide page url without url rewriting

    You could put the entire site in a div and load the content of that div when the user navigates, but this breaks the backbutton
  37. Re: Page loads by IP address but only by domain name in Chrome

    It loads just fine in IE, of I enter the IP address but also if I go to
    I noticed that the password isn't encrypted when you press the login button, since you site runs on http...
  38. Re: C# Code running slower than molasses in January

    Isn't the problem that the charts are calculated after each cell you write? You could try to put the data in a empty worksheet, if that is fast, then you could copy-paste that data to the worksheet...
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    Simple function to get external IP-adress

    Hi all,

    I've got a simple and reliable methode to get the external IP address of a device:

    public static IPAddress GetExternalIP()
    using (var wc = new...
  40. Re: VB.Net Simple function to get external IP-adress

    You're welcome, is my own domain and I'll keep this service running forever for free. It is just 2 line PHP :)
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