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  1. Re: [RESOLVED] Possibly Interesting Number Puzzle

    Okey-doke. I remember at the time I wrote my code that it was an interesting little 'puzzle' but didn't think, for an instant, that what I came up with was optimal!
  2. Re: [RESOLVED] Possibly Interesting Number Puzzle

    So, to be honest, I haven't followed this thread that closely but, out of interest, was my method particularly weak in some obvious way?
  3. Re: Possibly Interesting Number Puzzle

    Take a look at my cCarousel class, posted here

    There is a function called WrappedIndex which does this. I use it...
  4. Re: how to did action when the application crashed or force closed

    I'd prefer his 'file approach' over that, any day!
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    Re: Check if number is odd or even

    DEXWERX isn't saying that your way isn't simple. He's saying that your claim that it's 'best way' is untrue.
  6. Re: Capital letters in all First words

    How is this different to what you learnt here?:

    I really don't...
  7. Re: Capital letters in all First words

    Show us your attempt at using the StrConv function and we'll go from there...
  8. Re: Capital letters in all First words

    First result!!!!!!
  9. Re: Capital letters in all First words

  10. Re: Yet another system tray question

    You need to set the cancel flag inside that event to, well, cancel the unload.
  11. Re: Yet another system tray question

    Look at the form's QueryUnload event...
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    Re: VB6 RC5-CoreAudio-Demo

    Much appreciated, Olaf. Checking it out now...
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    Re: [VB6][vbRichClient] Slither-like Game

    @Olaf, I'd be interested to see your demo, please, as it's an area I might delve into when I drop support for XP (a while away, yet, but nice to be prepared). No hurry for it. As and when it suits...
  14. Re: How to insert data into junction table in a many to many relationship table

    You might need the third table if a book can have more than one author, which is possible, of course. e.g. a collection of short stories
  15. Re: FolderView: Enhance Folder View "Templates" in Windows 10

    Posting to ease your loneliness...
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    Re: [VB6][vbRichClient] Slither-like Game

    This is really cool, reexre. Thanks for sharing :)
  17. Thread: Memory leak

    by ColinE66

    Re: Memory leak

    A description of what your application does would be helpful...?
  18. Re: [RESOLVED] how do i get only the first name of the customer ?

    TxtBorder.Caption = FirstName(CustNameSchedule)

    Come on, salsa!!!!!!
  19. Re: [RESOLVED] how do i get only the first name of the customer ?

    You call it with

    s = FirstName(CustNameSchedule)
  20. Re: [RESOLVED] how do i get only the first name of the customer ?

    You cold use something like this instead of the InStr function

    Private Function FirstName(pFullName As String) As String
    Dim AllNames() As String
    AllNames = Split(pFullName, " ")

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    Re: Difference time

    Fat chance. Jagit doesn't even usually say 'thanks'...
  22. Re: RC5 SQLite cRecordset.UpdateBath serious bug!

    Just because there are 384 rows after your update loop whose value is 'NewValue', that doesn't mean that this was the number changed within that loop. i presume that you have considered the fact that...
  23. Re: [Solved-ish]Either I am an idiot or VB6 is. - It's me.

    To be fair, I didn't actually solve anything! Just tried to eliminate something that might have been the cause of a disparity...
  24. Re: Either I am an idiot or VB6 is :-)

    And both labels are set to be left-aligned, I assume?
  25. Re: Is there a way to have vb check to see if a a newer version exists?

    Yup. And you'd be right. Dil's suggestion merely obviates the need for an HTML page that needs to be parsed. i.e. it is far easier to store such simplistic information inside a plain text file: That...
  26. Re: Is there a way to have vb check to see if a a newer version exists?

    Dil is referring to having the text file hosted on a website somewhere. Your app downloads the text file and reads its content, comparing it to App.Major, .Minor etc.
  27. Re: RC5-Widgets Questions

    I think you should have one thread per topic, personally. It may be nice for you to have your own little 'support channel' using this approach but it's not that convenient for people who are using...
  28. Re: RC5-Widgets Questions

    A quick look suggests to me that the cThemeWin7.cls is out of sync between RC5 and vbWidgets.dll.

  29. Re: RC5-Widgets Questions

    Ha! Our posts just crossed! But, yes, you are doing what I thought you were...
  30. Re: RC5-Widgets Questions

    Olaf's example most likely assumes a project reference to a (pre-registered) vbWidgets.dll. It seems to me that you are simply trying to add the cwProgressbar.cls file to your project and use it that...
  31. Re: RC5-Widgets Questions

    Both of your examples work just fine on my Win7 64 machine...
  32. Re: RC5-Widgets Questions

    Yup, what jp said...

    Also, you could (arguably) better code your class initialise like so

    Private Sub Class_Initialize()
    Set Form = Cairo.WidgetForms.Create(vbSizable, "My Main-Form...
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    Re: Special Form Style

    And when somebody else with the same problem finds this thread, they'll be really happy for you....
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    Re: [RESOLVED] How to get Properties

    A quick reference to the world outisde of VBF (which genuinely exists - I'm not making it up!):
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    Re: Some issues about SQLite

    re 1. I'd have thought SetInt64 was the way to go. Test it and see...

    re 2. RC5 has a cSelectCommand class for handling these. The Object Browser should make it pretty clear how it's used.

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    Re: select distinct or group by?

    And? What's your point? This is entirely unrelated to your orignal question. If there's something else you need help with, please consider the people that you seek help from. We're not mind-readers...
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    Re: Can't save images from ImageList control

    Why keep them in an ImageList, in the first place, if the intention is to extract them from there and save them to disk? Maybe just keep them on disk in the first place and load them from there as...
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    Re: select distinct or group by?

    Select DISTINCT [Date] FROM myTable


    Select [Date] FROM myTable GROUP BY 1

    will produce identical results. Also, most likely, the execution plan* will be the same in both cases,...
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    Re: Send Email to Cell Phone

    I vaguely recall seing a carrier pigeon API somewhere recently...

    But, seriously, I thought I'd accidentally walked into a necro'd thread from the 90's when I started reading this. Had to check...
  40. Re: Is it possible to change the startup form at runtime?

    Ooops. Beaten to the punch by dilettante...
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