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  1. Re: Compare string1 to string2 and identify differences

    clsStrToIntArray.cls would be perfect for this kind of task. If you'll provide more details about your current code, it would be easier to show an example.
  2. Re: Positioning a form right above the taskbar, but in the right corner?

    Exactly. And that's the reason I offered "a more robust alternative".

    I was assuming that Justin was using at least 2 output devices: a laptop (?) and a projector. Based on his statement that...
  3. Re: Positioning a form right above the taskbar, but in the right corner?

    In the OP's previous thread, SPI_GETWORKAREA was already deemed unsuitable because the OP appears to be using more than 1 monitors.
  4. Re: Positioning a form right above the taskbar, but in the right corner?

    You only needed to modify a single line in that earlier code in order to achieve what you want. You'll have to change this:

    X = (MI.rcMonitor.Right - MI.rcMonitor.Left - nWidth) \ 2&

    to this:...
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    Re: need information on dicom

    You may want to check out the Database FAQ: How can I store images (or other files) in a database?

    See Picture archiving and communication system.
  6. Re: CommonControls (Replacement of the MS common controls)

    Can you post the exact line and the entire procedure where that error occurs? Can you also please provide additional details about your issue?
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    Re: need information on dicom


    DICOM Homepage
    DICOM (Wikipedia article)
    DICOM converter (Google search)
  8. Re: Visual Basic - Code Syntax Speed

    See How To Use QueryPerformanceCounter to Time Code.
  9. Re: Prevent Form2 show when i click on Form1...

    I think there won't be any change in unloading behavior since Form2 wasn't owned by Form1 (or any other Form) anyway.

    Most top-level windows aren't owned by any other window, but they are all...
  10. Re: Prevent Form2 show when i click on Form1...

    The reason for that behavior is because all top-level Forms in a VB6 process are owned by the unseen ThunderMain window. When one of your Forms becomes the foreground window, the rest are also...
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    Re: WINDOWS - Special Folders

    Note: The current working directory isn't always equal to the path of the compiled binary! :eek:

    Use the built-in CurDir$ function instead! ;)
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    Re: WINDOWS - Special Folders

    Executable statements (such as assigning the value of App.Path to a variable) "must occur within a Sub or Function, or a property procedure (Property Get, Property Let, Property Set)."

    If you want...
  13. Re: Create a shortcut to a program for the Autostart folder

    Here's a simple, late-bound example that uses the Microsoft Shell Controls And Automation library to retrieve the path to the current user's Startup folder and the Windows Script Host Object Model...
  14. Re: [RESOLVED] Need Help With Survey Program!

    You could also store the answers in a simple CSV file, like this:

  15. Re: Unable to bring form to front after calling WaitForSingleObject()

    You may want to try a few more APIs.
  16. Re: [RESOLVED] CPU Screen - Keep from turning off

    There is an official and more efficient way of preventing the system from turning off the display: call the SetThreadExecutionState function.

    Private Enum EXECUTION_STATE
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    Re: WINDOWS - Special Folders

    When compiled, App.Path returns the path to the module (.EXE, .DLL or .OCX) that accessed that property. In the IDE, App.Path returns either the same directory that CurDir$ returns if the project...
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    Re: Divide and multiply

    The VBA version (which is exactly the same as the VB6 version) of the Operator Precedence article is still available though.

    Another equivalent expression is:

    SheetsRequired = Pages * 0.5...
  19. Re: Events – How They Work, CPU Intensive

    You might find Aivosto's Resources for developers to be very helpful.

    Here's a few in-depth articles about COM Events:

    Chapter 11: Events (from Dan Appleman's Developing ActiveX Components...
  20. Re: [RESOLVED] CPU Screen - Keep from turning off

    So, what triggers your screen to turn itself off automatically anyway? Is it a Windows setting or something else? Why do you even need such code?
  21. Re: CPU Screen - Keep from turning off

    Have you already made sure the Turn off display after setting in the Power Options Control Panel applet is set to Never?

  22. Re: is there a way to determine if a client \ user has a touch screen?

    In Windows 7 and later, you can check whether the flags NID_INTEGRATED_TOUCH and NID_READY are set in the return value when you call GetSystemMetrics(SM_DIGITIZER).

    The correct VB6 declaration...
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    Re: Saving encoding utf-8

    Fixed. Thanks!
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    Re: Saving encoding utf-8

    Here's an equally simple solution using the ADO Stream Object:

    Public Sub Create_File()
    Const adWriteLine = 1&, adSaveCreateOverWrite = 2&

    With CreateObject("ADODB.Stream")
  25. Re: String From Pointer – What’s Right?

    There are faster alternatives to CopyMemory (a.k.a. RtlMoveMemory). See Dereferencing Pointers sans CopyMemory and the modGetStrFromPtr.bas file inside the attachment there.

  26. Re: [RESOLVED] find and color text red in a richtextbox each time the find button is

    Private Sub cmdFind_Click()
    Dim strFind As String

    strFind = txtFind

    With rtfBills
    If LenB(.SelText) Then .SelStart = .SelStart + .SelLength

    On Error GoTo 1
  27. Re: Problem with receiving TouchDown event when a VB6 button is pressed

    Sure. Check these out:

    Window Procedure Subclassing
    Subclassing Controls
    Subclassing the XP Way
    [VB6] Subclassing With Common Controls Library
    Re: [VB6] Win7 Taskbar...
  28. Re: Adjust Form to Picture1 size?

    After doing a few more tests, I've found out that there is indeed a limit to the maximum size of windows. In my system, child windows were restricted to a maximum width and/or height of 16,383...
  29. Re: Adjust Form to Picture1 size?

    My experiments suggests that doesn't seem to apply to MDIChild Forms whose BorderStyle is neither vbSizable nor vbSizableToolWindow. The OP's Form appears to be one such exception.
  30. Re: Adjust Form to Picture1 size?

    I think it's alright since the

    Here's an enhancement of your code that takes into account the original padding around the PictureBox when resizing the Form:

    Option Explicit 'In the...
  31. Re: Automation Error. Object already disconnected from clients.

    Do you have an idea of which line(s) doesn't work? Can you post the relevant code, or better yet, attach a test project that replicates the issue?
  32. Re: Force Variable to display decimal places

    Your code is trying to multiply Integers with Strings, which is not possible. VB6 recognizes this mistake and tries to silently convert the String to a number. This is known as the "Evil Type...
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    Re: Internet explorer maximize

    Private Declare Function ShowWindow Lib "user32.dll" (ByVal hWnd As Long, ByVal nCmdShow As Long) As Long

    With CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")
    .Navigate url
    .Visible = True...
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    Re: [VB6] Clone ListView

    Unfortunately, that's just the way it is; 32-bit and 64-bit processes don't play well together especially when pointers and memory addresses are involved.
  35. Re: One event will not fired if i run RaiseEvent in the same time

    How about using one of the Synchronization Objects?

    BTW, multithreading is also possible in VB6.
  36. Re: Controlling Currency Values from Access

    You'll also need the CCur type conversion function in order to convert a String to Currency:

    Private Sub myTotValue()
    Dim sumTot As Currency

    sumTot = CCur(txtVal(0)) +...
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    Re: Declaring Public variables

    Click the # button in the toolbar and then insert your code between the
    tags. Alternatively, you could attach your zipped project to your post by going Advanced and then clicking the Manage...
  38. Re: Does the vb 6.0 Clipboard.Clear() function has bug in windows 7 64 bit??

    Do you have the source code of the OCX? If you don't, can't you just get rid of that dependency and call the underlying Clipboard functions yourself?
  39. Re: Does the vb 6.0 Clipboard.Clear() function has bug in windows 7 64 bit??

    Don't know if it's true, but can't you call the EmptyClipboard API function directly instead of invoking that OCX's Clear() method?
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    Re: Difficulty in opening the font

    In order for VB6 to read and display UTF-8 encoded text files, you need a routine (such as this) that reads and converts UTF-8 text files to the UTF-16 LE format that VB6 Strings uses and you also...
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