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  1. Re: I think Windows 10 has messed with my software

    In case it is DPI, get the user to set it back to normal.
    PS dilettante do NOT give me a negative rating on this, I am totally sick of you doing that.
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    Re: Zip and Unzip Compressing

    I am not fully grasping what you said in your OP (Original Post)
    But if your need is the ability to programmatically easily zip and unzip, then I recommend this -...
  3. Thread: System Tray

    by Bobbles

    Re: System Tray

    What will the pop up form show, and more importantly what will it (AND the user) do ?
  4. Re: Error converting data type varchar to numeric.

    Add one line before the cn.Execute line -
    Debug.Print x
    After the run, do Ctrl G to open the Debug window (Immediate window), and copy the text, and paste it here.
    Anytime I have problems, I do...
  5. Thread: Open Form

    by Bobbles

    Re: Open Form

    Create a public variable in that Form EG pubIWasCalledByAForm as Boolean
    When your Form is calling that 2nd form, set the flag to True
    The called Form can then check that flag before doing the...
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    Re: need link where i can dowan load VB6.0
    The Small Basic language consists of just 14 keywords.

    Probably not what the OP is looking for,
    PS it is a tiny wee bit of .NET 3.5
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    Re: Form Not Loading?

    I may get flamed, but try a DoEvents

  8. Re: How to use Drag & Drop (Drop directory path into TextBox)

    This might do the trick (Drop Folders only) - see attached
  9. Re: How to use Drag & Drop (Drop directory path into TextBox)

    The attached can drop to the Form or the Textbox.
    It can nearly handle multiple files, but at the moment it just uses the last one (if more than one)

  10. Re: Help - Excel automation no longer working!

    This should come in handy -
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    Re: Shell function syntax

    Also I am nervous about doing some things in Form_Load
    I usually do them in Form_Activate, and have a flag to ensure they only happen once
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    Re: Problem with Checkbox

    Does the caption show on the form when in the IDE ?
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    Re: VB6 Dev on Windows 10 and MSADODB.ocx

    I am taking a very big risk telling you this, as every time I do dilettante gives me a negative feedback ( a point deduction)
    Don't use the Data Control. (and don't use binding)
    If you post your...
  14. Re: touchscreeen mouse down event no triggered

    Perhaps describe your NEED
    What you are attempting may be solvable with a different approach ?
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    Re: Getting Error in DataEnvironment1.Edit

    If my post was ridiculous, then what you should have done is posted that comment here (quickly) so as to advise the OP (and other future viewers).
    NOT spitefully and sneakily give me a negative...
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    Re: Getting Error in DataEnvironment1.Edit

    dilettante has just done to me what he has done once before -
    Given me a negative feedback because of my above post.
    This comment was attached to his negative feedback -
    "Not helpful at all and...
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    Re: Getting Error in DataEnvironment1.Edit

    Please don't use the following -
    - Data Environment
    - Data Controls
    - Binding

    Just use pure ADO code
    I will bet a large amount of money, that one day in the future you will evolve away from...
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    Re: SAVE setting in registry windows

    Hi Mada,
    If you download any of those, and you have any problems, let me know which to download, and I will help.
    Am I on the right track as to what you are trying to accomplish ?

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    Re: SAVE setting in registry windows

    I am attempting to analyse your needs.
    Off the top of my head there could be two (different) things you are attemtping to accomplish -
    1) Allow user to set a password, so that he/she can prevent...
  20. Re: More than 40 fields in ADO Query is too Complex

    Project is attached
  21. Re: More than 40 fields in ADO Query is too Complex

    I have been composing an example project that demonstrates ACTION Inserts, Modifies and Deletes.
    But I am extremely hesitant to attach it, as it will invite more insensitive/hurtful abuse....
  22. Re: More than 40 fields in ADO Query is too Complex

    "Are you talking to me ?"
  23. Re: More than 40 fields in ADO Query is too Complex

    Rather than solve this problem, there may be a way to avoid it ?
    I have not used the update method of a rs for years.
    I use ACTION Updates instead
    I never maintain a connection
    I get rs and load...
  24. Re: I search for way to upload files from vb6 !

    Normally I hate having to have the same files on my hard drive (synchronized)
    But here I see one benefit

    "It is an ill wind that blows nobody no good",
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    Re: How shall I call this sub?

    See attached
  26. Re: Writing VB6 ActiveX controls - Are they still useful & worth it?

    I believe fafalone in post 2, was referring to User Controls ?
    I avoid dependencies, but love User Controls (.ctl)
    I wish we had a forum here for those.
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    Re: shared database too slow on a lan

    I have done what you have done (to a PC, not a server), without your problem(s) occurring.
    My philosophy is to -
    - Do not use Data Environment
    - Do not use Data Controls
    - Do not use binding
  28. Re: Difficulties to make excel file in Windows 10

    I never install my programs.
    A typical program of mine would be in C:\ClipBuddy

    I generally avoid dependencies, but I have a few (SGrid2, ADO, etc)
    What I do is create a project with NO CODE,...
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    Re: VB6 IDE Crashes

    In post 3 the OP says a tiny very basic program crashes.
    Wouldn't a dump from that be the best to check out ?

    PS I have never installed add-ins for fear they would bite me one day ('KISS' is...
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    Re: Popup balloon invasive on Windows 10

    I will get flamed for this.
    Check and ensure that W10 DPI settings are 96 (100%)
    (That is, ensure that text is not being magnified)
  31. Re: Records disappearing from a MS Access database

    OOPs I now see that you are not maintaining a connection (you are fully disconnecting ?)

    Are you getting errors when adding records ?
    Or are you getting errors when editing/deleting records ?...
  32. Re: Making A backup for access database using VB6

    Do you need to use the Common Dialog ?
    Do you need to use FSO ?
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    Re: change the path of database

    I use a text file in the app path called Settings.ini
    There are many settings in there including something like your text file line
    However if you stay with what you have started then change the...
  34. Re: Loop thru textboxes to find missing digits

    'The following has no error detection yet.
    'Place on the Form, a control array of textboxes called txtNumbers with Indexes 0 to 9

    Option Explicit

    Private Sub Command1_Click()
  35. Re: Variable is used before it is assigned a value????

    I reckon that is VB.NET
    If so you are in the wrong forum
  36. Re: Another HomeGroup problem: Can't connect a Win.10 to existing Win.7 HomeGroup

    Did this get resolved ?
    I too don't use passwords
    My PCs are all old (thus I have a few for safety)
    They are running -
    - XP Pro
    - W7 Pro
    - W10 Pro
    Networking is invariably a PIA

    I reckon...
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    Re: Having problem displaying prices

    Can you attach your Program and DB ?

    In the meantime, I will give you a tip.
    Build your queries into a string variable.
    And if you suspect problems, you can always Debug.Print the resultant...
  38. Re: Connecting Access Database to ADODC Control?

    I came in here prepared to battle with dilettante.
    He normally supports Data Controls, Data Environments, Binding
    Whereas I abhor them.
    And lo and behold we are both recommending that you use pure...
  39. Re: Need Assistance with developing a VB6 Tool (Auto Text transfer)

    If I got it working, how would you be able to transfer the text (as it would not be working on your PC, it would be working on mine) ?
  40. Re: Need Assistance with developing a VB6 Tool (Auto Text transfer)

    That last link is giving an error (Not Found in Drop Box)

    It is 6:00 AM in Australia, so I better Go to bed

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