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    Re: [RESOLVED] Baidu Antivirus issue

    It has to be something that set to run at startup to trigger that Baidu installation. Use Sysinternals' Autorun to identify what it is and where it hides then delete it.
    Dowload Sysinternal Autorun...
  2. Re: Remove password from Windows 8 login screen

    If you use Microsoft account to sign in your Win8 computer, you must use a password. And if this is the case, switch to a local account instead. A local account doesn't need to have a password, and...
  3. Thread: Help!!

    by stanav

    Re: Help!!

    You declared the variables Diameter, Area and Final without initializing them, so they will have the default value of 0.
    Then you have Area = Diameter * 3.14159 which is 0 because Diameter = 0
  4. Re: MS Outlook password dialog box issue in office 2007

    1. Log in Exchange server and make sure that there's no problem there. If something wrong, fix it first.
    2. If #1 is all good, with Outlook closed, open Control Panel > User Accounts. Go to the...
  5. Re: MS Outlook password dialog box issue in office 2007

    What type of email account is it (Exchange, POP3 or IMAP)?
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    Re: download outlook emails at disk

    Why don't you let Outlook's auto discovery do its job? That is, to add an Exchange email account in Outlook, you just provide your name, email address and the password and Outlook will auto...
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    Re: How to get status of a server.

    Your server is behind a router. When you ping the public IP address, the ping replies you receive are from the router, not your server. To get to the server behind NAT, you have to set up port...
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    Re: How to connect my mobile with Telephone

    Have a look at iCreation products:
  9. Thread: What is VGA

    by stanav

    Re: What is VGA

    It also refers to the type of connector use for computer graphics. You often hear people talking about VGA, DVI, HDMI... They are all different types of video connectors of which VGA is the oldest.
  10. Re: What antivirus software do you use? Problems with Avira, Avast 2015, and Panda 20

    I use MSE in combination with MalwareBytes Anti-Malware and some common sense... Not to go to naughty sites on the Internet, not to open attachments from unknown senders, not to run exe attachments...
  11. Re: How can I change this program to receive parameters?

    Most programs that use parameters are launched from a command line - not a file with registered file type. Therefore, if you want to be able to use parameters when opening a file, the parameters...
  12. Thread: Help Please!

    by stanav

    VS 2013 Re: Help Please!

    You should post the screen shot and the code directly here instead of links to other sites.
  13. Re: How to reference multinumber string?

    Try something like this:

    Dim controlName as string = string.empty
    For i as integer = 1 To 10
    controlName = String.Format("Flav{0}Name", i.ToString)
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    Re: How to fix the size of controls?

    What type is the distressTable control?
  15. Re: Is there anyway to copy the text from a PDF file and manipulate it like a string.

    Have a look at this CodeBank submission for the PdfManipulation class using iTextSharp.
  16. Re: [RESOLVED] Java installation on my computer

    JRE (Java Runtime Environment) is a platform that is required to run application written in Java language. And since it's not required by Windows, it's usually not pre-installed. The user can...
  17. Re: How to display a boolean column as a DropDownList in DataGridView?

    It is supposed to select the right item automatically for each record. If the actual field value of a record doesn't match any of the items listed in the combobox, you'll get an error. You need to...
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    Re: Adding and Subtracting Current Time Label

    "Now" is a function that returns the current Date. The Date type provides various methods and one of them is "AddSeconds", which is the one you want to use if you want to add 5 seconds to the date....
  19. Re: How to display a boolean column as a DropDownList in DataGridView?

    There are 4 properties of the DataGridViewComboBoxColumn that you'd be interested in:
    - DataPropertyName: name of the column in the data source that you bind to the DGV.
    - DataSource: the actual...
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    Re: Splash Screen graphic issue

    Can you post a screen shot showing the incorrect scaling of your app? Also, what version of .Net framework does your app target?
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    Re: Splash Screen graphic issue

    On the computer that your application doesn't display correctly, what's the Display zoom option set to? 100%? 125%? 150%?
  22. Re: How to display a boolean column as a DropDownList in DataGridView?

    You set the DataPropertyName property of that column to the field name of the field you want it to bind to. Yours in this case is "HoldCode", so back to the designer, go in the Columns properties of...
  23. Re: How to display a boolean column as a DropDownList in DataGridView?

    Well, I don't know what you've been told... but auto-generated columns are DataGridViewTextBoxColumn type only. You will not have other types such as ComboBox, CheckBox... generated automatically for...
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    VS 2010 Re: Help i dont know why it isnt working

    1. Your If statement may not be what you think it is... If you want to check to see if count= 1 or count = 2 or count= 3... then you need to spell it out so.
    However, you can make it short by

  25. Re: How to display a boolean column as a DropDownList in DataGridView?

    You add a DataGridViewCheckBoxColumn to your DGV, either in the designer or in code. In the designer, select the DVG and go to the Columns property in Properties window. Click the [...] button. The...
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    Re: How to update graphics at a form

    In event handler, after you set the values for x and y, you call the the form's Refresh method to repaint the whole form or for better performance, you use the form.Invalidate method and...
  27. Re: How to display a boolean column as a DropDownList in DataGridView?

    Since this is for boolean data, I'd use a DataGridViewCheckBoxColumn.
  28. Re: How to change headings on DataGridView control?

    You can do it at the data source or at the display level.
    At the data source level

    SELECT o.OrderId As [Order Id], o.OrderDate As [Order Date], o.Customer FROM [Order] o
    At the display level:...
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    VS 2013 Re: dynamic datatable name

    You could use the Tag property of the TabPage to store the datatable for that tabpage. Later, you just read the Tag property of the selected tabpage to get to its datatable.

    Dim selecteddt As...
  30. Re: How to add only desired columns to DatagridView control

    Uhm... Actually, no. He doesn't need to define a data source at design time unless he wants to use a strongly typed dataset (which in my opinion doesn't give much flexibility). He can simply add...
  31. Re: How to add only desired columns to DatagridView control

    There are 3 ways that I know of:
    1. The easy way: select only the columns you need from the DB.
    2. More tedious way: if you need data from columns that you don't want to display, manually add...
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    Re: Read a text file and grab OrderID

    You should use regular expression as Toph suggested. Using combination of string manipulation methods will work, but it'll take you a lot more efforts and is prone to error.
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    VS 2010 Re: New to multithreading - help required

    You also may want to look at using a custom DataGridView or ListView to display the threads' progress (you add a new row dynamically when a new thread is spun off)
  34. Re: IO.DirectoryInfo(MyPath).GetDirectories is SLOW across a network..why?

    If you target .Net 4.0 and higher, use the DirectoryInfo.EnumerateDirectories method instead.
    For .Net 3.5 and older, you can use the Code Project's FastDirectoryEnumerator class.
  35. VS 2013 Re: Reading and displaying data from a USB device onto a chart

    1. Use a collection some type such as list(of single) if just the temps that you want to plot. This variable should be declared with class scope so that you can access it from both the timer.tick and...
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    VS 2013 Re: List the COM Port names?

    You will need to use WMI and query Win32_SerialPort class. Just Google for "wmi code generator" and use it to generate .net code that you can copy to your application.
  37. Re: Display specific row from a table

    If you know the index of the row you want to display, simply set the bindingsource.position property. For example, if you want to display row#5 which has the index of 4 (because indexes are...
  38. Re: Edit a .txt file and splitting a record with 12 columns of data into 12 records

    I agree with dday9... For what you're trying to do, it's will be a lot easier if you load the original file to a datatable first then work the datatable instead of dealing directly with string...
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    VS 2010 Re: Returnig array from a function (need help)

    [QUOTE=Alain;4838355]First off, if you want your function to return an array, you need to specify it in its declaration, like so:

    Private Function lang_array(ByVal temp As Double) As Double()...
  40. Thread: Time Loging

    by stanav

    Re: Time Loging

    1. If you don't want to display the miliseconds then remove it.

    'Change this line
    lblClock.Text = String.Format("{0:00}:{1:00}:{2:00}:{3:00}", Math.Floor(elapsed.TotalHours), elapsed.Minutes,...
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