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  1. Re: Delete rows based on criteria in Excel

    I usually do not suggest looping and then checking the criteria. Use .Autofilter. It is much faster.

    See THIS link where I have demonstrated on how to use .Autofilter

    I think THIS is much more...
  2. Re: IE11 VBA automate "Open" from Open/Save/Cancel bar

    Hello CorkyD

    I guess you are referring to THIS page

    The problem is with IE 11. MS has changed the ClassName of the objects as shown in the image below.


    My IE Version
  3. Re: How to Use VB.NET Insert Image into Word Document?

    Welcome to the forums emrezgn :wave:

    Your question is unclear :) Do you want to insert images into a word document from VB.Net? If yes, then is the document already open or would you be opening it...
  4. Re: Run Time error -624820215 (dac20009)

    Where are you setting the value of "ExtractBy" ? From what I see int he code above ExtractBy = ""
  5. Re: [RESOLVED] Where are Excel VBE icons stored

    Correct me if I am wrong but why do you need the exact path to the images? You can directly get those images into your app by their control IDs.

    HERE is the list of icons. I have been using them...
  6. Re: Excel 2010 & Windows 7: Stepping Through Code with F8 Question

    Can you show us the code that you are using?

    I use this simple code and it works just fine.

    Sub Sample()
    Dim Ret

    Ret = Application.GetOpenFilename("Text Files (*.txt),...
  7. [SERIOUS] Scotland - Backpack Trip [\SERIOUS]

    Anyone from Scotland or been there?

    I am planning a backpacking trip to Scotland in the month of August for 10-15 days.Any tips? Any specific places that I should visit?

    How do I go about...
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    MsOf07 Re: How to write a macro using VB.NET

    IMHO, You cannot do it via VB.Net unless you write a VSTO Add-in for the word document.

    By any chance did you mean VBA and not VB.Net?
  9. Thread: Survey

    by Siddharth Rout


    The survey was missing one option. Took care of it!

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    Re: Run-time 1004 error

    Two Main reasons why `.Select`/`.Activate`/`Selection`/`Activecell`/`Activesheet`/`Activeworkbook` etc... should be avoided

    1. It slows down your code.
    2. It is usually the main cause of...
  11. Re: [Excel] Unlock VBA Project Programmatically using API

    I am out at the moment and hence cannot see the attachments. Once I get back home I will have a look and reply accordingly. :)
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    Re: CURSOR lock!!!!! WHEN READ TXT

    Posting from phone so please ignore typos if any. Why are you looping though the file. This is a very slow approach. See this link on how to read the file in one go into an array and then simply...
  13. Re: Run-time error '1004': Application-defined or object-defined error

    You will get the error "Run-time error '1004': Application-defined or object-defined error " if the value of i or j is <=0 or beyond the acceptable limits. How have you declared and initialized i and...
  14. Re: Late-bound Event Sink: works with Word, not with Outlook. Why?

    Why are you using `TryCast`? TryCast (TC) is appropriate when it's legitimate for the target to be the "wrong" type else you should always use DirectCast (DC). Also the main difference between TC and...
  15. Re: VBA for EXCEL: Find specific text in a column of cells with text.

    Welcome to the forums roybong :wave:

    Since you are using Partial Matches, Simply using Vlookup/Lookup will not give you correct results. You need to take help of Index/Match and then use VLookup....
  16. Re: [Excel] Unlock VBA Project Programmatically using API

    Seems like I missed the party :P

    Ok, AerosAtar, I went through the posts but ended up getting confused as to what you are exactly trying. Forget the code for a moment... Can you explain in simple...
  17. Re: [help] modal window is not maximizing

    Moved from C#

    @Christopher: I have moved your thread to forum where you are more likely to apt replies :)
  18. Re: Browse for Video file and copy it to another folder with the name.

    Thread moved from Reporting
  19. Re: How do i make the mouse click automatically?

    >the intention is for it to search and buy players on the fifa ultimate team transfer market.

    @Lukeyyyy: Welcome to the forums :wave:

    There is nothing wrong in automating another website...
  20. Re: Secure Obfuscator and Source Protection

    Welcome to the forums multiply :wave:

    I have removed the link to your file as it contained .Exe Files. If you would like us to help you then please upload the source code :)
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    Re: Asking a Good Question

    >I'll even admit sometimes I'm the one that needs it...

    @tg: No. You don't. And that is the whole point ;)
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    Re: Asking a Good Question

    >Nothing requires you to respond. If you don't like how a person has worded a question, you can always move on and ignore it.

    @Brad: You couldn't have put it better!

    @Tg: I understand where you...
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    Re: Asking a Good Question

    @szlamany: I stopped using MSE long time ago. :D I agree with your logic of knocking someone down. But that "Knocking Down" doesn't need to be harsh/impolite. You can do that with politeness as well...
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    Re: Asking a Good Question

    @funkyDexter. Yes, asking "Are you creating a virus?" is a perfectly normal question but it depends when do you actually say it. If the user has mentioned in detail what he or she is trying to do and...
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    Re: Asking a Good Question

    >If they continued asking every day, by the tenth time, you may will be bitey. Its like that.

    True. In such a case, it is always best to get up from your seat, have a cup of coffee or move on to...
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    Asking a Good Question

    I am worried how a new user is usually treated in our forums. The comments are harsh and rude. The most common scenario is when a user joins a forum and asks a question and then is surprised when he...
  27. Re: Set Process Name To Default Name

    r2du-soft, Bonnie and Niya have valid reasons to be concerned.

    I always recommend explaining why do you want to do a particular thing in your question. Changing the process name is not illegal...
  28. Re: How to seprate web browsers in vb6 ?

    Kindly do not post such questions. Please read the Acceptable User Policy. The link is in my signature. This question is now closed. If you think this question was closed in error, you may pm me.
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    Re: [RESOLVED] problem in a progrma

    Congrats on getting your query solved and finally getting your app up and running. It looks cool too :)

    However, Please do not post links to exe or advertise your blog here. You may share a link...
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    Re: Run-time error

    abdohk, welcome to the forums :wave:

    The details that you have given doesn't actually help us. Are you trying to code something in If not, then do you get the error when running a...
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    Re: Macro to copy subject line

    Here at vbforums, we do not give the complete code in a platter. Could you show us what have you tried and where are you stuck and we will definitely help you.
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    Re: checkbox & messagebox help

    If I agreed with you then we both will be wrong. :D

    I am from the old school where they teach you to try first by putting in efforts. I am a firm believer of exploring and learning. I learn by...
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    Re: checkbox & messagebox help

    The best way to find out if it is possible or not is to test it yourself first. You could do that by reading documentation and then by testing few codes. If you are still stuck then show us what you...
  34. Re: [RESOLVED] Hello All. Let Me introduce Myself.

    Welcome back :) I have moved your thread from C and C++ to chit chat where you will get a even more warm welcome :)
  35. Re: [RESOLVED] x and y position (outside of jQuery UI Dialog)

    Moved from XML, HTML, Javascript, Web and CSS as per OP's request
  36. Re: WScript.Quit getting an error (Object required)

    Moved from Visual Basic 6 and Earlier
  37. Re: calculate distance from zip code vs zip code

    That is not completely true.

    If the terms and conditions of a website states that you shouldn't use web scrapping then yes it is not legal. If the terms and conditions do not say "anything" about...
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    Re: File Download problem

    True and we do not assist with code(s) that violates the policy of a particular website. This thread is now closed.
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    Re: VB6 Package & Installation Wizard

    Moved from Visual Basic 6 and Earlier
  40. Re: vb media player - next song automatically

    @Sricharan: Welcome to the forums. I have deleted the attachment from your post as it contained an executable file. When ever you upload attachments in vbforums, please ensure that it doesn't have an...
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