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    Re: Newbie uart question

    Welcome to VBForums :wave:

    I can't help with the UART side of things as I haven't used them, but in terms of whether a NumeriUpDown is a good idea, the answer is a definite yes - it is a simple...
  2. Re: Sending String Data from a VB6 program to a VB.NET program

    An important variation in the methods is whether they open a new instance of the .Net application each time (in the case of command-line arguments), or re-use an existing one (like Edgemeals code and...
  3. Re: Calendar extender - Day of year - Day of week

    The .Value property of a DateTimePicker also returns a Date, so you should be able to use the same properties etc that you did with that, eg:

    TextBoxDayOfYear.Text =...
  4. Re: Calendar extender - Day of year - Day of week

    A quick web search shows that it doesn't have a Value property, but it does have a SelectedDate property. Does that work for you?
  5. Re: Checking if strvalue CONTAINS a value

    You can use InStr to find the position of one string in another, eg:

    If InStr(strValue, "GB;q=0.5") > 0 Then
  6. Re: vb6: Error 53: File Not Found

    Does strInput1 contain just the filename, or does it also include the full path? (eg: "C:\MyFolder\201602 - All Orders.txt")

    If it doesn't contain the full path, that is likely to be the cause of...
  7. VS 2013 Re: to insert txt.file into template Excel

    TnTinMN's suggestion is not to use macros... but simply to temporarily record one (and delete it later) to automatically write the code for you.

    It needs some minor work to convert to VB.Net, but...
  8. Re: Develop a macro to solve below problem

    Welcome to VBForums :wave:

    Thread moved to the 'Office Development/VBA' forum... note that while it certainly isn't made clear, the "VB Editor" in Office programs is actually VBA rather than VB,...
  9. Re: Can you pass object names when overloading a function?

    I think it will work using the example usage syntax shown in post #1 (which uses actual controls, rather than names as the thread title implies), but should have the data-type changes I mentioned...
  10. Re: Can you pass object names when overloading a function?

    The generic Object data type doesn't have any properties etc, but the more specific Control data type does, including .Enabled ; simply changing the data type for that (and specifying the appropriate...
  11. Re: RemoveAt Throwing off Index for ListOf?

    I would use a ListOf structs (or a ListOf classes), and I don't think the writeline etc would be more convoluted at all... in fact, it would probably be easier, perhaps:

    For Each Item In...
  12. Re: RemoveAt Throwing off Index for ListOf?

    With a For Each loop you shouldn't be using an index (because unlike a normal For loop, there isn't one), just the loop variable, eg:

    For Each Item In USBResource.USBData.PacketData
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    Re: Code to copy from Notepad to Excel

    It will take a lot more than a couple of lines, and would almost certainly be unreliable.

    You can read a text based file (anything "readable" in Notepad) using code like this:

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    Re: Visual Basic 2010

    Welcome to VBForums :wave:

    Thread moved from the 'VB6 and Earlier' forum to the 'VB.Net' (VB2002 and later) forum
  15. Re: How to write to a text box in another form from main form

    Welcome to VBForums :wave:

    Thread moved from the 'VB6 and Earlier' forum to the 'VB.Net' (VB2002 and later) forum
  16. Re: Comparing two File Listboxes

    Here's one way:

    For n = 0 To IIf(File1.ListCount >= File2.ListCount, File1.ListCount -1, File2.ListCount -1)Note that I think the >= should be <= , but this follows your explanation.
  17. Re: Is a timer the best way to listen for button presses or other events?

    I was worried by the thread title, but it sounds as if you are only concerned about writing and reading data in a small database table.

    Given that it is only once every 5 seconds, and the table...
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    Re: Opening Excel Causes Sporadic Hang

    At the end of the code you set your objects to Nothing (as you should), but miss one out: oSheet

    However, given that you don't actually do anything with that variable (other than assign a value to...
  19. Re: The application freezez without any error

    Your code is doing a lot of work it doesn't need to.

    To start with, why is the b loop there? All it does is mean that you do the same thing at least twice (which will have the same effect as doing...
  20. Re: need help adding times that result in more than 24 hours

    Converting it to a function is potentially useful, but you need to use the Int function (or the \ operator for integer division), otherwise it gives the wrong values (eg: 59 seconds shows "00:01:59").
  21. Re: need help adding times that result in more than 24 hours

    Welcome to VBForums :wave:

    The problem is that Time based data types store the time of day, but what you want to store is a duration.

    One way to do that is instead of storing it as a Date/Time,...
  22. Re: Thank you all for the help you offered me-

    That is a nice gesture, but we don't delete threads... leaving them allows people to find answers to their questions (by doing a web search etc), without having to create a thread themselves.

  23. Re: System.IO.IOException occurred in mscorlib.dll

    Duplicate threads merged
  24. Re: strange problem with my listview

    Specify the fields you want in the Select statement, rather than using * to get all fields, eg:

    RS.Open "select Date_Arriv, Firstname, Lastname, [Type], [Title] from Users_table
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    Re: Save Changes in DatagridView in Class

    One problem is that you are using two separate instances of your Generic class, and you should be using just one (so that it can use the same internal variables).

    Rather than having the line Dim x...
  26. VS 2012 Re: Help Format field or other mistake in sql!!!!

    As an educated guess, try changing change_dtim-create_dtim to CDate(change_dtim-create_dtim)
  27. VS 2015 Re: Program that loads Loads/Preview a wavefront object

    C# and VB.Net are almost exactly the same, but with different syntax.

    As such there are lots of good free online converters, such as:

    There is a good chance that...
  28. Re: Help looping through datagridview to insert into sql db

    Thread moved from the 'CodeBank VB.Net' forum (which is for you to post working code examples, not questions) to the 'VB.Net' forum
  29. VS 2010 Re: [RESOLVED] Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression

    It is a reserved word for JET (but I don't know what 'proper' use it has).

    This is shown by the links in the article What names should I NOT use for tables/fields/views/stored procedures/...? from...
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    Re: Deleting columns in Excel not working

    Strange... Well one option is to avoid using the letter.

    In terms of reading/writing a cell, you can use .Cells instead of .Range, eg:

    trimmer = finalsheet.Cells(1,...
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    Re: Deleting columns in Excel not working

    Are you sure that ColumnIndexToColumnLetter is returning exactly what you expect?
  32. Re: Subroutine not consistently displaying image

    Welcome to VBForums :wave:

    Thread moved from the 'VB.Net' forum to the 'Office Development/VBA' forum.
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    VS 2015 Re: Rounding value

    That's it, well done :thumb:
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    VS 2015 Re: Rounding value

    There's no need for Mod etc, just picking the right number (which is less than 100, and is the reciprocal of the 'rounding' amount) is enough.
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    VS 2015 Re: Rounding value

    If you multiply (and divide) by 100, then yes... but that is why I wrote the second half of my post:

    While we could do it all for you, that would mean you are less likely to learn/understand.
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    VS 2015 Re: Rounding value

    As an example:

    If you multiply 7.333 by 100 it becomes 733.3
    The Ceiling of that is 734
    Divide that by the same as you multiplied by (in this case 100), and the result is 7.34

    What you need...
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    Re: Message box

    You aren't using Val around the String (as I showed), so you are still comparing Strings.
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    Re: Message box

    You are using Val on the wrong side, which means you are comparing a String to a Number - so they get compared as Strings (so the first character matters rather than the actual 'number').

  39. Re: Need assistance visual studio 2015 and sql server express 2014

    Welcome to VBForums :wave:

    Split into own thread
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    Re: Access to Vb Query Error

    I recommend checking what strSQL actually contains, as at least part of it is not what you are expecting it to be (eg: all times will be treated as AM).

    Note that it is a good idea to use...
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