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  1. VS 2012 Re: Getting Average RGB Color Value of Entire Screen

    You might want to consider converting the RGB values to luminance, which will give you the overall "brightness" of the image. Luminance = R * 0.3 + G * 0.59 + B * 0.11.

    Also check out fastpix from...
  2. Re: [VB2010] Set a image depending from a String value

    Sounds good to me :)
  3. Re: [VB2010] Set a image depending from a String value

    I haven't tried it, but a quick Google search suggests something like this should work:

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    Re: "Wake up" a networked disk?

    I was hoping to see a VB code solution to this problem, as I have suffered it myself on numerous occasions when sharing a database across a peer-to-peer network. You have to tell the user to...
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    VS 2012 Re: how read image in

    If you have nice clear "regular" text with good contrast then OCR might be possible. If it's anything like a CAPTCHA display then forget it ...
  6. VS 2010 Re: [RESOLVED] Writing to parallel port - Windows 7 64-bit

    Indeed; old and popular - just like me :D
  7. VS 2010 Re: Writing to parallel port - Windows 7 64-bit

    I have only used the 64-bit version so I don't think I can be of any help. If I needed to use 32-bit I would just look at the documentation on the website.

    Good luck with your...
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    VS 2010 Re: Comparison Problem

    A couple of quick thoughts: You declare TheHour and TheMinute as integers then format them as strings. Also you use & when you should use AND. Try:

    If (TheHour = My.Settings.BedHr AND TheMinute...
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    Re: first value of a combobox "-----------"

    So disconnect your data source. As the error message says, you can't choose your own list items if the control is bound to a datasource.
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    Re: Webbrowser problem again?

    Add a counter to the DocumentCompleted sub (just for debugging purposes - it doesn't solve your problem) and comment out the submit/click line. You might be surprised how many times that event is...
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    Re: Very simple beginner problem.

    Changing CInt to Val will work.
  12. Thread: json error

    by paulg4ije

    VS 2013 Re: json error

    I know nothing about JSON, but some of your code looks a bit odd to me. Why do you Dim js and then not use it? Shouldn't jsonfile have a type, such as string? What about tester - again no type....
  13. VS 2013 Re: Barcode scanner (LS2208) read barcode

    I don't understand why you would want to do your own thing with the serial port when you already have the data you need in a text box? Hide the text box if you don't want the user to see it, then use...
  14. VS 2013 Re: Get X, Y of 1 pixel of a color in a image?

    If by "scanning" you mean looping through X and Y coordinates, I think that's what you will have to do. This makes it quite a bit faster though:
  15. VS 2010 Re: Simple Image Gallery in VB 2010

    Just add an instance of the control on Form 1. Try this:

    Public Class Form1

    Dim AuthorCodeImageGalleryVB1 as new AuthorCodeImageGalleryVB

    ' Rest of Form1 code starts here ...
  16. VS 2008 Re: dgv cell if is = with then the text in that row to be RED

    You're welcome :wave:
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    Re: picture box / graphics help

    I load bitmaps from file using filestream. Not saying it's better or more efficient than other methods but it works for me:

    ' Open image using FileStream so file is not locked and can be saved...
  18. VS 2008 Re: dgv cell if is = with then the text in that row to be RED

    Shouldn't that be ToShortDateString rather than ToShortTimeString? The syntax for coloring the rows looks OK.
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    VS 2013 Re: LockBits And Image comparison?

    Fastpix by boops boops is a good place to start for fast pixel manipulation:
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    VS 2010 Re: Incrementing variable usage

    You can't do it quite like that. Use an array instead:

    Dim v(3) as integer

    For i as integer = 1 to 3
    Next i

  21. Re: save/edit button not updating access database

    I'm no expert - in fact I really struggle with DB stuff - but I suspect you might need a CommandBuilder.

    This working code connects an Access database to a DataGridView. It might give you some...
  22. VS 2008 Re: how do run a (webpage) from inside my ( program

    How about including a browser in your program based on the web browser control?

    EDIT: I see you're already using a web browser control. Forget I said anything ...
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    Re: Confused with Process.Start

    Glad you found it. :wave:
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    Re: Confused with Process.Start

    I think you must have an error somewhere, as this works for me:

    Dim sApp As String = "notepad.exe"
  25. VS 2012 Re: Searching for a specific file and save the path

    You probably need a recursive search. I hate recursion; my brain is too small to follow the logic but it's often a necessary evil ;-)

    Try this:

    It's a...
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    VS 2010 Re: Store gray values of image in an 2D array

    If you use a set of fully-saturated colour bars as your test image (try Google images), you should create an 8-step greyscale, from full white (255) to full black (0).
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    VS 2010 Re: Store gray values of image in an 2D array

    I don't think it applies in your case, but I know when I've done color to gray conversions I have had to clip the values at 255. In you code, it's hard to see how clr.R could ever be more than 255,...
  28. VS 2010 Re: Disable navigation in WebBrowser but still detect mouse click

    Sorry for the delay - internet problems here ...

    Strange but WebBrowser1.AllowNavigation = False doesn't seem to disable navigation at all. I don't think I changed anything but now I do get the...
  29. VS 2010 Disable navigation in WebBrowser but still detect mouse click

    I have the following code which retrieves the name of images from a web page when they are clicked:

    Private Sub WebBrowser1_DocumentCompleted(sender As System.Object, e As...
  30. VS 2012 Re: Multiple Forms Issue - Remaining on one form

    You might like to trying using frmPrint.Showdialog() to make the form "modal" - the user must deal with the options on frmPrint and cannot click on anything else whilst it is visible. When the form...
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    Re: Resize an image using GD

    I think I've got there:

    $source = imagecreatefromjpeg("image.jpg");
    $zoomed = imagecreatetruecolor(640,512);
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    [RESOLVED] Resize an image using GD

    I'm trying to use the PHP GD library to zoom an image to double it's original size. Images are always 320 x 256 and I want to display them at 640 x 512. I want to do it with PHP to get around...
  33. VS 2010 Re: Get Date from string containing short month and year

    Oh man! Rookie error ... many thanks :o
  34. VS 2010 [RESOLVED] Get Date from string containing short month and year

    I have a string containing a short date and a year, e.g. dec2013. The format is always fixed but the month is always lower case. I need to convert this to a date so I can loop through some months....
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    Re: Deleting records from Access database

    Duh! Yes, that makes sense. Thanks :o
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    Deleting records from Access database

    Is this code 100% reliable or are there circumstances under which it could fail? I seem to have an obscure bug where very occasionally records that match the SQL are not being deleted. Is "MoveNext"...
  37. VS 2010 Re: Get name of image clicked in WebBrowser control

    That seems to work nicely! Many thanks indeed.
  38. VS 2010 [RESOLVED] Get name of image clicked in WebBrowser control

    Is it possible to retrieve the name of an image (on a web page) that is LEFT-clicked in a WebBrowser control? The image is not a link - although I could change that if it would help. Obviously a...
  39. Re: Remove background except black color

    Something like this:

    Private Sub Form1_Load(sender As System.Object, e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
    PictureBox1.Image = Image.FromFile("c:\test.png")
    End Sub

  40. VS 2010 Re: Can't update picturebox image from a module

    Just in case anyone is interested, I fixed the problem: I was creating an instance of the form but then referencing it by the original name, rather than the name of the instance. Still making rookie...
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