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  1. Re: i am receiving webcam data on a socket in tcp and i need to know what can play

    Avoid using String variables with the Winsock control unless you are strictly dealing with text, and just text from the 7-bit ASCII subset. That is the only thing it was ever meant for.
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    Re: Compile with all dependencies

    Just start with the Package and Deployment Wizard that comes with every copy of VB6 that can create programs legal to redistribute.

    Ideally after some experience you'd move on to Visual Studio 6.0...
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    [VB6, Vista+] Simple Task Dialog

    I posted sample code using this class for raising simple Task Dialogs several times over the years, but I never gave it a CodeBank thread of its own.

    Task Dialogs

    Now that Windows XP is dead...
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    Re: (RESOLVED) - icon in msgbox title

    If appearance is important you might consider leaving the Windows 3.1 era MessageBox behind anyway. After all, Windows XP is dead now, so why cripple your programs with such an old-timey dialog box?...
  5. Re: i am receiving webcam data on a socket in tcp and i need to know what can play

    Sounds like some sort of IP cam, but your hex dump looks like garbage.

    These normally use HTTP, RTP Control Protocol, etc. for transport. Then above that layer they use things such as Real Time...
  6. Re: [VB6] RLE8 Compression Algorithm for Bitmaps (Updated)

    Thanks, but I already have code that needs DEFLATE compression using the STDCALL-compiled zlibwapi.dll.

    I just thought it might be interesting to see how well it could be done in pure VB6 if...
  7. Re: Choosing database table creations and relationships

    Relational database design isn't something that has a single, "best" approach, nor one that can be easily expressed through a forum thread.

    There are many (thick) books on the subject as well as...
  8. Re: [VB6] RLE8 Compression Algorithm for Bitmaps (Updated)

    Nice, but I'm anxiously awaiting your pure-VB implementation of DEFLATE. ;)

    I don't have the patience or I'd do it myself.
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    Re: No digits after comma

    The Val() function is locale-blind, i.e. it assumes the "universal locale" where decimal points are periods ("."), but it does not deal with "thousands separators" at all.

    You probably want to use...
  10. Thread: Implements

    by dilettante

    Re: Implements

    Quite the gravedig. A 2001 thread!
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    Re: Wireless Router Question

    It sounds like this "router" is some sort of "all in one combo" incorporating a cable modem, router, ethernet switch, and WiFi access point.

    Because of the cable modem inside, the carrier (Time...
  12. Re: Accessing javascript variable using MSHTML ?

    I suspect he wants to load an HTML document into a naked MSHTML DOM, and then extract the values of global script variables. But I'm not sure script gets executed when you do this outside of a...
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    Re: [VB6, Vista+] Query Windows Search

    If you want to use this mechanism for Content serching (using the CONTAINS() and FREETEXT() predicates) you may want to add IFilters or "filter packs" for various file formats.

    See Enhance Windows...
  14. Re: Get OS version :Windows 8.1 does not detect

    Yes, and it was covered in the materials provided in the Windows 8.1 Developer Readiness program... that never materialized. Hardly matters much as developers are fleeing Windows in droves since the...
  15. Re: [RESOLVED] RicTextBox - Formatting with Change in Font

    I'm not sure why you'd need to add a length to the width of the RTB, just use the length.

    And you don't need that ton of code to get a usable .TextWidth() method.

    You can just use the Form's...
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    Re: Opening multiple table in ADO

    Using adCmdTableDirect gets you directly to the underlying table data structure, often an ISAM structure, containing the data row values and indexes. This bypasses the relational engine, aggregation...
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    Re: random number generation

    How about just storing one bit per value?


    This uses a separate instance of GoldenTicket.cls for each value you need. The bit array is persisted to disk.

    Here I am testing three...
  18. Re: Replication not working with Access2003

    And mention you are using DAO. That might save you a lot of JRO-based replies you can't use.
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    [VB6, Vista+] Query Windows Search

    Now that Windows XP is dead we can feel free to make wider use of new features of Windows introduced nearly 8 years ago. One of these that I see almost no use of by VB6 programmers is the ability to...
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    Re: Polymorphism in VB6

    This isn't polymorphism.

    If you really want to do this you can use Variant arguments, and the code can do varying things based on the subtypes of the Variants passed at runtime.
  21. Re: Search hard drives for all files in a listbox

    You can also query the Windows Search indexes using a fairly complex form of SQL. You can limit queries to a directory and do deep or shallow searches, or query all filesystem indexes. You can...
  22. Re: Using ADO to retrieve multiple recordsets while executing a query only once


    SQL ≠ SQL Server. Talking incorrectly is thinking incorrectly.
  23. Re: RicTextBox - Formatting with Change in Font

    It was just a way to embed an initial RTF file into the program, since the RTFText property is not available at design time.

    Don't hold the thread open.

    The way these forums work is you ask a...
  24. Re: How to get all the sub folders under a directory vb6

    You don't need (and don't want) to retain those handles. That leads to tremendous overhead, and is an especially poor idea for a server.

    It is a simple matter to cache folder namess and then...
  25. Re: How to get all the sub folders under a directory vb6

    Yes, that example works fine. Just make sure your MyPath value ends in a "\" character or it thinks you are asking about the contents of the folder above that one.
  26. Re: How to get all the sub folders under a directory vb6

    It isn't a big thing at all, and the Dir() function is nothing but a thin wrapper around the ANSI FindFirstFile() and FindNextFile() calls. There is little to be gained by calling them directly.
  27. Re: RicTextBox - Formatting with Change in Font

    If I simply do something like replace the 20 points size in my menu by 36 instead, and then I set the RTB.RightMargin to 32 inches (just arbitrarily doubling the 16 inches that I was using) I don't...
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    Re: I need a profession's advice

    I got the idea he wanted a web scraper implemented as an ASP page on some server, so that he could let that bang on the victim web site.

    For all we know he's trying to crack passwords by brute...
  29. Re: How to get all the sub folders under a directory vb6

    Wow lots of Variants there. Is there a reason?

    In any case I assume MyPath is a (Variant) String. Why would it ever make sense for it to be equal to vbDirectory, an enum value equal to 16?
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    Re: I need a profession's advice

    HTML is not a scripting language. It is a page markup "language."

    Java is not a scripting language, it is a compiled language similar to C#.

    You probably meant JavaScript, which is unrelated...
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    Re: date issue.. Please help

    I'd guess he's using the Office Calendar control, which has a number of encumbrances preventing legal use in a VB6 application. Not to mention that different Office versions do not maintain binary...
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    Re: Save to database.. Please help

    The Q&A forums don't work well for blow by blow coding assistance, and when people try it we end up with "neverending story" threads that go on for 40, 60, 100 posts - and the result seldom has any...
  33. Re: RicTextBox - Formatting with Change in Font

    I'm not sure how it is "my" 20, I was just using a sample range of sizes... just change the 20 to 48 then. If you specify a canvas wider than the 16 inches used in my demo then line-wrap will occur...
  34. Re: RicTextBox - Formatting with Change in Font

    I'm not seeing any difference between a text file with CRLF delimiters and one with LF delimiters.

    But in general I think your issue might arise from not setting a "canvas width" for the...
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    Re: POP up Message on client application

    You're right, the file host seemed to deactivate my account for some reason. Back online for a few days now.
  36. Re: (RESOLVED) - calendar icon after textbox.. please help

  37. Re: (RESOLVED) - calendar icon after textbox.. please help

    You know what's really neat about .GZ files? Nothing.

    Almost nobody uses them for this sort of thing, preferring the Earth Standard .ZIP format that has support in Windows.
  38. Re: [RESOLVED] HtmlHelp from a certain bookmark

    Here's one place where Microsoft describes it, dating back to the old WinHelp days: Handling Online Help.

    But whatever works! Not every problem has the same solution.
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    Re: Restarting my VB6 Program

    I'd avoid the End statement and exit cleanly to avoid potential loss of data, but aside from that this might be a pretty convenient approach.

    It depends on how much work it would be to just start...
  40. Re: RichTextBox - GoTo Saved Line

    Actually EM_EXLINEFROMCHAR is supposed to be used for RichEdit controls, not EM_LINEFROMCHAR. But the results are the same.

    If you want the line position in characters you should probably instead...
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