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    Re: Want to use some keyboard shortcuts

    I've not used it before, but maybe the accesskey attribute might be useful here?
  2. Re: Difficulty with the Javascript Not Comparison Operator

    Run your code through or and you will get a complete report of all syntax/coding errors.
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    Re: Breakpoint skips create element

    Have you checked the for loop conditions? Is clientHeight returning a value > 0? Maybe try with getBoundingClientRect. Div elements will have zero height by default, unless you specify it...
  4. Re: [RESOLVED] Firebug doesn't work with SSL/HTTPS sites??

    Yeah, I've moved away from Firebug and back to just using the built-in Firefox developer tools. Have you tried out Firefox Developer Edition?
  5. Re: Firebug doesn't work with SSL/HTTPS sites??

    HTTPS shouldn't have any effect on this, unless the site is on HTTPS and the JavaScript is sourced from a HTTP url? Does it work in Chrome/Chromium/Opera/IE debuggers?
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    Re: filtering not working on android browsers

    Did you check the android version compatibility? CSS Filters are only implemented from Android 4.4 onwards. Are you using the -webkit- prefix? Perhaps you should also consider using a polyfill for...
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    Re: html, external javascript and external css

    Looks like you want to use the filter property. Take note of the browser support for this feature when deciding whether to use it, and whether you need to include a polyfill.
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    Re: Programming language
  9. Re: Unit Testing Tool/Add-in for Javascript

    Says it integrates with QUnit, Mocha, and Jasmine. Take your pick.
  10. Re: Javascript throws an error causing rendering interruptions.

    Have you run it through the browser's debugger with breakpoints? I'd also switch the alert() calls to console.log() for added user friendliness :)
  11. Re: Enigmatic strings between a responses header and data

    Where does the header content to stop and the body content to start in that snippet?

    Check that your response matches the proper syntax?
  12. Re: How to save a file after clicking on a link or button

    You can add the download attribute to the <a> link.
  13. Re: Width of Span Not Setting and Style Elements After Checkbox Checked

    I'd take a look at the implementation behind these to see how they do it:
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    Re: Enabled and Disabled Button Properties

    kfcSmitty is right. There is no way to "disable" or "enable" a button via CSS. You need to use JavaScript to toggle the disabled attribute of the button/input.

    For the CSS, just style the...
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    Re: JavaScript Array From Striing

    That's easy. Just run the string through JSON.parse(). It's supported in every browser including IE8+. If you need it in older browsers, you can use the JSON3 polyfill.
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    Re: Promises, promises...I'm Unloading

    I've got nothing more to add on penagate's answer, but you might want to read a tutorial on promises. They can make life much easier if you know how to use them properly.
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    Re: File upload through Ajax

    Some useful links for reading:
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    Re: [RESOLVED] firefox pdf viewer

    Nice to see it worked out :)

    Makes sense, since an iFrame is really just an embedded new browser window.
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    Re: firefox pdf viewed

    What are you attempting to do here? View a PDF in the browser window, la Adobe Reader plugin or the built-in pdf.js viewer? Or do you want to embed a PDF display into a part of your website, like...
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    Re: Dropdown Menu - Submenu not lining up

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    Re: Dropdown Menu - Submenu not lining up

    I split the ".menubar li" selector into two, so you can add extra specificity with the child selector on the inline-block. You are already specifying display:...
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    Re: Modifying Radio Button

    You missed the <div> elements surrounding each pair of <input> and <label>. That is for the CSS sibling selectors to work properly. Otherwise you'd be selecting...
  23. Re: Temporarily store form data (retrieve after restart)

    A few more links that might be relevant:
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    Re: Dropdown Menu - Styling Sub Menu

    For starters, you can remove the "visibility" properties; the show/hide is already handled by "display". Also remove the "float", as you want it to be a regular vertical <ul> for the dropdown.
  25. Re: Web Deployment package doesn't copy all DLLs

    Finally got this working by doing a second msdeploy call to sync the dll files separately after deploying the package.
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    Re: bootstrap and javascript

    Have you checked the Bootstrap docs? They have a lot of examples on there that you can look at and modify.
  27. [RESOLVED] Web Deployment package doesn't copy all DLLs

    I'm creating a web deployment package .zip file for an ASP.Net application, but it doesn't seem to copy all the dll files into the bin folder.

    I'm using the System.Data.SQLite nuget...
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    Re: How do you fix a javascript void(o) problem?

    The use of void(0) is likely intentional to run js event handlers on the links instead of having the browser...
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    Re: How to adjust one div into another in html/css

    Sounds like you want to use the flexbox layout. The guide at CSS Tricks shows an example matching your image above. Three columns with a header and footer.
  30. Re: How to insert image or picture in HTML using notepad?

    Depends if you just want a single static image or responsive images.

    The <img> element will insert a single image, while the picturefill polyfill will handle the <picture> element if you want...
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    Re: Website analytics and free hit counter

    Just install piwik on your webserver and be done with it. If you're running on a third-party hosting platform like cPanel, they will normally have awstats available to view from the cPanel page.
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    Re: cloning a branch of DOM tree with JavaScript

    For something relatively small, or where super speed is required, you're probably better off without the bloat of jQuery. For anything larger, the benefits of a library like jQuery (cross-browser...
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    Re: play video from rtmp URL

    Take a look at video.js. Looks like that can handle rtmp streaming.
  34. Re: How to export or save database from MySQL Workbench to MySQL Query Browser?

    Not an expert on MySQL, but I see that MySQL Query Browser has been EOL and replaced with MySQL Workbench. I don't see why you would export from one and import in another when they are both just GUI...
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    Re: What to load new JS with AJAX calls

    Creating a new function via Ajax:

    There's a couple of ways to do it, one safer than the other. Ajax just sends a JSON string, and you obviously can't send a function directly over JSON.
  36. Re: [RESOLVED] Jquery script file not found , problem only in Chrome

    Never used WCF so I can't help on that part. Have you checked the IIS log files?
  37. Re: [RESOLVED] Jquery script file not found , problem only in Chrome

    In that case I would check if you can navigate to the full file url in a web browser. Either your url on the page is incorrect, or your file is not at that location on the webserver.
  38. Re: [RESOLVED] Jquery script file not found , problem only in Chrome

    Can you put the entire url for that file into the address bar and view the file directly in the browser? Can't see any reason why this would only happen in Chrome but not other browsers. If it's a...
  39. Re: [RESOLVED] Jquery script file not found , problem only in Chrome

    Are you getting the 404 on the .min.js file or the file? The latest versions of jQuery (2.x and 1.x) don't include the sourceMap line, so I'm guessing it's the .min.js file? No reason why...
  40. Re: [RESOLVED] [JavaScript] Elements show in FF but not in IE

    It's just another JavaScript framework. Include the source in a <script> tag like any other .js file.

    There's a bunch of tutorials available on the jQuery website.
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